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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

March 1, 2024


Grief is a complex thing to experience. Since losing my husband, I’ve let it call the shots. It’s been in control so long that I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to have someone hold me tight at night or share a secret smile with.

But a beautiful young model shows up at my lodge. He’s eager to learn about the outdoors and experience life outside the city. The more we laugh and share secrets under the stars, the more he makes me want things that I’ve kept buried for too long.

He’s more than my first impression; he’s intelligent, kind, eager, and fiercely protective. He’s only supposed to be here for a month, but he’s chipping at the walls around my heart.

Now that I’m falling for him, I need to convince him to stay, but we’re from two different worlds.
Could a beauty like him be happy in the mountains with a bearded widower like me?

Being a model assumes you’re all looks and no brains. Well, I’m done playing the part of the pretty boy. The flirt. The easy target. No more cowing to the demands of others. It’s time to figure out who I am and what I want from life.
I’m heading to the mountains for a month to discover the kinder side of life—if there is such a thing. I want to heal my wounds and use the wilderness to search my soul for where I should go next.

When I arrive at the lodge, the sexy lumberjack with the sad eyes immediately captures my attention. He’s incredibly thoughtful, and he emboldens me to be me. With his encouragement, I’m doing things I never thought possible, like learning to fish... and catching feelings instead.

We lead different lives, but even though I didn’t come here looking for love, would he want a beautiful mess like me to stay?

CW: mention of spousal death, past abuse

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors



by Onley James

Levi Akira’s existence is far from ideal. His mother's addiction consumes their lives, his academic standing is crumbling, and the convenience store he works at is a constant target for ruthless robberies. But amidst the chaos, Levi finds solace in only three things: his tight-knit group of friends, protecting his neighborhood as one of Jericho’s Boys, and streaming his favorite video game, where he assumes the role of Rogue—a hero who will break the rules for the greater good.

Shiloh Mizrahi’s hope has all but dwindled. With one brother unjustly imprisoned, and the other a sadistic puppeteer, he endures daily torment at the hands of the latter. And his latest demand? Get close to Levi at any cost.

In the midst of another ordinary night shift, Levi's world is upended when a captivating and terrified stranger appears, brandishing a weapon and claiming he has been forced to kill Levi by his own brother. Levi, torn between self-preservation and an instinctive aversion to harming the vulnerable boy, takes a bold leap—he kisses him. And then, just like that, the boy disappears into the night, leaving Levi haunted by his memory.

Driven by an unshakeable connection, Levi's path crosses with Shiloh's once more, igniting a passionate bond that refuses to be extinguished. However, Shiloh harbors a labyrinth of secrets, torn between loyalty and desire. With his brother's freedom dangling in the balance, can Levi and Shiloh navigate the treacherous path to be together, or will Levi forever remain a hero confined to the online realm?


The Flirty Vet

by Casey Cox

Wilby Linfox is the world's biggest flirt…

From the moment he stumbles into my life—drunk, singing, and shirtless—I knew he'd be trouble… But I had no idea just how much trouble he'd be.

But I'm in Australia to do exactly three things: work, check out some touristy hotspots, and scatter my mother's ashes.

Not on the cards? Getting sidetracked by a charming, ruggedly handsome Aussie vet who's quite possibly got the loudest laugh in the southern hemisphere.

Another thing I wasn't expecting? Finding out my work puts me on a direct collision course with Wilby Linfox.

Sometimes you meet someone and you just know they're going to mean something to you.

That's what happened with Col Langdon. Sure, he's a cranky, uptight New Yorker who seems strangely immune to my serenading, but he's been living rent-free in my head since the night we met.

It makes no sense. I'm the king of casual. After a good time, not a long time. But with Col…it's different.

When he shows up unexpectedly in my hometown, I hope it means we get to rekindle what we started in Sydney.

But then I find out the real purpose of his visit, and my feelings for him explode into a volcanic rage. If Col thinks he can waltz in here and destroy my family, I'll give him the biggest fight of his life.


The Revenge Agenda

by Saxon James

When I show up to surprise my boyfriend in a barely-there festive outfit, I’m expecting him to be alone.

Not hosting family.

His fiancé’s family.

Down one boyfriend and up a lot of embarrassment, I flee with my tail between my legs. The broken heart will fade. My humiliation, not so much, but my saving grace is the fact that I never have to see either of them ever, ever again.

Until I walk into work and come face to face with my new boss.
I never, in a million years, would have guessed the man hiding under his desk at work would be the one person I hoped to never see again.

My ex-fiancé’s side piece.

Apparently I can’t fire the guy because of personal issues, so I try to play nice, which is a whole lot harder to do when I find out my ex is still texting Rush. The same ex I haven’t heard from since I walked out on his begging.

