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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

March 22, 2024


Dima Black might be the richest, most successful vampire in all of Borderlands, but all he wants to do is sew his quilts.

Dima enjoys a quiet life in his inner-city Remy apartment with his flatmates, a fridge full of B+, and his fluffy bunny slippers. At least, as quiet as things can be for a mind-reading vampire. He definitely doesn’t need some gorgeous telepathic human ex-athlete showing up and upside-downing his undeath. But when Dima is summoned to present the keynotes speech at the Bloodsucker’s in Business conference, that’s exactly what happens.

Disgraced former wingball star Casey ‘The Temper’ Freckleman wants only one thing, immortality. Luckily for Casey, his master has promised to turn him into a vampire if he can telepathically extract business secrets from the famous Dima Black. Should be easy, right? Casey’s never struggled with this sort of thing before. Unfortunately for Casey he can’t seem to break into Dima’s mind, and the vampire himself turns out to be the most distractingly distracting man alive … or undead.

By the Pint is the third book in the Fantasy Flatmates series but can be read as a standalone.
The book features spicy content, grumpy sunshine, a vampire/human pairing, and a HEA.

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors



by Ava Olsen

Reed: Tate Aduma is a Hollywood actor that everyone wants and no one really knows. Our first meeting as young dreamers sparks a decade of incredible highs and lows. I’ve loved him, I’ve hated him, and I can’t live without him.

But I know that love in the spotlight is not made to survive.

Will we?

Tate: Reed Larkin is the only constant in my chaotic life of movie sets, parties, and nameless lovers. But while being on stage is second nature, being myself in real life is a role I struggle to play. Then I’m offered the biggest part of my career, working alongside Reed as my co-star, and my love interest.

This time, however, neither one of us is acting…

Co-Star is a best friends to enemies to lovers, MM romance filled with combustible chemistry, indelible love, and a HEA a decade in the making.



by K.A. Merikan

“I’m pretty sure he likes d!ck. Now I just need to make him realize it.”


Liver. F*ckboy extraordinaire. Race car driver. Cocky. Horny. Would kill for his best friend.

Knox. Kickboxer with a chip on his shoulder and a heart condition. Crybaby. Would get rid of a body for his best friend.

Both: Wanted for questioning in connection to a murder.

Both: Possibly-maybe in love with each other and too dumb to see it.


Liv never meant to kill anyone. It was an accident. What was he supposed to do when his best friend’s life was at stake?

As much as Knox appreciates the whole saving his life thing, they’re now wanted by the cops, on the run, homeless, hungry, and miserable. At least they have each other.

They hope to find shelter in a vast junkyard, instead they witness a crime and are about to get dunked in acid.

But they’ve overheard that the owner of the place shelters gay guys.

So Liv does the most logical thing. He pretends to be Knox’s boyfriend to get their lives spared. Knox might not like it, but what choice do they have once they started lying?

Only that touching Knox starts an avalanche of new feelings and desires Liv never anticipated. His dick is on board even before his brain is.

Now, all he needs to do is convince Knox that there’s nothing wrong in exploring this new attraction. Sadly, Knox can be as stubborn as he is pretty, but Liv wasn’t called the trailer park prince for nothing.

He’ll do whatever it takes to make Knox see the light.

And by light, he means his dick.



by Jennie Elaine

There's nowhere to run inside your own minds.

Simon Holiday doesn't want to be a spy, but there are worse things than a guilty conscience. What's selling your soul to one beast if it staves off another?

His work has found him at the center of a new world, translating temple texts alongside the mysterious and outgoing Gen; a man whose body, and mysteries, Simon can't turn his mind from. Even if that attraction threatens everything he's there for.

Gen is too busy running from his fate to fall in love, but it's happening anyway. A former acolyte of his temple's hidden power, he's desperate to become anyone else, even if he knows it's impossible.

When Simon is invited into the temple's most sacred ceremony, Gen decides this is his chance to find balance between who he needs to be and who he wants to be with.

