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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

July 12, 2024


“You own me, right, Dev?” he breathes, almost sweetly. “Maybe you’ll have to prove it.”

It's Valentine's Day and Rome wants to drive Devin crazy just so he can see and feel the breadth of Devin's possessiveness. But will it go the way he planned?

By The Throat is a 12k word short story that was previously published in the Anti-Valentine anthology, and it can be read as a standalone.

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Tongue Tied

by Christina Lee

Confessing feelings for your best friend takes being tongue-tied to a whole new level.

Dex has always been my best friend, so it’s no surprise that we attend Franklin U together. We’re complete opposites. Dex is charismatic and outgoing. Me? Let’s just say I wish I could infuse some of his confidence into my veins. Making friends is hard enough, but trying to meet guys? Even with Dex’s help? I’m useless. Maybe it’s because Dex is all about hooking up, but I want my first time to be straight out of the pages of the romance novels I read.

After a string of mishaps, I swore off helping Austin land guys. But when he asks me to show him the ropes with practice sessions, I get the feeling he’s desperate. Our dates are pretend, so why am I getting so into them? I want to make Austin happy, but the line between friendship and something more is getting really damned blurry. The fluttery feeling, that electric energy every time we touch…it’s addicting. I’m getting overprotective, not only of my time with Austin, but with douchebags who might break his heart.

Eventually, the pretending has to end so Austin can strike out on his own. But how do I tell him I’m not ready to let him go, when every attempt at confessing leaves me tongue-tied?


The Outcasts

by Kelly Fox

Novella #1: Jules and Ginger
Novella #2: Leo and Love


Their Wicked Ways

by Willow Dixon

A year ago I lost everything and moved across the country to try and start over. It wasn’t easy, but I found a job I love, I have friends who’ve become my family, and I’m ready to start exploring my bisexuality.

Just when I think things are finally starting to go my way, I show up to work and find out the new guys on the crew are the super-hot couple I hooked up with last weekend.

F*ck. My. Life.

Now I’m stuck spending my days with the men who not only popped my dude cherry, but the ones I can’t stop thinking about.

The ones I have to try and be friends with after they awakened a part of me I didn’t even know was there.

The ones I can never have again.

Until one night turns into two, then more.

Being with Ezra and Wesley feels right, even if everything I was taught tells me it’s wrong. I can’t deny the pull between us, or how safe and seen they make me feel.

But how can two men who love each other as much as Ez and Wes ever feel the same for me?


The Prince of Poison

by Alice Winters

The fae prince caught my eye the moment I saw him, and no, it didn’t have anything to do with the fact that he was being abducted. It’s not even that Callisto adores the large mount who wants to maim him. Or that every time he smiles, flowers bloom around him. No, there’s something else that draws me to him, though when the kingdom begins to fall apart around us, I realize I’m not the only one who wants him.

But the others want him dead.
With memories of my past hanging over me, I’m trapped between who I want to be and who I need to be to protect Callisto.
While being officially crowned prince should be my main concern, something isn’t quite right with the king—unless it’s normal to have an evil mist hanging around you. Then again, who am I to judge when I can poison someone with just a kiss?

When an attack on the royal court leaves me wounded, I have no one to turn to but Silas, but he wants to keep me at a distance… like he’s afraid of me finding out the secrets he holds.

Thankfully, with Dandelion (my sweet mount—don’t listen to Silas), a strange and suspicious coin, and Silas’s friend who can speak to animals (who don’t seem interested in speaking to him) at our side, we’re going to tip this fight in our favor and prove that heroes (and love) come in all forms.


The Shadows Beyond

by TJ Rose

Cinnamon ‘Cinn’ Saunders thought he’d learnt to control his little ghost problem.

That is, until the moment he brings back a malevolent spirit from the shadowrealm, and quickly finds himself unjustly arrested for the murder of four people.

After breaking free of foster care and a stint in juvie, all Cinn wanted to do was keep his head down and work his way up to become a professional chef. Now he’s forced to make a choice: life in jail, or allow a stranger to whisk him away to a mysterious institute in rural Switzerland with the promise of learning how to control his terrifying supernatural abilities.

Julien, the French charismatic charmer who is charged with warding over Cinn, also has a problem: the murder of his sister is still unsolved.

He needs help. Help that only Cinn can provide. He’ll do anything to get it, including making Cinn an offer that he can’t refuse. What Julien doesn't expect out of the bargain is their undeniable connection, which only serves to complicate matters as they navigate uncharted territories together.

