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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

May 24, 2024


Jamie Sullivan does not date hockey players. As the PT for the Bringham Bobcats, he knows they're loud, cocky, and more trouble than they’re worth. Not to mention painful reminders of the career ripped from his grasp a decade ago—a past he’s desperate to leave behind. All he needs to do is finish his business course and open his own practice to be free of hockey forever. It’s all going according to plan, until a dirty-mouthed young hotshot who won't take no for an answer waltzes into his office, and Jamie’s forced to reconsider whether he’s ready to give up on the game.

They call him a rising star, so why does Archie Bowman still feel like a rookie? Maybe it’s the number of times he’s been traded in his short career. Maybe it’s the homesickness for the family, biscuits, and rugby he left behind in Britain. Or maybe it’s how, despite everyone else buying his cocky act, he still isn’t sure he belongs in the big leagues.

When an old shoulder injury resurfaces a few weeks before the season starts, Bowie's dream is at stake, and Jamie is just the doc to help him get it back. That is, if their blossoming relationship doesn't cloud their judgment...

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


The Darkness Within

by Raquel Riley

You can’t give your heart away until you first learn to love yourself.


A mission gone sideways. My world turned upside down on a dime.

Held prisoner in the dark tunnels below ground, cut off from the world, I was hanging onto life by a thread. Wanting to end my suffering, but afraid to let go.

And then I was rescued. Dragged into the light. My first breath of freedom in twenty-two days. But I was still trapped in my nightmare, inside my head.

A prisoner of war.


His mind may be broken, but his soul is still intact, and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. As his sponsor, I promised to help him find his way, to show him how to love himself again. I'm breaking all the rules of recovery by falling in love with him. But when you find the person you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with, you don’t want to waste another day apart.


Baby Queen

by Charlie Novak

Note to self: falling for the new queen you're mentoring will only lead to trouble.

Being broke, single, and homeless after winning the UK's biggest drag show wasn't how my life was supposed to go. I’m meant to be the one with everything, but thanks to an unscrupulous tour company I've got nothing but my image and a mountain of debt.

Moving back home with my mum and taking the first gig I’m offered in a local drag panto is supposed to help me get back on my feet, but meeting Colin tangles me up more than ever.

Colin desperately wants to start doing drag and suddenly I'm helping a baby queen find her feet while falling head over heels for the man behind the lashes.

We all know mixing these power dynamics is a recipe for trouble, but my life is already a mess. Will falling for Colin really spell disaster or is he the only thing keeping me upright in my seven-inch heels?


Enchanting Exposition

by Alice Winters

Maybe it wasn’t my best idea to draw dark magic into myself to save a friend… but it’s definitely not my worst (don’t ask Havoc what that was). The first thing on our list of “Save Miles from the Dark Magic That Might Be Making Him Do Ridiculous Things” is to destroy the ominous book that’s snagging my attention. But what I don’t expect is to be dragged into the book filled with dark mysteries that leaves me with more questions… and a lack of pants.

But it’s nothing that Havoc and I can’t handle. The two of us have proven that our relationship is strong enough that we can face anything life throws at us, so I think we can handle a measly book… maybe… I mean, so far it may look like we’re not winning, but that’s just because it’d be boring if heroes won immediately.

And it’s not like we have to fight this battle alone, especially with an awe-inspiring dragon familiar who is forced to face his greatest adversary (a common housecat), a narcissistic angel who comes with a sword that compliments every cut made, a centaur who always manages to look like he’s on the set of a cologne commercial, and… Etienne (whatever he is).

With the demon I love by my side and my found family, we’re going to stop this darkness before it spreads. But doing so might unveil some things we never expected.


You've Got Male

by DJ Jamison

My friends are all about the romance. Me? I've got other things to worry about.

Carrying on my uncle's little record store--his legacy--means everything to me.

Too bad a big entertainment store is opening across the street. The owner, Chase Fox, is too friendly, too smooth--too annoying. He knows I'm straight, and his competition besides, and still he flirts with me.

My only comfort is the new friend I met on the SeattleLife site. We never exchanged real names, and I don't know if they're a guy or a girl, but there's a freedom in that. I can say anything to them without holding back.

But as time goes on, I get more curious. And more confused.

Could my online pal be more than a friend? Even if they're not a woman?

And why are Chase's flirty smiles suddenly giving me flutters and making me wish for the impossible--that my business rival and my closest online friend might actually be the same guy.

A guy meant to be mine.


Easy, Schmeasy!

by Becca Seymour

There’s a lot in life that comes hella easy for me. Turning heads with my stellar looks, strutting like a peacock with my smooth moves and adorable charm. Heck, need ideas for party shots or fresh recipes to make your friends jealous? I’m your guy.