Until the warmonger Jorel rises to power, taking the core of the temple for himself: Haliz Fundir, a tree with the ability to meld bodies and minds into one. A boon in the right hands, and a terrifying weapon in his, Jorel just needs one final secret to control its dark power. A secret only Gen holds.

A secret Gen uses, melding with Simon to slip through Jorel's grasp.

Now melded into one body and mind, Simon and Gen are forced to face the truths of their pasts and the gravity of their present. With Jorel’s extremist followers, a deranged scientist, and a pack of deformed monsters hunting them down, they’re running out of options, allies, and time as the horror of Haliz Fundir awakens once again.


A Kingdom of Dreams

by Sam Northman

We were not chosen — we died.

In modern-day Boston, CEO Markus Embla constantly seeks release from irrepressible anger. But when a chance meeting with an alluring stranger triggers a sudden and intimate flashback to a past life, Markus’ hard-fought-for control begins to unravel.

Having left his politically influential family to pursue a less prestigious career as a nurse, Faron Ask struggles alone with immersive, often ominous, dreams. When the line between nightmare and reality merges, he reaches out for help from the one constant in both – Markus.

Drawn irresistibly to each other, the pair entwine at breakneck speed as they fight to discover the truth about their forgotten shared history. But traitorous winged Valkyries, shape-shifting assassins and rune-scarred sorceresses are intent on keeping them apart, to prevent their ancient powers from rekindling.

Because their ignorance is the condition of others’ lives — lives that will not be willingly sacrificed.

The battle for Ragnörak begins in A Kingdom of Dreams, the first volume in the Viking Bloodlines Saga.


Tailor Made

by Freesia Woodley

There is a fine line between love and hate.

Carmelo Castillo-Luna and Britt Ivarsson have hated each other since their freshman year of high school.

Carmelo’s relentless bullying of Britt’s gender fluidity has left deep scars on Britt’s soul that may never heal.

Unfortunately, Carmelo’s job as a wedding planner often brings him into contact with Britt at his formal wear shop, Tailor Made.

On the anniversary of his lover’s death, a lover who also happens to be Carmelo’s cousin, Britt finds that one empathic moment leads to an unexpected friendship.

As they grow closer, Carmelo and Britt are forced to confront long-buried feelings that lead to new beginnings.

With past traumas, sexual awakenings, and a family full of more hate than love, can these two find a way forward together? Or will their past catch up with them?

Trigger Warnings: Mentions of suicide, on-page homophobic language from family members, and bullying.


Dirt Road Secrets

by Ashley James

I’m a country boy, born and raised. He’s new in town and all city.


Bronc riding has always been my main focus, the plan simple: Work hard, go pro, show the world what I was made of. It hasn’t been easy, but I did it through dedication and a whole lot of determination.


My dreams came true, my life more than fulfilled… Or so I thought.


I never knew how much I ached for more until I stopped to help a stranger on the side of a one lane road one chilly, fall afternoon.

He couldn’t be more different than me, with his messy curls and the chipped black polish.


But from the moment he fumbled over his words, flustered and tense, sitting in the driver’s seat of his broken down ride, I knew I wanted to know more. Know everything.

This all-consuming need to get to know him, to get close to him is new.

He’s only in town for a short while, Copper Lake merely a temporary stop.

Getting close to him is foolish… But there’s no way I can stop it. Not when he makes me feel things I’ve never felt before.


What happens when he goes back to the city and I’m left in the dust watching his tail lights disappear down the dirt road?


Nelson & MacIlwraith

by K. Sterling

The Moon Murder Mysteries conclude…

Nelson & Nox are hunting for the real killer behind the Moon Murder Mysteries, but they’re having to do that while preventing a god from getting what he wants.

With Nelson learning more than he ever thought possible about sex magick, Nox needs to make peace with his past and come to terms with who he is, but can he do that while curses abound and the killer is far too close to home?

