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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

November 17, 2023



I’m a tough-as-nails military veteran now working as a bodyguard for one of the world’s best security firms, and I’m excellent at my job. I’m also secretly in love with my brother’s best friend.

Some might call it a “crush,” but I hate that term. What I feel for Gunnar runs deeper, truer, than a simple teenage fling. I might as well have his name tattooed permanently on my heart.

When I’m suddenly forced from my home and in need of a place to stay, it’s Gunnar that offers up his spare room to me. Without any other options, and despite his constant closeness being torture, I gratefully accept.

Now I just have to keep my feelings locked up tight. I need to resign myself to only ever being in the friend zone, even if I want so much more.


I’d only ever thought of Knox as being Malcolm’s younger brother. We weren’t really friends as kids, he was just there.

It wasn’t until I moved back home from overseas that I really noticed him. Long gone was the boy he used to be. Instead what I saw was all MAN; confident, attractive, and completely off-limits.

When I open my home to Knox in a pinch, it doesn’t take long for his proximity and charm to start breaking down my defenses. I can’t stay away, craving him more than I have anyone before.

Two things quickly become very clear. First, what we have runs deep—for both of us. Second, Knox is in danger, and someone’s out get him.

Now, not only do we have to worry about staying in Malcolm’s good graces, but we also have to watch our backs and keep our heads low.

Can our feelings weather the storm, or will rejection and danger tear us apart?

Knox is a suspenseful m/m brother's best friend romance and is Book 3 in the Hunter Security Series but can be read as a standalone.

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Defending You

by Matthew Dante

Sven Kolczynski
25, Polish, amateur car thief… and apparently unkillable.

Being a hero can be painful and seriously hazardous to your health. What can I say? I’m not a smart man. It’s been two weeks since I started following the brown-haired, cheery little puppy. There’s nothing special about the guy. He’s a mechanic, hangs out with a bunch of scary-looking dudes, and never seems to stop smiling. Like seriously, how can one man be so happy all of the time? Okay, fine, the guy is kind of cute, and that smile can make a man weak in his knees. But tell me, is a cute face really worth becoming someone’s next target? Not to mention, this dude's creepy brother keeps threatening to dismember me if I do anything to hurt his little brother. Like, seriously. What’s wrong with this family?

Oliver O’Maley
29, mechanic, and little brother to Patrick, the crew’s… “information extractor”, which is also a nice way of saying, “scary dude who will unalive you if you don’t do as he says”.

Arg. Who knew that having Patrick as a big brother was going to result in me having to live my life in a protective bubble? Seriously! Everyone on the Crew treats me like their kid brother and won't let me do anything even remotely dangerous! All I want is a chance to prove myself. A chance to show the guys that I’m more than just Paddy’s little brother. All that changes when some big Polish dude saves my life. Now, suddenly, we are both being hunted. I’m having to fight off assassins in the dark and make sure that nothing happens to my would-be protector or family. That includes stopping my overprotective big brother from murdering the rest of the world in retaliation. We’re a close family. We take things personally.


The Bone Collector

by Only James

Park Chen has spent most of his life as a killer—a deadly, deep cover operative known as the Bone Collector. Now, he’s been benched. Reassigned as an instructor at Project Watchtower, he’s tasked with training a school of psychopathic assassins while trying to keep a promise to his friends.

Gift Ayutthaya isn’t treated like a gift at all. If anything, his parents treat him as a burden, though a spoiled one. After an attempt on his life, they pass that burden onto someone else. Park. The man Gift’s been fantasizing about for years. A man who sees him as an adorable but incompetent distraction.

It’s no secret that Gift doesn’t belong at the Watch, but Park’s made a vow to keep him safe. Gift has made a vow, too. He’s going to use every weapon in his arsenal to find a way to seduce Park and make him love him, once and for all. Or die trying.

