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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

November 10, 2023


The Number One Rule for gay guys is to not fall in love with the straight guy. I broke that rule the moment I fell in love with my best friend. I’ve never acted on it and have always kept it to myself. But one day he tells me that he might be into guys and he wants to see what it’s like. There’s only one thing for me to volunteer to help.

I’ve always considered myself a straight man. Until the day I start looking at my best friend differently and it turns my world upside down. This is all new to me, so I do the only thing I ask for his help.

Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Defending You

by Matthew Dante

Sven Kolczynski
25, Polish, amateur car thief… and apparently unkillable.

Being a hero can be painful and seriously hazardous to your health. What can I say? I’m not a smart man. It’s been two weeks since I started following the brown-haired, cheery little puppy. There’s nothing special about the guy. He’s a mechanic, hangs out with a bunch of scary-looking dudes, and never seems to stop smiling. Like seriously, how can one man be so happy all of the time? Okay, fine, the guy is kind of cute, and that smile can make a man weak in his knees. But tell me, is a cute face really worth becoming someone’s next target? Not to mention, this dude's creepy brother keeps threatening to dismember me if I do anything to hurt his little brother. Like, seriously. What’s wrong with this family?

Oliver O’Maley
29, mechanic, and little brother to Patrick, the crew’s… “information extractor”, which is also a nice way of saying, “scary dude who will unalive you if you don’t do as he says”.

Arg. Who knew that having Patrick as a big brother was going to result in me having to live my life in a protective bubble? Seriously! Everyone on the Crew treats me like their kid brother and won't let me do anything even remotely dangerous! All I want is a chance to prove myself. A chance to show the guys that I’m more than just Paddy’s little brother. All that changes when some big Polish dude saves my life. Now, suddenly, we are both being hunted. I’m having to fight off assassins in the dark and make sure that nothing happens to my would-be protector or family. That includes stopping my overprotective big brother from murdering the rest of the world in retaliation. We’re a close family. We take things personally.

This is an MM dark romance filled with plenty of heat, steam, violence, and mayhem.


Big Stick Energy

by Hayden Hall

I earned the captaincy fair and square, but Caden Jones doesn’t see it that way. He’s challenging my authority at every turn and bringing discord to the team that’s held together with duct tape and hope.

Caden is set to ruin our chances this year just to show everyone what a terrible leader I am.

Besides, he’s been preoccupied with kissing guys all semester long. Not that I have a problem with that, exactly. But does he have to do it right under my nose?

An out-of-state game has us stranded in a hotel room. While that’s annoying as hell, the final straw is the mix up that leaves us with only one bed.

Years of rivalry and quiet resentment finally come to boiling and one of us isn’t leaving this hotel room alive.

Until big words are said. And crazy actions taken. And we’re no longer fighting, even if it sort of looks like a wrestling match.

Turns out, I’ve got no problem with Caden kissing guys when I’m the guy he kisses. But… I’m straight, right?


Risk the Fall

by Riley Hart


I’ve never been great at letting people in. Life is easier if I bury my feelings. People tend to let you down, which is only proven when my best friend, Rex, accidentally kills a man and lets me take the fall.

When I get out of prison, the last thing I want is to go back to Clayton, Oregon, but it’s where my grandma lives, the only person who’s always had my back. My plan is to stay out of trouble, steer clear of my old crew, save up, and the second we can, leave town for good.



I want nothing to do with my family and their illegal activities. With Riven back, I worry things will get worse. He and Rex have always brought out the worst in each other, but then I discover Riven went to prison for something my brother did, and my family isn’t happy to have him home.

Riven wants nothing to do with me, and I don’t blame him. But like a moth to the flame, I’m drawn to him. It starts out as mutual lust, Riven sating the pleasure he craves, while I get to fulfill my first-crush fantasies. But with every moment, I see there’s more to Riv than anyone knows.

Not everyone would see him as a good man, but to me, he’s the boy who used to try to keep my family’s lifestyle from becoming mine.

And now he’s the man who risked his heart to fall in love with me…and the one who’d risk more to protect me.


