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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

June 28, 2024


"You will remain here until you learn what love is."

Trapped in the light court's prison, Doyle will never know the meaning of love. When luck summons him to the human realm to "take care of" Parker, he grasps at the possibility to finally escape.

This isn't the first attempt on Parker's life, but it's the most creative. His ex tried to summon a demon and landed a fae prince instead. Too bad the prince is trapped in a glass cage for eternity. When Doyle drags Parker to prison with him, the death threats don't stop with the location change. Now everyone in the fae realm wants Parker dead, too!

Parker's not into Doyle, or anyone for that matter. The coin must have been unlucky-side-up when it paired them together. Still, Doyle is desperate to honor his promise to take care of Parker. Only true love will free them both from the fae menagerie.

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Level Up

by Max Walker

Joey 'Jay' Cruz

Moving to San Luco wasn’t my choice. I was kicked out of my old school because of a protest I organized that went south. Now, I was attending Franklin University with only a semester left until graduation and not knowing a single soul.

Until I meet Ryan Redpine at a frat party. He’s handsome, muscular, has a great smile, and I quickly find out he’s the son of a CEO hell-bent on destroying the environment.

I push Ryan out of my mind, deciding to keep my sanity and morals in tact.

But fate had other plans. When Ryan ended up as my surprise dorm mate, avoiding him became impossible. And so was avoiding the feelings that started to develop... Maybe getting expelled wasn't the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Maybe it was actually the best?

Ryan Redpine

Jay entered my life like a lightning bolt.

I’d never met someone I was so attracted to, and someone who clearly didn’t want me. The moment he learned about my dad, he shut me out. Then I get reassigned to his dorm. Cue complications, especially when his bed breaks and we're forced to share.

Things quickly heat up, but Jay's adamant about keeping us under wraps. He's planning this big protest at the beach for an oil drilling project and doesn't want my family name tied to it.

So how do I tell Jay my dad is one of the backers? And how do I make sure I don’t lose him in the process?


Salacious Park Avenue Prince

by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Who are we? Like you even need to ask. We’re the seven richer-than-sin legacies causing debauchery at the prestigious Astor University in Manhattan.

Some call us spoiled.
Some call us trouble.
But everyone calls us the Park Avenue Princes.

Travis McKinney
“The Outrageous One”
Or, as some of my fellow Park Avenue Princes like to call me, the Manwhore of Manhattan.
Act like a sex god, dress like a sex god, be a sex god. In my opinion, these are fantastic life goals. I have no idea why my parents think I have no direction.

I’m the fun one. Easygoing. A massive flirt. I get along with just about everyone, except…

Caleb Reeves.
Also known as “the Bane of My Existence”

He’s everything I’m not: Focused, effortlessly sexy but straight, and an ex-Park Avenue Prince. Or the “Pricks,” as he likes to call us now.

Our rivalry is legendary. Putting us within a hundred feet of each other is just asking for trouble. But no one other than the two of us knows why or how it began, and we plan to keep it that way.

The unspoken agreement is that Caleb keeps to his side of the city, I keep to mine, and we avoid each other at all costs.

Which would be great, except we have to see each once a month at family dinner.
Because Caleb isn’t only my arch-nemesis, he also happens to be…my stepbrother.


Pippin & Nacho

by Courtney W. Dixon

He was my very survival. Without him, I was nothing.
Pippin (Sampson)

I’m broken, hiding my pain behind fake smiles and pretend joy. Inside, I’m a mental mess between being tossed into conversion therapy and foster care as a kid. I struggle to focus and suffer anxiety, panic attacks, and nightmares. My passions for skateboarding and bartending make me happy enough. But only Nate, my former foster brother and best friend, calms me and keeps me going forward. I’m not sure what I would do without him. Even worse, I secretly love him. Loving him could mean losing him.

Nacho (Nathan)

I’d been in and out of foster care for as long as I could remember. My last home was with Sam. We quickly became friends, and I instantly went into protective mode. After Sam got hurt by our foster father, I took Sam out of there and watched over him for two years while living on the streets. When you spend a lifetime not being wanted by anyone, you crave being needed, and Sam needs me. But I secretly love him. I’ve told my friends I don’t want to ruin my friendship with Sam. The truth is if we don’t work out, I won’t be there to take care of him. Sam’s needs are more important than my feelings.


68 Whiskey

by Erin Russell

People in this town avoid me. Which is exactly how I like it.

In my experience, people bring nothing but problems. It was just my dad and I since I was eight years old, and now that he’s gone, I’m doing fine on my own. My muteness, the fact that I look like a pro wrestler with an attitude problem, and the scars on my face that the town has gossiped about for twenty years all do wonders to discourage anyone from trying to get close.