Loving Gift was never the issue—Park’s already there. But assignments at the Watch aren’t optional. To stay, Gift has to prove himself, something Park just can’t allow. Can Gift get Park to see that, when it comes to murder, Gift is aptly named? Or will he be relegated to the sidelines in both school and in love?


Off Track (Faster Book 1)

by Leslie McAdam

We’re battling to be on top—in more ways than one.

Cristian Rivera and I have spent years locked in a contest to be the highest-ranked racing driver in the world. When he forced me off a track seconds from victory, it was the last straw: I confronted him in his hotel room, intending to teach him a lesson with my fists.

Instead, he kissed me, and now everything is tumbling out of control.

I thought I was straight. Now I’m questioning. And I can’t seem to stay away from him.

Hooking up with Cristian is a terrible idea for so many reasons.

Our rivalry fuels sales, and if what we’re doing gets out, we and our teams could lose millions in sponsorship money. We could even lose our jobs.

I’m the Ice Man, always calm and controlled, in line to the Swedish throne. Dating a fiery Spanish driver is the last thing the aristocracy would want me to do.

Most importantly, I can’t fall in love. Open-wheel racing puts our lives at risk every time those engines roar. I can’t afford to get attached to another driver. I couldn’t bear it if someone I love got hurt—or worse.

Despite all that, when Cristian crashes, the whole world sees me race to his side.

Will our feelings for each other be stronger than the forces dragging us apart?


The Holigay Hookup

by Louisa Masters

The hot guy at my new job is my nephew’s boyfriend’s uncle… and I just insulted his whole family…

Transferring to the California office is a great opportunity for me, and it gives me the chance to spend more time with my nephew, Liam. There’s no way to lose in this situation—especially when I meet Jim, who works in my office, is super-hot, and seems interested.

Except, for reasons I can’t explain, I might have complained about having to spend Thanksgiving with Liam’s boyfriend’s family, who are mega rich. I wasn’t expecting to turn up and discover that Jim’s nephew is dating mine… and that the family I called snobs is his.

Now I have to find a way to apologize and convince Jim to keep my secret. There’s no way I’ll risk damaging Liam’s relationship. Too bad there’s no chance he’ll still be interested in me… right?

A fun holiday romp with cameo appearances by Liam and Charlie from Mr. Romance.


Before I Fall

by Joelle Lynne & Courtney W. Dixon

Who’s going to catch me when I fall?


Everything has been taken from me. My home, my family, and the love of my life. Raising a child on my own isn’t how I envisioned my young life full of hopes and dreams. Now, my youth is gone, too. I had been drowning with no way out until him. The one man I didn’t expect to hold my head above water. Simon had married my aunt to hide his secrets, but he’s not afraid of who he is any longer, and is now living a single life. He’s a life force, and my savior when I was all alone in the dark. But he’s become more than just my former uncle, and I want him.


It was only supposed to be for two weeks, to help Evan out as he grieved while trying to care for a newborn. His aunt couldn’t get away, so I stepped in. But he needed more of my time. And during those couple of weeks, I remembered what it was like to have a family and to be part of something important. So, I uprooted my life in New York and moved back to our small town to help Evan and the baby. But everything has become so much more than that. I shouldn’t want him. Not only is he so much younger, but he used to be my nephew. Our families hate us enough, and I just can’t do that to Evan.


System Overload

by Saxon James


Banging my son’s bestie was a total accident that will never, ever happen again. I’m sure of it.

While he might be gorgeous and caught me in a weak moment, when it comes right down to it, my son has been my entire life for the last twenty-six years. I don’t know how to be anything other than his dad.

But with Molly heading off to Seattle, he leaves me with a parting gift: Will. 

His best friend.

And my new roommate.

Still, I’m determined to focus on my plan of finding someone to settle down with and to start living for me.

Then Molly hits me with another gift: he’s asked Will to help find me the perfect partner.


Molly leaving me to run away across the country made one thing very obvious. I crave stability. I crave a life where I get to control what happens to me, without the constant threat of having to move home to my homophobic family.