It’s not even a front—my epic modesty—but that doesn’t mean I’m not a lying liar who lies.

What is definitely not easy is holding so much of myself back from my friends.

Or from myself.

It’s a truth that sucks.

But I can’t do that anymore, and it’s absolutely 100 percent my best friend’s fault.

Since our first college basketball practice, Bentley’s been by my side. He’s sweet, understanding, supersmart, and absolutely smoking hot. What’s more, he’s too good for me.

What I should do is keep our friendship platonic, but apparently patience isn’t my strong suit. Go figure.


The Jock

by E.M. Denning

Colby Bennett is straight.

At twenty-five, he’s the middle of three boys raised by a single father. He’s always been a jock, so managing a gym feels like his calling. If only being a big brother were as easy. When Colby stumbles on his younger brother trying on feminine clothing, Taylor is angry and embarrassed. Looking for a way to make amends, Colby seeks the help of a new gym member whose eyeshadow and shimmering lips capture his attention.

Milo Kennedy is recently single.

Having broken up with his boyfriend, he’s trying to reclaim the person he used to be. Ashamed that he let someone take so much away from him, he’s determined to find himself again. The last thing he needs is another gym-bro in his life, but Colby seems sincere in his mission to help his brother and Milo can’t make himself say no.

Being around Milo has Colby questioning if he’s actually straight… or if there are things he still has left to learn about his own identity. But even though he can’t stop thinking about Milo, he knows better than to make a move. His little brother needs someone like Milo and Colby doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize their budding friendship.

But as Colby is exploring and embracing his sexuality, and Milo reclaiming the pieces of himself that he lost to a bad relationship, they discover they might need each other despite their reasons for hesitating. Will they learn that the best things in life are worth taking a risk for?

Featured Authors


by L.A. Witt

Disabled veteran Wyatt Miller is out of options. Six months after his eviction, every day is a struggle just to survive on the streets. Sometimes, the only thing that motivates him to move forward at all is his determination to protect and feed his beloved service dog, Lily.

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Moonlight Magic

by Annabelle Jacobs

The fae guard on a countdown.

The witch fearing betrayal from his own kind.

And the shifter yearning for love but too afraid to trust in fate.

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His Impossible Elf Mate

by Jax Stuart

An elf with a secret.

A shifter with an impossible dream.

When truths are uncovered along with what is at stake, they have to decide if their love is worth everything they may have to give up to be together.

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Saint's Sinner

by Lalya Dorine

They took what meant the most to him, but they underestimated what he and his club would go through to retrieve the man he loved.

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Featured Authors

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Transparent is a Color (Subparheroes) by Kaje Harper
Pi (Code Name: Rodeo Book 1) by Thia Mackin
Office Jinx - Losing Game (Fall of the Tyrants) A MM Urban Fantasy Office Romance by A.W. Turner
Skulls of Thursday: A Male-Male Dark Mafia Romance (Skulls and Love Book 4) by Samuel Snowberry
Tell Me Lies: MM Hockey Romance (All It Takes Book 2) by Hinsel Meyer
Welcome Home Ryan: A Gay Romance by Ian O. Lewis
Icebreaker: A MM Hockey Romance (Portland Lumberjacks Book 1) by Blair Brady
New Tricks (The Les's Bar Series Book 4) by Jody Payne and BA Tortuga
Forever Yours, Kit: Gay Childhood Friends to Lovers Romance by Artreus Rosewood
Under Your Skin by Lee McCormick
I Touch Hoses: An MM Romance with Humor and Cute Pets (A Bent Oak, Texas Novella) by Bix Barrow
Immersion Play (Leather and Lattes Book 1) by Katherine McIntyre
Blaze of Cortez (Rain City Tales) by Brent Archer
Wolf Moon Rising: Volume 2: Books 3-5 by Sam Burns and W.M. Fawkes
Breakfast in Bed: An MM Gay Romance (The Halcyon Inn Book 4) by Leah Meers
The Last Dance by J. Mackenzie
The Pleasure Protocol: A Scorching Billionaire Romance by Darcy Romaine and Kat Alexander
Bonded (New Eden Book 2) by Jessica Marting
Ice + Alligators by Angel Martinez
Rough Attraction (Dominion of Brothers) by Talon P.S.
Corrupt Goddess (Hidden Gods Series) by April Gaisford
Iris - Thorn's Brew Book 2 by Jae Greyn
Sweet Honesty by Joan Vassar
A Kiss of the Siren's Song: Special Edition (Dark Depths) by E.A.M. Trofimenkoff
A Little Weird by JB McDonald
Just a Little in Love (Unexpected Daddies Book 5) by Victoria Sue
The Cat and the Brat: A Queers with Pointy Ears Romance by D.T. Brandt
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