Rush tells me he didn’t know about me. He tells me there were others. He also tells me our ex still wants him and so, we come up with a plan. To show him what it feels like when you want someone who doesn’t want you back.

All we need is a camera. His number. And one shared kiss.

Revenge has never been sweeter.


The Waiting Game

by Brigham Vaughn

Fisher Cats' Hale and Brewer Engaged: College Sweethearts or Fake Relationship?

On the eve of their first playoff game this post-season, the Toronto Fisher Cats organization sent out a press release announcing the engagement of their top D-pair.

The release insinuates the childhood friends may have been involved as far back as college and makes it clear the front office supports the relationship. “We are confident that such a longstanding relationship will be nothing but beneficial to Felix in his recovery.”

Reactions are mixed.

An anonymous inside source stated, “Legit? No way. This whole thing’s a PR stunt to soften the public’s perception of Hale.”

One fan commented, “Hale & Brewer have always been so adorable together! It’s great they finally feel comfortable being out about their relationship!”

While many fans are similarly supportive, others speculate that the announcement is tied to the Cats’ shaky play of late. “We all know they’re not gonna make it past the first round,” one fan stated. “It’s just an attempt to distract from how weak the team is.”

Adding fuel to the controversy, Hale shared an image of the players naked in bed together and captioned, “Pre-game nap with Jonah before we take on the Montreal Lynx. Go, Cats!”

PR stunt or happily engaged couple? Only time will tell.

TRIGGER WARNING: Frank discussion of alcoholism, past death of parents, and emotionally neglectful parents.


Promises of Forever

by Nicky James

Life can change on a dime.

Childhood tragedy left Koa Burgard with many scars. Reclusive and still healing, he is sent to summer camp, where the other kids tease and bully him. All except outgoing and popular Jersey Reid. A boy who dreams about being a hockey star. A tentative friendship forms. Every summer, they reconnect for adventure. Every winter, they write letters back and forth.

Promises are made, and promises are shattered.

Thirty years later, the sudden death of his parents brings Jersey home. Rotten things keep happening. His life has been full of torment and pain, and he can’t remember a time when he was happy.

Will it ever stop?

Cleaning out his deceased parents’ house, he uncovers Koa’s pen pal letters. Can Jersey recapture the happiness and innocence of youth by reconnecting with the strange, quirky boy he befriended at camp so long ago? Or will his prior mistakes be a barrier?

Although Koa is now a respectable English teacher at an elite boarding school, Jersey quickly learns that the boy from camp has darker secrets than he ever imagined.

Koa has given up on happiness. His views on life are bleak and disturbing, and he’s learned it’s better to be alone in an unforgiving world.

Jersey’s return offsets Koa’s balance and brings the past back into focus. A past he’s spent a lifetime trying to forget.

But Jersey was Koa’s savior once. He was kind when no one else was. Jersey made him feel safe in an unsafe world.

Until Jersey broke a promise.

And promises are supposed to be for forever.


Go Deep

by Brooklyn Cate

Never kiss your client…especially the NFL superstar you’ve been secretly obsessing about.


Being gay is a secret I’ve kept for as long as I can remember and since my dad’s running for President on a campaign platform to ban gay marriage, it’s not a secret I can’t afford to let out.

Until NFL superstar Gabe Kelly strolls into my corner office. With a body made for sin and throwing perfect spirals, he is my biggest temptation. I’m supposed to be managing his finances, not obsessing about him naked…or that stupid, reckless, fire hot kiss we shared.

But when you live in the limelight, someone is always waiting to expose your skeletons. So when a video of us together shows up online, I have to make a choice.

Live my life according to everyone else’s rules…
Or give up everything for the man I want.



Vince Castro is tall, dark, and forbidden desire wrapped in BOSS Black. He also happens to be my new financial advisor and the guy I’ve fantasized about since the day I walked into his office. But with my private life being dragged through the mud since coming out last season, the last thing I need is a hot little fling to distract me.

Still, everything about him tempts me to break all of my rules.

The one problem? He's straight.


I keep telling myself that his penetrating stares and semi-innocent touches mean nothing until I invite him up to my apartment…and find out his truth.

Go Deep is book one of the Red Zone Series. It’s a contemporary slow burn, angsty MM sports romance that has high heat, forbidden love, and a stalker to keep things really interesting.

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His Pride & His Prejudice

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n this delightful retelling of the classic novel, April Andrews reimagines a world not of lords and ladies but of alphas and omegas, wrapped up in the enduring romance of the prideful Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and the precocious Mr. Elliot Bennet.

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