Nox is a little bit witchcraft. Nelson is a little bit Federal Bureau. Together, they’re a wickedly good team, but can they solve the puzzle and catch a murderer before Nox’s fate catches up with them?


Himbo Takes It All

by CD Rachels

My best friend and roommate is oblivious, adorable, and utterly straight—which is why I need to get over my decade-long crush on him.

I’ve spent all of my adulthood bound to my best friend. He’s outgoing, fun, and sexy; how else did he get the nickname Hamadi “Huge Body” Amin?
Is he the brightest bulb in the box? No, but that doesn’t stop girls from falling for him. As his best friend and a man, I shouldn’t have fallen for him as well.

But I did—I gave my heart to him years ago.

I’m determined to get over him. While he plays his board games, I’ll focus on my career. I won’t dwell on how he fulfills everything I need in life. I can move past the way he holds me late at night and our tender moments.

When I finally get a boyfriend, Hamadi should be thrilled. Instead, he’s petty and jealous, and he tells me he wants to try dating guys?!

I can’t keep exposing my heart for an oblivious bestie. I’ve played my hand over and over again, and each time, Hamadi wins it all. But now he has to decide if he’s all in, or if we can live without each other. This is one game neither of us can afford to lose.


Proof of Life

by Raquel Riley

Love heals even the deepest wounds.


After giving twelve years of my life to the service, I didn’t just lose my leg. I lost everything, including my career. When the dust settled, the only person still standing by my side in the rubble was Brandt —the single lifeline I had left to a world I didn’t want to live in anymore.

With painstaking care, he healed my body and my mind. When he eventually started healing my heart, I realized I didn’t just need him in my life, I needed him in ways I’d never wanted him before.


Watching West struggle every day was tearing me apart. If he could only see what I do, he wouldn’t see flaws and hopelessness. He’d see a courageous, selfless, brilliant leader. A guy with no filter, who always makes me laugh.

Someone who never asks questions before offering to bail my ass out of trouble.

He’d see the man I’ve come to love as more than just my best friend.

Proof Of Life is a double bi-awakening MM romance between best friends, with a heavy dose of healing and angst. These courageous vets prove that when all is lost, love heals even the deepest, most painful wounds. Book one of the Scars And Stripes Trilogy.


Devil in the Details

by Chani Lynn Feener

What happens when you don't recognize the monsters in your bed?

Gael Thiago hates his job.

More than that, he hates how confused he's gotten. The past year has been one of the most complicated of his life, and he's been left feeling adrift in more ways than one. He decides to try and fix this by signing up for some deviant play at the exclusive Moonward Manor, a club that caters to the dark and twisted. After, he thinks maybe he's finally found a reprieve from the loneliness in Kai, the man assigned to be his bedpartner, but when there's a contract involved and the relationship is based strictly on sex, is it all right to get attached? When Gael gets invited to a murder mystery event and goes, hoping to run into Kai, what he ends up stepping into is the playground of a very real killer. One who's secretly set their sights on him.

Kai Laurier isn't what he seems.

But then, no one ever is. He's lived and worked at Moonward Manor since its opening, but he's never been drawn to anyone the way he is to Detective Gael Thiago. If only Gael wasn't so sad all the time, if he opened up and trusted his instincts, the two of them could live in eternal bliss. The detective has never said he wanted anything more than the contract between them, but Kai is certain he can convince the other man if given the chance. That chance comes when the two meet again at the murder mystery event. Now, he's got Gael right where he needs him, he just needs to find the best way to help the detective unravel the mystery and see what Kai has always known.

Devils come in many forms.

And they do things for many different reasons. The Devil of Moonward has a plan. He's set the board and invited all of the important players, with Gael and Kai at the heart of it all. He'll have them dancing to his tune in no time, confident he can show them his way of thinking is the right one.

The game has begun.
The prize has been decided.
And he has no intention of losing.