All I need to focus on is work and making enough money for the downpayment on my own place.

Except now I’m living in the spare bedroom of the man I’ve been in love with for years.

The same bedroom where we had one very messy, very quick, accidental frot sesh.

Now I’m cooking for him every night, and we’re working out together every morning. It’s all feeling very domestic and my heart can’t separate reality from the fantasies in my head.

I know I’m going to get hurt.

It’s only a matter of time.

But when it comes to Keller, it’s impossible for me to walk away.


Close Quarters (Faster Book 2)

by Regina Kyle

I left racing for a reason.

But when team owner Jacques LaRue offers me a chance to try to make amends for my best friend’s accident, I find myself back on the circuit hand-holding rookie driver Grady Lewis. We’re miles apart, and not just in age. He’s the sunshine to my grump. The fresh-faced newcomer to my jaded veteran. The friendly free spirit to my solitary recluse.

And if I want to help the man who I put in a wheelchair fund his new charity, I’m stuck being Mr. Sunshine’s race engineer for the rest of the season. The voice in his ear on race days. The link between him and the rest of the team. Which means we’ll be practically joined at the hip.

Strangely, despite our differences, the relationship works, on and off the track. And it’s the off-track part that’s the problem. Sure, we’re hot for each other. I mean, who wouldn’t want Grady? The guy is seriously smoking, with his California surfer boy good looks. But hooking up isn’t just a terrible idea, it’s potential career suicide. For both of us.

And falling in love? Well, that would be a disaster of epic proportions. Every time he goes out on the track, his life is in my hands. The last time I was responsible for someone I cared about, he wound up paralyzed, and I almost drowned myself in a bottle of Jameson. My head is telling me there’s no way I can risk that happening again.

But it seems like my heart has other ideas.


We Only Kiss at Christmas

by Con Riley

All Sebastian Street wants for Christmas is justice. Oh, and some privacy to kiss his flatmate.

Heat shouldn't sizzle between best friends like it does between me and Patrick. He's my flatmate, not my boyfriend, a gym-bro powered by peace, love, and understanding. In comparison, I'm a yappy terrier fuelled by rage and sugary baked goods.

Expect a third flatmate to understand our opposites-attract dynamic?


This could be our last December together. Our first alone in this flat.

I can’t share it. Or Patrick.

Not when we only kiss at Christmas.


And Then You

by Briar Prescott

Here’s the thing: I am not—I repeat not—boyfriend material. I’m a good time for one night, and that’s it.
Figures I manage to get myself into a situation where I have to pretend to be in a relationship.
Ah, well. Not much else to do now than suck it up and get it over with.
I’m in. I’m out. I’m done.
But then Quinn says he’s curious.
He says I’m a liar.
He says he wants to see the real me.
Honestly, I can’t run away fast enough after that.
Because he doesn’t know.
Doesn’t know that I’m a landmine.
That he’s trudging so close.
That he’s about to step on me.
And then?
I’ll ruin him.


The Skeptic

by Kelly Fox

You've heard of those romances where the priest is seduced by the worldly outsider? Yeah, this isn't that.

I'm a gay preacher with more tattoos than sense and more notches on my bedpost than years in the ministry. I'm also not totally settled on the existence of God. Call me a skeptic, but when you work with abandoned and abused teenagers, you tend to have a few questions for anyone calling themselves divine.

Having lived in Seguin most of my life, I've always been the troublemaker. Most of my queer friends fled this place just after high school, but we all know that the only reason any of us made it out alive was our shop teacher, Mr. Paige. He lovingly called us his Lost Boys. Now that his health is failing, the Lost Boys are coming together to support him and his family.

To be honest, I may have been more supportive of Mr. Paige's son than was totally appropriate for a guy in a collar. Turns out, just like the Lost Boys, Holden had good reason to leave Seguin all those years ago.

Despite his history, I'm hoping he's willing to find a reason to stay.


Apex (Faster Book 3)

by Victoria Denault

Red flags only count on the track. In real life, I ignore them.

