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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

April 26, 2024


What good is fate when your mate won't look your way?

Omega Tuft has always wanted a mate. He's craved someone to love and support him since he was a human changeling on earth. Now that he's a kobold/human hybrid, he understands this desire is hardwired into his genes. Too bad his new mate hasn't gotten the message.

Axel had tried so hard to fit in on Earth. He'd had a girlfriend, a steady job, and a group of friends for video game nights. Now, he's an alpha adrift in one of those fantasy games with no way out and an omega who keeps calling him mate.

Thanks to the destruction of the summoning circle, Axel was returned to his plane of origin early. Tuft has one year of courtship to convince him they're meant to be together. If he fails, he'll have to face the reality of living alone without any hope for love and hatchlings.

The Monster at the End of This Courtship is a knotty reluctant fated mates male/male mpreg/eggpreg romance between 2 consenting versatile adults. It has monster anatomy, knotting, all the slick, nesting, true love, fated mates, adorable babies, snark, eggpreg spice, and a guaranteed happily ever after!

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Summer Skin

by Dani Lakely

The only thing worse than Aven Sinclair’s longtime roommate moving out, is his first love moving in...

When Aven’s town-skipping high school boyfriend reappears out of nowhere five years after leaving with no explanation, the only welcome back to Seattle he’s getting is an ice-cold shoulder.

But an unwelcome snag unravels Aven’s plan when he’s forced to spend time with Chase Matthews and those undeniably familiar sparks fly. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the way his heart remains drawn to the other man. Harder and harder to see why he shouldn’t give in to what he craves and kiss Chase breathless.

Chase was once an insecure loner from the other side of the tracks, now he’s one of the most talented rock stars in the world. With Chase’s international tour kicking off shortly, Aven’s determined to spend the time they have left together healing old wounds. One summer of reconnecting, creating music side-by-side, and spending warm, starry nights locked in each other’s arms.

One summer to make Chase Matthews fall in love all over again.


On Thin Ice

by Hayden Hall

I’ve been in love with Jordan Mitchell since the moment I saw him.

He’s smart, handsome, and even funny when he feels like it. He excels at everything; whatever he touches turns to gold. He can’t do anything wrong.

When our parents got married and merged our broken families, I suddenly had a rival I could never compete with. And a heart-throb I could never be with. And I hate him for it. He doesn’t even see me.

Until one summer break… We’re alone in our parents’ mountain house. All we do is swim, sunbathe, and fight. And I’d rather be kissing him. Soon enough, the line between hate and attraction is too blurry to see.

It turns out that he’s just as messed up as me. And his sculpted body attracts me more than ever. With each day we spend holed up in the mountains, it gets harder to resist him. If I don’t do something, I might burst.

But the looming threat of destroying our family for a cheap thrill holds me back. There couldn’t be a happy ending to our story.

And all my choices are wrong.

For once, I’m going to need him to be in charge of what happens next.


Shutter Bug

by Vari Scott

What’s the difference between learning from your past and being trapped by it?

You’d have thought that becoming a billionaire by twenty four would have been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
That would have been right, until the moment I needed help from Bowie Grant.
He’s prickly, he’s surly, and he’s adamant that he’s not the man I need. Problem is, Bowie is the only man I’ve ever wanted.
But he’s wary, recovering from a broken heart, scared of being hurt again…until suddenly he’s not.

One brief encounter for a magazine shoot and suddenly he’s everywhere. My gym. My bar. My head.
Then Mason says something I never thought he’d say: I’m attracted to you.
The only problem? He’s straight. And I’ve been there, done that, got the broken heart to prove it.
But something about this naïve, inexperienced new coverboy has me wanting to protect him. When really, I’m the one who needs protecting.
My ground rules seem to be forgotten from the second Mason’s lips are on mine. More fool me — history likes to repeat itself.


All I Survive

by Abrianna Denae

Roman Amato is his father's heir, but a lifetime of training for such a position can't keep the doubt and insecurities from plaguing every decision he makes. His only reprieve is the trust and utter devotion he gets from his two lovers.

Tennant Mason and Hollis Maddigan didn't need Roman to complete them, but they can't deny he gives them everything they never expected. In turn, they'll protect what's theirs, even if it means saving the boy from himself.

Jude Manassero has spent a lifetime bending to his family's will, pretending to be anything except who he really is. A chance meeting with the Amato Family opens up a world he never expected.

Lured in by the promise of an understanding he never thought he’d have, Jude finds himself enchanted by the three men. But his time with them may be his undoing.

The push and pull of fighting for what they want leads to explosive chemistry that rocks the very foundation of who Roman, Tennant, and Hollis are, while Jude struggles to trust they could want all of him, forever.