Starting Line

by Crea Reitan

Every game begins with a good starting line.


I’ve been secretly married for eight years. Why is it a secret? Because having an open marriage splashed all over headlines isn’t a good look. We’d constantly be under the spotlight; our lives and relationships judged. That’s not the kind of hockey player I want to be known for. Especially because we play for different teams.

Although most of my relationships outside of my marriage are passing, I’ve been pining over my best friend and teammate for years. YEARS! Just as I decide that maybe it’s time to see where this leads, management throws an unexpected play in our faces.

It might be over before it begins and I’m not sure what to do about it.


Since the day I was swapped to Buffalo, I’ve been in love with Ethan Wilder. He’s an intense player, breaking records every year. But he’s also fun, sweet, thoughtful, and gorgeous. He’s everyone’s perfect dream.

When he tells me he wants to be more than friends, I almost jump him right there in the locker room. Things between us heat up quickly and I’ve never been happier. Everything is perfect.

Except our starting line. We’ve been through four right wingmen in the last three seasons but no matter who management brings on board, they just don’t gel with me and Ethan. Now they’ve thrown us a trick play that I’m not sure we’re going to be able to work around - on the ice or off.

It’s not just the starting line we need to worry about. In fact, this complication could put the entire team - and our new relationship - on ice.


From the Ashes

by Denver Shaw

Can true love rise from the ashes of heartbreak?

After suffering the tragic loss of my wife, my lone goal was to raise our son to be a man she would be proud of.
Romance was the furthest thing from my mind, and unfortunately cooking was not on my mind either.

When Christmas dinner goes up in flames, a firefighter who looks like he stepped right off a calendar bursts through my door and all my priorities change in an instant.

New feelings emerge as I find myself attracted to a man for the first time.

But Tristan is a much younger man who thrives on no-strings-attached hook-ups.

How can I risk my heart, and my son’s, by bringing someone into our lives knowing he's going to leave?

I don't believe in labels, or denying myself sexual pleasure with a consenting partner, regardless of gender.

Want to hook up with a hot firefighter?

I’m your guy.

But relationships aren't my thing… until a fateful Christmas Day fire brings Myles into my life.
I thought I could ease the widower into the dating scene and guide him through his bi-awakening.

Yet as soon as I see him dating other guys I realize this is no fling.

I want him all to myself.

Tropes: age gap, hurt/comfort, bi-awakening, single dad, size difference, found family.



by Brooke Blaine and Ella Frank

Who are we? Like you even need to ask. We’re the seven richer-than-sin legacies causing debauchery at the prestigious Astor University in Manhattan.
Some call us spoiled.
Some call us trouble.
But everyone calls us the Park Avenue Princes.

Donovan “Van” Truitt
“The Model”

Wrong place. Wrong time. Right guy.

Showing up at a very indecent film shoot was an accident. I was a highly paid model. A professional. I didn’t get down and dirty for the cameras, but one look at the sex god needing a scene partner and I found myself reconsidering.

After all, with a name like Sin, a body out of my rugged lumberjack fantasies, and a head full of dirty-blond hair I wanted to grab, he was almost impossible to resist. But I did—until fate put him back in my sights.

The only problem? He was the new rising star of his industry, and that meant he came with conditions.

The proposition: If I wanted a night of “Sin,” I needed to show up for the cameras.
My terms: Make sure my identity remained a mystery.

It was only supposed to be one time, one scene. But I quickly learned that anything less than everything would never be enough with him.

Who would’ve thought my happy accident would lead to so many happy ending…s?


Christmas for Keeps

by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood

I was supposed to be on a winter vacation with my best friend in the delightfully snowy town of Stowe, Vermont.

I was supposed to be sipping hot chocolate, staying up late, and sharing secrets.

I was supposed to be making a fool of myself on the bunny slope and sneaking glances at hot guys.

I was not supposed to be sitting in the SUV I’d just rear-ended.

I was not supposed to lose my hotel reservations because said rear-ending made me miss check-in.