Where Death Meets the Devil

by L.J. Hayward

Jack Reardon, former SAS soldier and current Australian Meta-State asset, has seen some messy battles. But messy takes on a whole new meaning when he finds himself tied to a chair in a torture shack, his cover blown wide open, all thanks to notorious killer-for-hire Ethan Blade.

Blade is everything Jack doesn't believe in: remorseless, detached, lawless. Yet, Jack's only chance to survive is to strike a bargain with the devil and join forces with Blade. As they trek across a hostile desert, Jack learns that Blade is much more than a dead-eyed killer, and harder to resist than he should be.

A year later, Jack is home and finally getting his life on track. Then Ethan Blade reappears and throws it all into chaos once more. It's impossible to trust the assassin, especially when his presence casts doubts on Jack's loyalty to his country, but Jack cannot ignore what Blade's return means: The mess that brought them together is far from over, and Ethan might just bring back the piece of Jack's soul he thought he'd lost forever.


Mortals and Mayhem

by B. Livingstone

Norse Gods and their prophecies.

To become the queen they told me to be, I only have to stop the POS that took everything from me - who ruined my life - killed my family - and left me with nothing and no one. All without giving into the darkness and becoming a monster just as depraved as he is.

Easy right?


There is so much more at stake than my own fears of becoming a monster. There's a war coming, and if I can't change our current path not only will I lose my newfound mates and my life, but the world will burn in the process. I've seen it. I've had the nightmares of the future and they are coated in red.

The past has come full circle and it’s time to put an end to his tyranny.

Featured Authors

Broken Ice, Mended Hearts

by Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

I may not understand my attraction to Sven Holmer, but I can tell you my obsession with kissing him started in the middle of a fight. When we met again, the conversation was easy, the banter effortless. Once stolen glances gave way to secret touches, I was more confused than ever. How the hell am I supposed to handle it when everything I’ve always believed about myself no longer fits?

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When The Kingdom Cracks

by D.E. Chapman & J. Chapman

Nothing is going to plan for Callen. First he moves across the country to a small town with fewer than three thousand inhabitants, and next his mom is brutally murdered on his twenty-first birthday.

Now the hunt for her killer begins.

Read More

Know Me See Me

by Hinsel Meyer

With everyone around me falling in love, I’ve never been more certain that I want the complete opposite. I don’t want love, I don’t need love. It doesn’t matter that my heart skips a beat whenever my best friend smiles at me. Nope, I don’t want love at all. But the universe decided that what I want doesn’t matter, because my best friend kisses me, shows me what I’m missing—what my friends found—then immediately breaks my heart.

Read More


by Kris T. Bethke

MBI agent and mage Delaney Willis is in hot water. He’s bent the rules one too many times and now finds himself shuffled down to archives. It’s a sting to his ego, but more than that, a waste of his talents. Lane’s solved case rate is one of the highest in the bureau. Now he has to decide what he wants to do with his future. And that’s when Fate steps in.

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Featured Authors

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Eternally Blessed (Rebel Kings MC Book 7) by Garrett Leigh
The Mountain (Endless Winter Book 2) by Elisha Kemp
Guarding Inigo: Steamy MM Military Romantic Suspense (Guardian Alliance Security Book 3) by T.S. Ank
Spirits & Sunflowers (Maligned Magic Book 1) by A.D. Armistead and Austin Daniel
Heaven Can't Wait by Eli Easton
Rookie Days (Duty Series Book 2) by Natalie Debrabandere
Luscious Match: Perfect Match Agency: Springtime
Shared (Trophy Doms Social Club Book 5) by Kate Hawthorne
Benedict and Bear (Benedict and Bear Trilogy Book 1) by Lisa Oliver
Nash (The Daddies of River Gorge Book 4) by Jacki James
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Builder Alpha: Alpha Omega Mpreg Romance (Alpha for Hire Book 5) by Lorelei M. Hart
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