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To help you organize your ideas and plan out the writing process, we have created a valuable tool called the Novel Planner. This planner includes sections for character development, plot outlines, scene planning, and more. By utilizing this resource, you can stay organized and focused throughout your writing journey.




Get all of the writing tools featured in our blog series "So You Want To Be a Writer" (a $50+ value). Included in this bundle:

- The 30-day Self Worth Booster Journal

- The Complete Novel Planner

- Canva Basics Guide

- The Goal Planner

- The Anatomy of Social Media

- Social Media Content Planner

- Harnessing the Power of User Generated Content on Social Media

- Canva Editable Moodboard Creator Templates

- Canva Editable Inspirational Quotes for Social Media

- Canva Editable Social Media Engagement Post Templates

- Business Plan for Indie Authors

The Complete Novel Planner

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