And I most definitely should not be sharing the cabin of the hottest man I’d ever touched.

Oh, did I mention the SUV and cabin belong To. My. Ex?

Can you call someone an ex if you never actually broke up?

God, he looks good. The last four years have definitely been kind to him. So, would it be so bad if we shared a kiss—only one—for old times' sake?

But… What if we could make it work? What if how easy it has been to slip back into an “us” means there’s still hope?

What if this vacation isn’t just a getaway but a journey back home—for keeps this time?



Drive Me Wild

by Kim Loraine

I spent my life running from my past, hiding behind a guitar, a microphone, and a fake last name. But after my father's death, the truth came out, I'm a Wilde, and now I'm in the spotlight more than ever. My record label has big plans for Killian Wilde, the country music sensation, and unfortunately those include a co-written album with British bad boy rocker, Jameson Lorde. The one man I can't stand. Even if he is the sexiest man I've ever seen.

One month spent at Wilde Horse Ranch, forced to work together every waking moment, just might bring one, or both of us to our knees.


A Thin Line Between Love & Hate

by Meadow Jones

Rage, anger, and fury are just some of the emotions Clark Farmer evokes in me. He’s been the thorn in my side and my competition since the day we met years ago. He was there, taunting me during our childhood, and he continues to be a maddening fixture in my life. But when life and death suddenly hang in the balance, I start to see a side of Clark I’ve never allowed myself to feel or imagine. Can we forgive all the hurt we’ve caused one another when guards are down and our barriers have fallen? Can two people really find love amongst a history filled with hate?

Clark :
Provoking Xander Lynol has been my favorite pastime since the third grade when I moved to our small town and he declared me his mortal enemy. I mean, his massive ego, entitlement, and cocky attitude make it all pretty easy—he’s impossible to ignore. But when an impromptu road trip through the mountains ends with us trapped and fighting for our lives, I suddenly have to depend on the man I hate for survival.

Could the difference between love and hate really be so thin that one harrowing experience turns my long-time enemy into my forever partner?


Operation Magma

by Annabella Stone

Taylor *Trace* Reeves has served in various branches of the military, and in multiple human wars over his life time which spans millennia. Once the faithful hound of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, Trace continues to protect the innocent and fight the wars of man. He will continue to keep his presence a secret from humans, even the ones he calls brothers.

Over time, the return of Fionn and The Fianna has faded out of the memories of man and into their myths and legends. Yet Trace and his wolf, Bran, still wait for the sound of the Dord Fiann, the hunting horn of the Fianna, to sound three times.

When the call comes, The Fianna will arise and Trace and Bran will once more be the hound of The High King. Until then, his mission is to keep the men he guards alive, by any means necessary.


Loose Strings

by Christie Gordon

A playboy rocker running from commitment fears he might lose the sweet cinnamon roll he’s been dating. When an ex comes around pointing out flaws, can the rocker change his tune?

Noah Harris

I love a rockstar. It’s not easy, but most of the time he makes it worth it.

Afterall, I was the one who agreed to a semi-open relationship when he’s on the road without me.

As the band gets more and more popular, it’s impossible to ignore the images of him with groupies on social media.

When my ex meets up with me to apologize and points out Wells’ indiscretions, how can I continue to deny the commitment I need?

Wells Tollefson

Commitment means one thing, or maybe two—loss of freedom and complication.

I don’t want either.

I saw what it did to my mother when my jerk of a father tried to dominate her life.

Noah wants me to meet his parents. But with our current situation, what will they think of me?

Now his ex wants to see him, and I have to let him go. My friends tell me I might lose him, and it hurts.

So, I try to open up to him. At the same time, I’m caught in a family crisis and I need Noah by my side.

Is it time to face the music and let my heart lead the way?


Boy Meets Boy

by Jake Uniacke

Danny is finally on his way to achieving his dream to become a photographer. When he’s offered an apprenticeship at a major magazine company in London, he jumps at the offer in a heartbeat and starts making plans for his big move.