Between battling an uprising of deadly creatures that not only threaten the moteblessed community, but the entire planet, and fighting their ever-growing attraction, can this opposites-attract pair overcome their demons to save the world, and each other?


Protecting the Nerd

by Nora Phoenix

I’m proud to be a geek.

I’m smart, but I’m also awkward and somewhat socially inept—forever doomed to live in the shadow of my dead brother.

My job as research engineer is amazing, though, and recently, I’ve managed to make some friends in my hometown of Forestville.

But when the wrong people show too much interest in my latest invention, my boss wants me protected. Despite my fierce protests, I end up back in Forestville. With a bodyguard who poses as my boyfriend.

Quillon is nothing like I had expected. He’s my opposite, but we connect in ways I never saw coming, and for the first time, I don’t feel alone. He takes care of me like no one ever has.

Oh, and he’s also extremely hot, which is fascinating because I’ve always thought I was straight. Apparently not.

But is this just a temporary thing or could it be forever?

Featured Authors

Cherry Picking

by Rikki Leighton

Cherry Picking is an emotion-packed, teammates to lovers, secret relationship romance between a goalie who’s used to getting what he wants and a defenseman who won’t let himself believe he deserves it.

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Payback With A Smile

by Ki Brightly & M.D. Gregory

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Marrying Mr. Majestic

by Lucy Lennox

When I wake up married to an unknown and very straight cowboy in Vegas, the race is on to get him to sign divorce papers before he discovers my billion-dollar secret. Thankfully, he agrees. With only one condition…

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Tattooed Soul

by Elamy Pride

Some might call it toxic but I call it my love language and Carter speaks it fluently. When the past crashes into my present and threatens my future, I have to learn to trust my family - blood and found - to help me clear my name once and for all.

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Featured Authors

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Armed & Dangerous (Cut & Run Book 5) by Abigail Roux
A Feather Out of Time (Twisted Destinies) by C.A. King
Anything But Convenient (Nightshade Security Book 4) by A.W. Scott
When We Meet Again by Hayden Hall
Oyster (Island Love Book 2) by Fearne Hill
The Amazing Alpha Tau Romeo and Juliet Project by Lisa Henry and Sarah Honey
Heartbreak Honey by Tammy Subia
Fear of Flying by KC Elle
Ember to Flame: Ashes to Ashes Trilogy: Book Three (The Ashes to Ashes Series 3) by Lyra Haven
The Noble's Merman by S.S. Genesee
The Wayward Sons & The Seattle Sirens by A. Winchester
The Gravity of Us by Jamie Avery King
Brickhouse by J. Haney
Paralyzed: Paranormal MM Hurt/Comfort Romance by J.R. Loveless
Let Sparks Fly by Beverly L. Anderson
Touchdown of Temptations: A Gay Romance of Love, Secrets, and Football by Sterling Rush
Samuel's Heart (London Series Book 3) by JoJo Stone
Ignited (Burning Hearts Book 1) by Ian O. Lewis
Invisible String (Lost in Love Book 8) by Perry Matlin
Rook's Tiime: Carnical of Mysteries by Kim Fielding
The Wrong Familiar: Carnival of Mysteries by Megan Derr
Raise 'Em Up (Solidarity Academy Book 3): Dark, Why Choose, Cheer Academy by Amber Nicole and Alisha
Joint Penetration (Hot Under the Collar Book 3) by Katherine McIntyre
The Northern Lights in His Eyes (Paint By Number) by Andrew Grey
Wake Up Call: An MM Gay Roomance (The Halcyon Inn Book 5) by Leah Meers
Wheelspin (Redline Book 3) by Emma Barlowe
Steal the Key (Wilde Contracts #2) by Maz Maddox
Primal Need (MM Alien Scifi Romance) (Warlords of Vasz Book 4) by Leo Rivers
Knot Alone: Why Choose Omegaverse (The Omega Den Book 2) by Miss Renae
He Doesn't Know Jack: A LGBTQIA Opposites Attract Romance (Oh Baby!) by Gareth ChrisokBrushImage3961
Ever Dark: The Vampire King's War (M/M Vampire Romance) (Volume 8) by X. Aratare
Chance (Mindset Duet Book 2) by C.J. Dragon
Sleighed by M.K. Vindictiv
Fast Puck: An MM Age Gap Hockey & Mafia Romance (Puck Daddy Academy Book 3) by Zack Wish
A Daddy for Summer: Fallon by Joe Satoria
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