My name is Gabriel Allard, and I’m the only heir to a billion-dollar fashion empire and a rookie with Mayflower Racing. I know what everyone thinks — that I don’t deserve to be in the driver’s seat. And worse, that I mistreat people because my father will bail me out and fix things. None of that is true, but I’ve never been able to sway public opinion, so I’ve stopped trying.
Dad hasn’t though. In an attempt to save my image and my seat on the race team, he hires me a boyfriend. Because the universe loves a good joke at my expense, he accidentally hires a guy I shared a scorching kiss with years ago. A guy who, instead of trying to use me like everyone else, ghosted me.

Axel Walsh is nothing like me. He’s levelheaded. Shy. Disinterested in motorsports. He wants to keep this professional. Since I love a challenge, I try to change his mind. The next thing I know we’re fake married, and Axel is in my bed. But is he really mine? It’s getting hard to tell the truth from the lies.

The public starts to buy my cleaned-up image, and I'm getting better results on the track, but privately I feel out of control. My life is on the line every time I strap into my race car, but I’ve never put my heart on the line, until him. I hope Axel and I can survive this publicity stunt and make it to the finish line without breaking each other’s hearts. Just like everything else in my life, the odds are against it.


Endlessly Raphael

by Mia Monroe

I was looking for a fake husband, but what I found was so much more.


Something was in the air the night I walked into the club. It was like the clouds parted and there he was, the most stunning man I’d ever seen. He looked like he could be fun for a few hours, but as night turned to day, I proposed to him. If I wanted my inheritance and to take my rightful place in my family’s business, I needed a husband, and Raphael seemed like the right man for the job.


When my family finds out, all hell breaks loose and long-hidden family secrets tumble out of the closet, putting me and my burgeoning happiness in danger. But Raphael has secrets of his own, and when he’s forced to reveal them, I’m faced with a life-changing decision. If he’s telling the truth, our meeting wasn’t a coincidence at all. I was only looking for a fake husband, but maybe this thing with us isn’t fake at all. Do I follow the path I originally set out on or listen to my heart and embrace a future that is Endlessly Raphael?

Featured Authors

Grinch Kisses

by DJ Jamison

The holidays are a heck of a lot of work, and when I go home, I want peace and quiet, not fa-la-la'ing on my porch.


That all changes when my sister brings me an early Christmas gift. One I didn't ask for. One that's tall, broad, and handsome...

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Holli Jolly

by Freesia Woodley

Since turning forty, I'd all but given up on finding my dream boy. Then fate dropped Holli into my lap. He says he doesn't have time for a relationship, but I can see he needs me. My sister's gala is the perfect excuse to get closer to this stubborn boy. I'll win him over and we'll have a Holli Jolly Christmas.

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by Aria Grace

As an alpha with the Cupid surname, he also carries a bit of magic for matchmaking. It just comes naturally to him and he's able to connect those who are looking for love on the regular.

Too bad he can't make that magic work on himself.

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by Allie W. Scott

An Alpha reindeer + a human who hates the holidays = a recipe for disaster.

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Snowbody Loves Me

by Jacki James

They say there’s no place like home for the holidays... But that isn’t true when snowbody loves you.

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Sugar Cookie

by A.E. Madsen

Forty-years-old, divorced, and cruising dating apps for a hookup. Maybe I'm having a mid-life crisis, but don't I deserve to cut loose a little? How was I supposed to know the guy I matched with was my best friend's son?

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by Edie Monte

Donner makes a living delivering Santa’s gifts. He never expected to be one.

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Dreidel Date

by Eliana West

Hanukkah parties with the Kravitz family were some of Garrett Fitzpatrick’s favorite childhood memories. Now that Garrett has a chance to reconnect with Zach, the quiet, artistic young man he has yearned after for years, he’s ready to put a new spin on an old game.