On his first day, Danny meets a handsome stranger – one of the head photographers, Will. He catches Danny’s eye immediately, and they end up spending some time together.

But, when the gorgeous new model comes in for a photoshoot, Danny’s attention is taken away from Will and lands on the new model, Harry.

Despite Will's desperate attempts to split them up, Danny and Harry's relationship blossoms. But can they live happily ever after?

Featured Authors

Hope for the Holidays

by Felicity Snow

Everest Jones lost the love of his life two Christmases ago. He’s had a hard time coping ever since. And sometimes he feels like he is drowning in his grief.

Can anyone or anything change that? Can he find a reason to hope again this Christmas, to let someone in to the broken pieces of his heart and allow himself to love again?

Read More


by Zile Elliven


Smart as a whip with the morals of an alleycat. I’ve heard it a million times.

But will my smarts be enough to catch the heart of the local animal shelter director?


Dumb as an ox with the heart of a lion. I’ve heard it a million times.

But am I good enough for someone a hundred times smarter than me?

Read More

Bad Pucking Influence

by Michele Lenard

I stop pucks flying at 100mph, but even I didn’t see this shot coming.​

I'm tired of pretending to be Mr. Perfect… Tripp and his playboy antics might be just the thing I need to figure out who I am outside of hockey. The only problem is, everyone–including our mutual friends–see him as a bad pucking influence.


Read More

The Christmas Roommate

by Ana Ashley

Keep an eye on Ren, they said. Just for tonight, they said.

The problem? How to show Ren I want to be more than just his friend.
The plan? Convince him to be my roommate for Christmas and hope he'll stay forever.

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Featured Authors

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The Holidate by Riley Long
Juniper Evergreen by Kota Quinn
Jingle by Morgan Lysand
His Christmas Conundrum by AW Scott
Prancer: An MM Mpreg Holiday Shifter Romance by Toby Wise
Vixen by Wendy Rathbone
Comet by Abigail Kade
Santa's Sunshine Omega Boy by Anna Winehart
Unexpected Fate by RS McKenzie
Scales and Stone by Jessamyn Kingley
Summertime, Assassins, and Other Skullduggeries by JD Cunegan
A Curse of Scales and Flame by Max Walker
DragonSeer by S. Rodman
A Season in Delhi by Scott Alexander Hess
A Winter Courtship: An MM Fantasy Novella (A Nymph Solstice Romance Book 4) by Gigi Rivers
Two Thousand Dreams by Jocelynn Drake
Don't Hate Me by Eden Emory
Black Heart Blooming by Alexa Piper
Gluttony by January Rayne
A Meeting of Minds by Jezabel Nightingale
Bonfire Night: An MM Monster Romance (Monstrous Myths) by HB Jacks
Killer Notes by CJ Barlowe
Queen of Hearts: The Complete Series by Suki Williams
Professor Problems by Merry Farmer
Devoted Sinner by Charity Parkerson
Unholy Trinity: Orla, Nash, & Locke by Garrett Leigh
Figuring It Out Together by Jamie Lynn Miller
Making the Yule-Tide Gay by Brooke Fields and Miranda Dickerson
Grass Stains by Alex Winters
Unexpected Fortune by Ally Hastings
Falling by Andrew Collins
At Odds with the Gods: A Mythmatched/Purgatory Playhouse Crossover by EJ Russel
The Line of Succession 6: God Save The…? By Harry F. Rey
My Bear Like Boyfriend by Kat Wilkinson
One Night in Hartswood by Emma Denny
The Chronicles of Lazarus by Laura DeCosta
Braving Built by TH Compton
Heir to Frost and Storm by Ben Alderson
The Dragon King's Rebel by Amy Sumida
Temperance: Union by Harry Applebottom
Totally Blitzed by Becca Jackson
Bonds of Blood by Nazri Noor
Touch in the Night (Blook and Bonds) by SJ Coles
Idol Moves by KT Salvo
Slide of Skin: Club Electra Book 5 by Megs Prichard
Captivating Captains: Part Two: A Box Set by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead
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