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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

February 16, 2024


Fourteen of your favorite LGBTQ authors are bringing you hot, new stories from one of your favorite party games…Truth or Dare!

Take a ride on the wild side and enjoy fourteen fresh stories, all with a different take on this go-to party game. From sugary sweet to red hot spice, come join these authors as they show you what can happen when you choose truth or dare.

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Defending You

by Matthew Dante

Sven Kolczynski
25, Polish, amateur car thief… and apparently unkillable.

Being a hero can be painful and seriously hazardous to your health. What can I say? I’m not a smart man. It’s been two weeks since I started following the brown-haired, cheery little puppy. There’s nothing special about the guy. He’s a mechanic, hangs out with a bunch of scary-looking dudes, and never seems to stop smiling. Like seriously, how can one man be so happy all of the time?Okay, fine, the guy is kind of cute, and that smile can make a man weak in his knees. But tell me, is a cute face really worth becoming someone’s next target? Not to mention, this dude's creepy brother keeps threatening to dismember me if I do anything to hurt his little brother. Like, seriously. What’s wrong with this family?

Oliver O’Maley
29, mechanic, and little brother to Patrick, the crew’s… “information extractor”, which is also a nice way of saying, “scary dude who will unalive you if you don’t do as he says”.

Arg. Who knew that having Patrick as a big brother was going to result in me having to live my life in a protective bubble? Seriously! Everyone on the Crew treats me like their kid brother and won't let me do anything even remotely dangerous! All I want is a chance to prove myself. A chance to show the guys that I’m more than just Paddy’s little brother. All that changes when some big Polish dude saves my life. Now, suddenly, we are both being hunted. I’m having to fight off assassins in the dark and make sure that nothing happens to my would-be protector or family. That includes stopping my overprotective big brother from murdering the rest of the world in retaliation. We’re a close family. We take things personally.

This is an MM dark romance filled with plenty of heat, steam, violence, and mayhem.


Sexless in Seattle

by DJ Jamison

My life is no rom-com movie...

Ever since my parents died, I've had one priority, and it isn't romance. Raising my younger brother is a full-time job.

I don't have time for a personal life, and I've accepted that I'll be the world's oldest virgin by the time Eric no longer needs me.

But when my younger brother decides to post on a Seattle social media site and play matchmaker with one of the responders, everything changes.

Suddenly, my life is full of sweet text messages, scary choices, and romantic rendezvous--all courtesy of one stubborn little brother determined to see me find love.

I don't know whether to hug him or ground him.

Maybe I'll do both.

Right after I watch Sleepless in Seattle again, and wonder if maybe there could be a leading man for me after all.

Sexless in Seattle is a Rom-Com Reboot with a few new twists and a LOT more M/M romance!


To Catch a Firefly

by Emmy Sanders

He was my beginning. And my never-ending.

There’s a lot I’ve never told my best friend. The fact that I love him. That I miss him every day he’s gone. That, sometimes, I ache for him with a ferocity that leaves me breathless.

Lucky Buchanan tore into my life as a boy, wild and daring, my opposite in every way. He drew me in, stole my heart without trying. He hears me, even though I rarely speak a word. But I always knew this place wouldn’t be enough for my free-spirited friend. I knew he wasn’t mine to keep.

So why, when I finally try to get over him, does he sweep back into town? Why is he upset? Why is there tension between us for the first time in years?

I never saw a future where Lucky could be mine. But now, unless I want to lose my friend, I might not have a choice but to tell the truth. My heart belongs to him. It has from the start.

If only I knew how to hold onto a creature that’s meant to fly.

To Catch a Firefly is a standalone, childhood friends-to-lovers romance told in dual POV. There’s epic levels of pining, a neurodivergent MC with selective mutism, two friends who always come back to one another, glass hearts and romantic declarations, and a HEA beneath the night sky.


Riptide: A Super Bowl Year

by Beth Bolden

Before the Piranhas, before the Condors . . .there was the Riptide.

They won a Super Bowl at the end of The Rivalry - and are looking to win another.

In the final Piranhas book, Playing Deep, the Piranhas play in the AFC Championship, for the right of who will go to the Super Bowl.

Spoiler Alert: the Piranhas do not win that game.

But the Riptide do – and then they go on to play in the Super Bowl two weeks later.
This is that story.

Please note: this bonus material is only for readers of the Riptide series and does not function as a standalone.


The Step Bet

by Riley Hart and Devon McCormack


Sometimes I want to punch that smirk off Atlas McCallister's pretty face.

He's cocky. A troublemaker. A pain.

And, unfortunately, my stepbrother.

We've been fire and kerosene since our parents got together, and to keep from exploding into fistfights, we've used challenges, dares, and bets to battle out our differences.

Our past bets have been a little inappropriate—scandalous, even—but Atlas's latest bet has gone too far.

Do I really believe if he loses, my straight stepbrother is gonna mess around with a guy? And not just any guy: me, his rival and nemesis?

Not a chance.

But if he's so confident he's gonna win...well, my big stepbro must not know me as well as he thinks...


I love getting under Troy's skin.

Mr. Former Prom King. Mr. Heartthrob. Mr. Infuriatingly Perfect. Messing with him is too easy. Too fun. Maybe that's why I'm a little obsessed with him.

Our latest bet is the perfect way for me to test the bisexual waters, and once I dive headfirst into the deep end, I don't want to stop.

With Troy. My stepbro.

It was supposed to be just a little fun, yet with each touch, I like him more than I should. It wasn't supposed to go this far. Now I want Troy to be all mine.

But what we're doing has bigger consequences than our little step bet, and when the stakes are this high, is it worth gambling our hearts when we know this is a game we both could lose?

This is the first book in the Peach State Stepbros Series. It can be read as a standalone.

Trigger Warning: The Step Bet is a steamy romance, but one of the secondary characters struggles with addiction. This may act as a trigger for some readers.


Devil May Care

by Chani Lynn Feener

A Devil of Vitality always rises to a challenge.

Nate Narek is barely keeping his head above water.

But no one would guess that by looking at him. He's got camouflaging himself down to an art form. Feelings? As far as anyone else is concerned, he's happy and satisfied all the time. Only he isn't. Nate's always been the glue that holds all the shit around him together, and he's afraid that if he shows weakness, those people will be disappointed in him. It's better to keep it all in than to be a burden, right? Then suddenly there's a Devil of Vitality at his door, demanding he open up and let him into his twisted thoughts. A Devil who takes sexual deviancy and pigheadedness to a whole new level. For the first time in his life, Nate's no longer sure he can handle things on his own. Too bad Kaz won't let him run off to anyone else for help.

Kazimir Ambrose has a few...issues.

He wouldn't say they stem from his mother abandoning him at a young age, or the fact that his father remarried his work and was never around. But his cousin Baikal Void probably would. And does. Repeatedly. Especially when he wants to get under Kaz's skin. Typically, Kazimir can pretend like it doesn't affect him, but after one particularly frustrating night, he decides it's time he does something to prove the rest of the mafia wrong about him. If the other Devil's can manage being in relationships, he can as well. How hard could it be to make someone irrevocably and undeniably fall for him?

When Kaz sets his sights on an uninterested Nate, the two are thrust into uncharted territory. What starts out as a means to prove himself quickly turns into an obsession that Kazimir can't seem to shake. There's something about Nate's sadness that calls to the monster in Kaz, and if he's learned anything from the Brumal mafia, it's that taking what you want, no matter the consequence, is always the right move. Nate tries to resist, but with Kazimir showing up anywhere and everywhere, it soon becomes apparent he's only got two options. Give in to the Devil.

Or be taken by him anyway.

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