Just as they're finding their feet and learning how to be with one another, the past begins to repeat itself, and betrayal cuts into the heart of the Family. With his leadership in question, Roman must choose between the life he wants and who he thinks he needs to be. Either way, survival is never a guarantee…



by Cole Denton

I’ve been given three impossible tasks…

The Reges Dei is the most famous and distinguished organization in the world. Yet it is shrouded in secrecy and masked by history. And it’s leader—a man considered to be the “King of Kings”—has requested that I find him an “Omnia.” An everything.

Not just any exceptional young man will do. This young man must be particularly unique. Different in every way from the rest of the new generation of young men starting at Omnia Academy.

Or any of the prior generations, for that matter.

As difficult as that task seems, I find him.

But this young man also comes with a cargo plane’s worth of baggage. He’s hesitant to commit to the academy, and even after the torment he’s suffered in his foster home, I have to find a way to persuade him to join.

And I can’t tell anyone the reasons he’s special or why he deserves to be there. Nor can I divulge whose Omnia he’s destined to be.

Sound like another impossible task? Perhaps. But I do it.

Everything up to this point has been easy compared to what lies ahead. The ultimate task will be having to give him up after four years, without crossing the line I’ve already come perilously close to crossing… Falling irrevocably in love with this apprehensive and wounded young man.


Zepharail Lord of the East Wind

by A.E. Via

Lord of the East Wind and Titan of Tir Scáthanna, the Land of Three Suns.
His winds ignite the summer season and the blossoms of new love and passion.

"A tribrid vampire is wickedness personified. I will send you to the Land of Three Suns," the Mother of Earth smiled. “A beloved with a titan heart can save you from the evil within."

The presence of a powerful entity taking refuge in his realm alarms Zepharali.

This being has a dark aura, but also a sweet, irresistible scent he’s never experienced.
They could be an upper-level vampire, a warlock, a fire lord, or gods forbid, all three, capable of harnessing the dark elements, and making them the most formidable adversary he's ever faced.

He hopes they can be reasoned with, because Zepharali has yet to unleash the full forces of his summer suns, which could shatter the peace of his realm.


Wild At Heart

by Riley Hart and Christina Lee

I’ve always known what my future had in store: inheriting the family ranch and having myself a wife and kids to carry on the Sullivan name. Porter Dixon never factored into those plans. We may have spent our teenage years sneaking away to lose ourselves in each other, but he always held me at arm’s length…until the day he up and left without so much as a goodbye.

After everything I’ve lost in my life, it’s important that I keep myself tightly guarded. Especially around Bishop Sullivan. Dad would be rolling in his grave if he found out I was shacking up with a Sullivan, given the bad blood between our families. But eleven years after leaving, I’m back in Laurel Springs with something to prove: I don’t need the Sullivans, nor their land.

Except, damn it all, Bishop has this way of burrowing under my armor. The magnetic draw between us is still too hard to ignore, and what starts out as boss and ranch hand quickly turns into stolen moments and simmering encounters that make it hard to stay angry.

I want to think that love can conquer all and tame my wild heart…but the past isn’t so easy to forget.


Dock Tease

by DJ Jamison

I’ve been in love with Hudson Nash for years, but he’s too stubborn to admit he wants me too. For a whole bunch of stupid reasons.

Like the fact I’m too young. (What’s a twenty-year gap? Age is just a number, am I right?)

And a virgin. (Which he could easily fix!)

And maybe not the best choice, given he and my dad hate each other. (It’s not that ba— Okay, it is that bad, but our love could totally rise above, right? It would be epic!)

I see the way he watches me like a starving man. The heat in his eyes when I flirt with him. The longing that he feels too.

If Hudson won’t stop pushing me away, I’m just going to have to show him what he’s missing.

I’ll flirt with the pretty boy tourists who come my way. Or maybe the gruff but sexy boat tour operators. Heck, I’ll flirt with the dang fish if that’s what it takes for Hudson to make a move.

I’ll be a total dock tease—until Hudson makes me his.

Because I’m not a tease at all. Not for the right man.

Featured Authors


by Emmy Sanders

Waking up married is bad enough. Having feelings for my



Pure disaster.

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Forty-Seven Duology

by Nora Phoenix

This box set contains the Forty-Seven Duology, an emotional daddy kink duology (Clean Start at Forty-Seven and New Daddy at Forty-Seven) with a younger Daddy and an older boy, plus first time gay, loads of hurt/comfort, and best friend’s father. Also included in this box set is a bonus novella featuring secondary characters from the duology called Perfect Daddy at Fifty-One.

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Dance on Ice

by RJ Scott and V.L. Locey

For the figure skater and the hockey player, their sport demands total devotion, but can falling in love come first?

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Going Deep

by Silvia Violet

The Fitting In series is best read in order. Going Deep (Book e) is a very steamy romance about a reserved dominant cop, his partner who loves to surrender, and the submissive bartender they both fell for.

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