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Featured Authors

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No Backing Down (Zone Defense Book 4) by Becca Seymour
The Holiday Hat Trick by MJ Fields
When We Finally Kiss Good Night by Lee Pini
The Mission by Barbara Elsborg
Season's Meetings by Ren Gold
Secret Guncle (Must Love Dogs) by Andrew Grey
Outdrawn by Deanna Grey
Buck Me by Andrew Grey
The Fating by Dianna Roman
Jacked Up by Helen Juliet
Spies and Lies by Leigh Lennon
Rook: Atlas Security Services Book 1 by Ember Morgan
Heart of Ice: A Gay M/M Hockey Romance by Holly Myers
Second-Best Man by Fearne Hill
Merry Critmas (Dungeons and Dating) by Katherine McIntyre
O Deadly Night: Volume 2: A Dark MM Charity Anthology
The Demon and the Librarian by Chloe Archer
Wild R Christmas by Silvia Onyx
Unexpected Wedding Guests (The Fall of Almithera Book 1) by Eline Holt
These Fated Secrets (The Keys of Illusions Series Book 1) by Aaron Robinson
Three Part Harmony: A Bodyguards Story by JV Speyer
The Yule Log: An MM Christmas Romcom by M. Bonnet
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The Christmas Veto (Festive Fakes) by Keira Andrews
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Summer's Blood by Sara T. Bond
Starlit Masquerade by Averi Jewl
Shadow Crusaders by William Beck
Soul Reckoning (Shadowguard Files Book 1.5) by Ken Sanchez
Ruthless (Villians & Vixens Book 2) by Cassandra Featherstone
Right Time and Place for Love Box Set by Casper Graham
Saints Like Him (Redemption Ridge Book Three) by Aimee Nicole Walker
Return by Fire (Glacier Adventure Series Book 1) by Tracey Jerald
Raven: Part Two: A Forbidden Desires Spin-Off Story by Piper Scott and Virginia Kelly
Read Me A Story, Santa: MM Christmas Daddy Romance by Aster Rae
Prey by Fanny Lee Savage
Pucking Lethal (Deadly Puck Daddies Book 2) by Zack Wish
Praised by Kate Hawthorne
My Christmas Nemesis: an MM Christmas Romance by Sue Brown
My Saurian Friends by Kon Blacke
Mistletoe & Whine by Anna Martin
Matched to His Wolves by Lorelie M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar
Merry In Spite by Irene Bahrd
Love 101: A Novella by Kate McMurray
Lost and Found: A Steamy MMF Friends to Lovers College Romance by Luna Whitney
Lights, Camera, Romance by TJ Brimstone
Johnson Jones' Diary by Robyn Peterman
Jumper: Somnolence by Ali Lucia Sky
Julian and the Ghosts of Moorcliffe Hall by Rowan McAllister
Fleeting by PK Morrison
Fire & Flutter: A Box Set by Bailey Bradford
Heal My Fractious Heart: A Vet Med Romcom by Amber LaRock
Fall Boys by Hadley Field
Dr. Washington by Avery Mist
Daddy's Little Christmas List by Della Cain
Cursed at Christmas (Greyhaven Book 1) by Jax Stuart
Creed (Operation Justice Force Book 7) by Reese Knightley
Cyborgs Save Christmas: A Gay Holiday Romance (Must Be Aliens! Book 1) by Toshi Drake
Comfort and Joy by Nicki Bennett
Christmas Carl (Merry Exmas Book 1) by Alex Silver
Colin (The Walden Coven Book 1) by CK Noel
Chaos Within by MJ Spickett
Calum: Destined Paranormals Book 3 by Taylor Rylan
A Daddy for Christmas: Ever by Wendy Rathbone
Born of Mist and Dragonfire: Book One of the Embers of Magic Duology (Songs of Adimos 1) by Ava Thor
Bitten by the Bond by Elaine White
Alexander: The Underground by Medusa Stone
Brewtiful's by L. Eveland
A Daddy for Christmas: Connor by Shannon West
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