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The Indie Author Creative Team

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Kari Monty
Micropublishing Specialist

Kari has owned and operated KPM Communications, Inc. since 2004 and has helped many people connect and grow their businesses.

In 2021, she took her love of reading/books and applied all the things she's learned from being in business for herself to helping new and existing authors connect with readers through micropublishing and various means of communication (graphics, social media, merch facilitation, book cover design, formatting, advertising, etc.).

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Angela O'Connell

Angela grew up in a small town in New England. She spent her days reading and dreaming of far away lands and mythical creatures. Not all that much has changed in the years since then. Now she spends her days traveling with her family and still enjoys reading about mythical creatures. 

She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and studied Copyediting and Proofreading with the professors at the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA). 

The Indie Author
ARC / Review Team

Don't worry, this isn't everyone - just those who choose to be featured on the website!  

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