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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

April 5, 2024



My dad left and my mum turned her back on me when I was just a kid. Since then, I've been alone. For years I wished things were different, but time and experience taught me that wishing for a better life was foolish. I told myself love wasn't for me. I'd watched it crush my mum and I wouldn't let it do the same to me. I'd never take the risk.

Until him.


I had my life planned out - work hard to get the job of my dreams, and find someone to share my life with. Though I’d dated before, I had yet to find the kind of connection I'd always wanted. The kind of love I saw my parents share. Until I walked into my new role and met him. With brown eyes that drew me in and a wicked grin that promised endless amounts of pleasure - I felt that connection I’d always hoped for. But his heart was off the table. And that's the part I wanted the most.

Wishes for August is a M/M romance featuring a grumpy marketing exec and his sunshine boss. Featuring a friends with benefits arrangement, lots of steam, medium angst and a guaranteed HEA.

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Devil's Own

by K.M. Neuhold

There’s nothing Devil loves more than giving Angel whatever he wants, especially when it’s what he wants too. The only question is… Does Raven want them?

Of course, I’ve noticed Angel and Devil noticing me. I’ve felt their eyes and the deep pulse of their heated wanting. I’ve also seen plenty of men coming and going from their house all summer long, year after year, and I don’t want to be one in a long line.

The energy of Palm Island is so strong, it’s hard not to get swept up in it sometimes. Temporary lust, the hedonistic thrill of excess… I’m only human after all. But something stops me every time I want to give in and let go.

I’ve managed to avoid getting too close to Angel and Devil… until now. Months of endless, heated dreams and the long, lonely slog of the winter are threatening to break my resolve. And all the tarot cards and tea leaves in the world couldn’t prepare me for what they’re really like.

What if all the three-ways are just because they’re desperately searching for something? What if soulmates can come in thirds? What if I let go and see what happens?

Just because I play the part of a psychic, doesn’t mean I know a damn thing about relationships or how we’re going to make this one work…



by Reese Knightley

He craved him like he'd never craved anyone before.

They'd kissed. And spent a brief and wild time together.
He fell.

But Echo disappeared on him.
And now the chase was on.
He was going to find Echo, catch him, and make him his.
Even if it killed him.

He should have never screwed the blue-eyed blond...

But he had.

He couldn’t say why, but Ice got on his last nerve.

So he wounded the guy a couple of times.

Since then, Ice seemed to be in his way every time he turned around.



by Riley Hart


When I left Birchbark angry and heartbroken, I vowed never to return.

Fate had other plans.

The father I hate had a stroke, so now I’m back in the Upper Peninsula to take care of him. The locals treat Dad like royalty, while Dad vacillates between open anger and flat-out ignoring me. Throw in my messy relationship with my brothers, and being in Birchbark becomes unbearable.

The only saving grace is Dusty, my childhood best friend. He’s always had my back, save for one night ten years ago that changed everything. Despite my endless family drama, Dusty becomes my solace, and it’s not long before our emotional connection becomes more. Dusty worships my body in ways no man has before, but more importantly, he’s stolen my heart. Except Dusty’s home is here, and mine is in Santa Monica, as far away as I can get.

While I’m battling it out with Dad and trying to hold the family together, my every impulse is to leave the first chance I get. But I can’t leave Dusty behind. Not again. If I want a chance at real happiness, I’ve got to work through this anger and grief…even if the hits keep coming.



by Abigail Glenn


Bloodied and broken, I clawed my way out of hell at twelve years old. Left a corpse behind and took with me only trauma. I’m twenty-three now, and it’s no surprise I’m haunting the streets on the wrong side of the river, stealing to survive and provide for the one person who has ever cared for me.

Only, my seamless thefts have started drawing the wrong kind of attention. Threatened into the dangerous task of breaking into Sinro Enterprises, a multi-billion-dollar private military company, I soon find myself at the mercy of their ruthless, beautiful CEO, Cain Vincent.

To say I’m attracted to the man is an understatement. He is the definition of lethal. And when he discloses the truth about the hard drive I was supposed to steal, I’m desperate for him to take me under wing. I want him. I want to be strong like him. I want to put an end to the criminals that threatened me and spread so much evil throughout this city. But diving into mercenary work tends to summon demons. And unfortunately, my demons won’t be laid to rest with just bullets.