Until Tristan. He’s a friend of an acquaintance… barely. But still, he has no problem smashing into my life like the Kool-Aid man and deciding to set up camp.

For no reason other than sheer willful brattiness.
It’s been a long time since I’ve interacted with anyone outside of work. And here’s this gorgeous, incredibly frustrating man who keeps following me around. It’s impossible to tell if he’s flirting with me, befriending me or setting me up for some sort of long-con practical joke.

I don’t even know which one of those options I want to be true. All I know is that the more Tristan hangs around, the more he sucks me into his chaos, and the more difficult I find it to go back to my normal, quiet life. Even when things start to get dangerous.

I’ve run away from a lot of places in my life. Possum Hollow may have started out as another attempt to avoid my problems, but I’ve kind of fallen in love with the place. I’m not getting any younger, and one day I would actually like to have a life. Maybe. When the concept of that seems less daunting.

It’s kind of depressing being in your thirties and realizing your entire personality boils down to a lot of interesting anecdotes about the stuff you’ve done.

When I meet Ford, something about him just… clicks. I have no idea why. He’s big and mean and clearly hates me, but something in my brain lights up and decides that he is exactly what I’ve been missing in my life. I’ll turn everything upside down to get to know him better.
I don’t know how I want him to fit into my life, or why. I just know that I do. And I know that he’s going to keep objecting, but if ten years in the military taught me anything, it’s patience.

The only problem is that when I get excited about something, I tend to get a little carried away. And my desperate need to capture Ford’s attention drags us into the seedier side of Possum Hollow. One that I didn’t even know existed.

I want to impress Ford with my eclectic skills, without letting him know about the shady and slightly depressing childhood that spawned them. Instead, I crash-land us right into the middle of the criminal underbelly of the town that was supposed to be my escape from all of that.



by Nora Phoenix and E.M. Lindsey

Accepting my career in the Army is over after losing my leg is hard.
But the obnoxious, good looking, glass-half-full surfer in my physical therapy sessions is worse.

And god help him if he doesn’t stop trying to give me advice.

Living in a home with three of my closest veteran buddies is a challenge as we all have our crosses to bear and wounds to heal from, but mine only seem to be getting deeper with every step forward I take. I already have to adjust to a new life as a civilian. I don’t need a sexuality crisis to go with it.

But Heath is making me question everything I thought I knew about myself. And while that should terrify me, somehow, he’s helping me feel braver than I ever have before.


Enchanted Folklore

by Beth Bolden

Escape to a magical world filled with fantastical creatures, spine-tingling adventures, and burning hot romance, with Beth’s trademark humor, emotional and epic journeys and beloved characters.

There’s a lost prince, hoping to stay lost. Another prince, desperate to be found. An ancient creature, banished from his own kingdom, willing to do anything—even find his own happily ever after—to save another.

Yours, Forever After - After years spent lost in his beloved books, Prince Emory awakens to find his villainous aunt working to usurp his throne. When she sends him on a dangerous quest, he’s certain the journey is a trap, but he’s not willing to accept defeat without a fight. But a fight is something Rory is unprepared and untrained for, until he’s saved by a handsome, unassuming farmhand and his snooty, smug, and surprisingly talkative unicorn.

Yours, Everlasting - Evander has gone by many names in the last thousand years. He’s lived almost as many lives, using his immortality and his unique shapeshifting abilities to become anyone and anything. He's ready for a well-deserved rest. But the past never stays buried, and he discovers that it’s been watching him. Marcos, the Guardian of War, has waited, he’s observed, he’s admired, and he’s yearned. But now it’s time for Evander see him for who he truly is. An ally, not a foe. Maybe even a lover.

Featured Authors


by Bailey Nicole

Money. Fame. Medications. Therapy.

None of that could’ve prevented what transpired that night, and even though it put me in a mental health facility, I don’t regret it. Not one bit.

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Taken by the Lord of The Nocturne Court

by K.A. Merikan

“I am yours, and I can be your prince as well as your beast.”

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Chasing Howe

by J.F. Miev

Aiden had everything—his dream career, a comfortable life and a fiancée he loved. But when she is murdered during a business trip to Mars, his perfect world shatters.

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Hoodoo House: A LGBTQIA Crime and Mystery Romance (The Declan Hunt Mysteries) by Peter E. Fenton
Buck Baxter and the Disappearing Divas (The Buck Baxter Detective Agency Book 2) by Robin Knight
Fallen Stars (Stone Bay Series Book 3) by Persephone Autumn
Jump to Recipe by Jena Wade
Cedric Moves On by Tim Mead
Beyond the Bukubuk Tree: A World War II Novel of Love and Loss by Loretta Goldberg
Don't Fall In Love With Me (Straight Friends Fall In Love Book 4) by Aiden Wilde
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