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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

May 10, 2024


What’s the difference between learning from your past and being trapped by it?

You’d have thought that becoming a billionaire by twenty four would have been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

That would have been right, until the moment I needed help from Bowie Grant.

He’s prickly, he’s surly, and he’s adamant that he’s not the man I need. Problem is, Bowie is the only man I’ve ever wanted.

But he’s wary, recovering from a broken heart, scared of being hurt again…until suddenly he’s not.

One brief encounter for a magazine shoot and suddenly he’s everywhere. My gym. My bar. My head.

Then Mason says something I never thought he’d say: I’m attracted to you.

The only problem? He’s straight. And I’ve been there, done that, got the broken heart to prove it.
But something about this naïve, inexperienced new coverboy has me wanting to protect him. When really, I’m the one who needs protecting.

My ground rules seem to be forgotten from the second Mason’s lips are on mine. More fool me — history likes to repeat itself.

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Pit Stop

by Ellis Mae

When Isamu Miura returns home on medical discharge from the military, he finds his childhood best friend busy with a new relationship, and his father packing up to return to Japan. With only Inu, his trusted service dog, left at his side, he plans to outfit a camper van to travel across the country. There’s just one problem. The only guy in town who can help wants nothing to do with him, his dog, or his dreams.

Unlike Isamu, John Love doesn't consider himself a dreamer. A car accident took his mother way too soon, and he has all but lost his father to alcoholism. All he wants is to work his mechanic job to pay for school and leave everything else behind. Adding more work by helping out Isamu is the last thing he wants.

When a friend convinces John to take the job, will he find something, or someone, worth dreaming for?

Only if Isamu can prove that John is more than just a pit stop on everyone else’s path.


Dad Next Door

by Willow Dixon

Moving into my first house is step one in starting my new life. Next is setting up my contracting business. I’m so focused on my future that a relationship is the last thing on my mind.

Then I meet Tristan, the single dad next door. He might be my total opposite, but we click in a way I’ve never experienced, and he quickly becomes one of my closest friends.

After attending a wedding as his fake date to make his ex, and his ex’s new boyfriend, jealous, I can’t deny that things between us have changed. I always thought I was straight, but being with Tristan doesn’t just feel good, it feels right.

Having a fling with my neighbor might be a recipe for disaster, but it could also be exactly what we both need to finally move on from our pasts.


Noticing Nate

by Shae Michaels

My life is a shambles. My long-term relationship just ended, I left the Air Force, I’ve been crashing on my buddy’s couch for the last three months, and now…I’ve lost the one person I loved more than any other. The only sense of direction I’m able to find is a wedding invitation from the cousin I haven’t seen in over sixteen years. I’ve nothing left to uproot, but will traveling to some place I’ve never heard of, to reconnect with the only relative I’ve got left that I give a damn about, be the answer to what’s next in my life? Will Pine Ridge, Wisconsin be the place where I find myself again?

I’ve spent the entirety of my life being overlooked, forgotten…invisible. You’d think a six-and-a-half-foot man wouldn’t go through life so unnoticed, but that seems to be my fate. All I want is for someone to finally see me, to want to get to know me, to not move on to someone more interesting. But I never would’ve anticipated that I’d be on my way to a friend’s wedding when someone finally does see me; so much so, he almost hits me with his car. But will Elias’ attention stay fixed on me or will he, like everyone else does, wind up forgetting I even exist?



by Courtney W. Dixon

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.


Cooper Summers is a rising football star at the University of Texas. And he happens to be my new roommate. He’s amazing and surprisingly chill. It doesn’t take us long to form a strong friendship. But serendipity is a funny thing. I suddenly find myself wanting to explore my sexuality with Cooper. Let’s just say he’s hot. The only problem is that we’re both straight, and Cooper is especially so. Will he go along with my crazy idea? All I need to do is ask.


Aspen Harper is a singer in a band, the most easy-going person I’ve ever met, a total hippie. But he also has his quirks, like walking around naked and carrying his pet rat on his head. After a night of heavy drinking, Aspen stumbles into my bed and comes up with the craziest idea. He wants to explore our sexuality together, but only for fun. Nothing serious. I’ve been struggling to get over my last girlfriend, so I agree with his ridiculous idea. The problem is that I like him more than I should.


Strictly Professional

by Jesse H. Reign

“Not to worry, I’ll compensate you for your time and your…skill.”

My boss is a walking red flag. He’s bolshy and rude. Impossible to please. A big, broody man with dark eyes that carry an unmistakable message – I am not manageable.

Seriously, he’s the worst.

If it’s not bad enough that he’s a nightmare in the office, he’s all but ordering me to be his date to his son’s wedding. He says it’s called ‘winning a divorce.’

I try telling him that’s not a real thing but it falls on deaf ears.

Not only that, he appears to be in the throes of a major personal awakening and is determined that I’m the man to guide him through it. Normally, I’m all for going above and beyond in the name of being a star performer at work, but the services he requires are becoming increasingly indecent.

See what I mean? Red flags galore. So many red flags I can’t count them all.

I might as well be playing a game of red flag bingo at this point.

Just my luck, when it comes to Derek MacAvoy…I see a red flag and instantly want to date it.


Unsuspecting Love

by Jacklyn Fox

Eddie is gay, but his friends don’t know. You see, he’s so incredibly shy that he’s never had a boyfriend so, he never needed to tell them. Oh, one other thing, Eddie is also secretly in love with his straight friend Trev.

When Eddie finds out Trev is not as straight as he thought and is now in a relationship with their friend Ethan, his heart is left broken.

While Eddie’s still moping over Trev, he happens to come across Alex. He’s the sexy bouncer at the gay club Pinky’s and has Eddie’s curiosity piqued.

Alex has got his eye on Eddie but can he win him over? Can he put the pieces of Eddie’s broken heart back together and help him forget about Trev?

Featured Authors

Close Quarters

by Romeo Alexander

The only thing that frustrates me more than my life, is Elliot!

And the feeling is mutual.

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Second Song

by Con Riley

Do first times count if you forget them?

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Obsessed: His Cartel King

by Jamie Harlock

There's no way out. I can't escape him. But do I even want to?

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Covert Games

by Tericka Black

Tech-savvy Jacob grew up surrounded by love and acceptance.
Gamer-nerd Roman had a family legacy to live up to.
Their careers brought them together, attraction keeps them coming back for more.

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Featured Authors

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Burning Up (Fitting In Book 4) by Silvia Violet
Cabin Fever by Antonella Menoni
Cruising for Daddy by Jacki James
How to Come Clean by Haven O'Hara
In This Cruel World by Jaden Lane
The Accidental Necromancer by Liv Rancourt
Single Dad Seeking Love by Nova Flynn
A Fighting Chance: Chance Met 2 by Karenna Colcroft
Consorting with Romance: A Spicy MM Romance by Rayne Hawthorne
All Paws on Deck (The Black Devil Book 5) by Dani Hermit and Curtis Star
When the Lights Come Up by Vance Anthony
The Guardian's True-Mate: A Shifter Mpreg Romance (The New Hemlock Wolf Pack Saga Book 17) by Maggie
Alexi: An MM Age Play Romance (Daddies, Boys, and Toys by Joe Satoria
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