He makes me lose all control. Ex-Special Forces and current CEO of Sinro Enterprises, I sacrifice my personal life and health to lead mercenary teams dedicated to wiping out high-profile criminals. My working hours are endless. My schedule is rigid. I leave no room for normal things like relationships. Until a pretty little thief breaks into my high-rise and shatters what I’d come to believe was peace. I find myself hesitating to pull the trigger for the first time. Ezra honestly thinks he can win me over. Manipulate my emotions. And yeah, I’ll admit I’ve never been so captivated by another person. But I’ve been burned before. I won’t tolerate betrayal. If this kid so much as blinks those long eyelashes wrong, I won’t hesitate to kill him.


The Kindler

by Russ Enfire

The Kindler

A sexy man in a creepy bunny mask is stalking me.

But that’s not even the scariest part of my story.

I’m Ignacious, son of infamous slasher killer Reggie Bern, and I’ve witnessed horrors most people only see at the movies. Every night when my dad returned home from a kill, blood staining his coveralls, he’d sit on the edge of my bed and tell me stories of torture, gore, and death. I listened, learned, and silently vowed to never take up his blade.

That didn’t stop him from sending me to Camp Kindred- a compound built to indoctrinate and train the children of slasher killers.

Then my dad faced off with the wrong final girl and left me a 19-year-old orphan with a crown too big for my head, a target on my chest, and only a lighter to defend myself against Kindred’s class of 1990.

I can become another cog in Kindred’s murder machine, or I can trust my life to a small flame and a quiet bunny rabbit with shoulders I’d love to climb.

The Stalker

Ignacious Bern knows my face.

I held him in my arms once, when we were boys, back he first got to Camp Kindred and killing was just something our dads did. He cried that day, translucent tears that warmed my skin and my heart, and I decided that I wouldn’t let anyone make him cry ever again.

Then I clashed with a strangler, lost my voice, and became Bunny Benton- the silent, masked slasher.

I’ve watched Ignacious from afar, kept him safe all these years, but that won’t be enough if he refuses the title passed down by his infamous father.

Because Ignacious is mine to protect even if that means stepping out of the shadows and showing my true face.


Whisper Wells

by Ali Woods

Too much of a shifter for the people of Whisper Wells, too human for his great-grandfather's pack, Caelan Rourke has accepted his status as the town’s recluse on his homestead on the border between the town and the Whisper Woods. All he was looking for was someone to chat to over the long, lonely, isolated winter.

But when his new friend, the captivating Tor, blows into town asking for his help to venture into the dangerous and mysterious depths of the Whisper Woods, he has no choice but to help the man he has spent the winter pining over.

Beautiful and spoiled, fae Tor Hivercouer wants for nothing in life. Except to find his wayward younger brother, who has disappeared in the enchanted Whisper Woods. And maybe a hot man to keep his bed warm and his heart full.


Ancient magic lies hidden within the Whisper Woods. Can Caelan and Tor overcome their fears to come together and defeat the danger within?

Featured Authors

Acing It

by Penelope Rivers

ce is the lone straight guy in an otherwise all gay band, Cum Buckets. Ever since he joined them, he’s mourned for his lost girlfriend, Chloe. She’d given him his guitar, but when someone steals it, he finds himself unable to play.

Then there’s fellow band member Tilt, who is weighing on his mind–and his heart. As Ace learns to love again, he searches for his lost guitar and finds that what he’s searching for may be a bit closer to home.

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The Hacker's Heart

by Sav Uong

Like a boomerang, Thomas keeps coming back — no matter how hard Seong tries to throw him. More than that, every time, Seong has a harder time letting go. Can Seong find a balance? Not just for the sake of Thomas’s future but for his own sanity? Or will a darkness from his own past drive them into each other’s arms until no force will break them apart?

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by Eve Riley

Can Weston, used to city lights and endless possibilities, embrace a fairy-tale romance in his quaint hometown?

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by Kristian Parker

Tyler has never been one for meaningless sex. When he gets to know Danny, he finds so much more than he ever expected. What could happen if the lines of their arrangement were blurred a little?

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