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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

June 21, 2024


The captain of the hockey team has a lot of responsibilities but when it’s just us, all he wants is to be my good boy.

Senior year should have been the same as the previous years: football, hook ups, and homework.
But after the season ended, somehow, Joey Carpenter happened.

He’s weaseled his way under my skin. Into my heart.
The strong, intimidating, hockey player melts so beautifully for me and I’m addicted.
He pretends like he doesn’t need anyone, but I see him.
See what he really needs.
The longing to be cared for is there in his eyes.
I desperately want to give it to him.
If I’m being honest with myself, I need to matter.
I need to save him.
Save him from himself.
Save him from his family.

Will I be able to convince him that he deserves to be loved without conditions or will they leave him ragged and broken?

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Batting Style

by Louisa Masters

There are a few things I know for sure: I’m gay, I want to do costume design for film and television, and a supportive family is what other people have. Oh… and fate’s not my biggest fan. That’s fine, though—who needs fate? I’ve got friends I love, a welcoming community, and a plan. Graduate college? Check. Build up my portfolio? Whenever I can. Impress industry pros? Done. Save the money for my dream internship? Working on it. All I’ve gotta do is stick with the plan, and that internship is mine next year.

And then Jordan Marks walks into my life, and my plan turns into a loose guideline. Suddenly I’m learning about baseball and giving away shifts at work so I can watch him play. My goals are the same, but maybe there’s room in them for the world’s sweetest athlete.

I’m pretty sure the gods of baseball don’t care if I wear a suit on game day, but Franklin U and Coach do, so when mine rips, replacing it is an urgent mission. That’s how I meet Blaise Warner and my “I guess I could be bi” musings become full-blown “I wanna learn to handle a bat” demands. Blaise is smart, talented, and has goals… and he’s more than happy to teach me a new batting style.
But as we go from casual to more, the things I never mentioned—like my dads’ connections in the entertainment industry—become heavy secrets. Plus, while our friends know we’re dating, nobody else does. That’s not fair to Blaise, but do I really want to be the latest queer college ball player?

I don’t get a chance to figure it all out before things fall apart, and now we both have to decide what our real priorities are.



by D.A. Peevy Jr.

"Unraveled" is a compelling tale set against the vibrant backdrop of New Orleans, where Zavion Drake Felton, a celebrated NFL quarterback, faces life's complexities beyond the football field. As he grapples with the spotlight and its pressures, Zavion's journey through personal turmoil and public scrutiny defines his path to understanding and redemption. The stakes are high, and each decision he makes resonates through his personal and professional life.


This novel explores the essence of identity and the struggle for authenticity in a world that constantly tries to shape us. As he battles the haunting shadows of past decisions, Zavion strives to uphold his values and cling to the love that once grounded him. Through the noise of fame and challenges from the past, he discovers that the road to redemption is often paved with trials and unexpected allies.

'Unraveled' is not just about the trials of a sports hero but a man's profound journey to find balance and peace within himself. It's a story of second chances, the power of love, and the unyielding human spirit to overcome adversity. Engaging and heartfelt, Zavion's story will captivate readers, inviting them to explore the depths of their resilience and the strength required to change one's destiny.


The Enforcer

by RS McKenzie

I’ve been in love with Zeke for years. He’s my best friend—the man of my dreams—but I’m afraid to confess my feelings. What’s more, if I’m with Zeke I could lose everything I’ve worked for. I don't want to have to choose between my family and Zeke or the career I’ve been working towards for the past decade. I had resolved to keep my feelings to myself, but too much alcohol loosened my lips and the truth came tumbling out. I fear my drunken admission will ruin everything.

There’s something coming for the Devil’s Mayhem that has the potential to bring the club to its knees. Is now the best time to consider a future with Shane? He’s my best friend and has been for years, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t taken notice of him. Mixing business and pleasure is a bad idea, right? Especially when someone is after the MC, intent on seeing our downfall.


Half Drawn Boy

by Suki Fleet

Gregor is neurodivergent and doesn’t speak. He’s also pretty sure he has synaesthesia, given the unpleasant physical sensations he experiences when writing words. He interacts with the world through his drawings and pictures. This makes school hard. A lot of the time he feels more like a half-drawn boy than a real human being.

He lives with his much older nonbinary/ace/panromantic brother and their boyfriend. He knows he’s also probably a letter in LGBTQIA. But thinking about which one makes him want to run away and hide.
He has two best friends and an adorable cat called Ginger, and even though, a lot of the time, he feels half-drawn and not-real, he’s happy.

But then Noah, with his pastel galaxy rainbow hair and his bruises, tears through the neatly drawn pages of Gregor’s life, and Gregor isn’t sure how he feels anymore, except really, really confused. Plus a few other feelings he’s too scared to identify.

He talks to Noah via text for months and it feels safe, even if he is worried about Noah’s bruises. Being near Noah in real life is intense and terrifying and something Gregor avoids. But as the months pass, texting starts to feel not enough, and Gregor realises he has to try to work out if he wants something real and not just half-drawn with Noah. And if he does, he’s going to have to figure out exactly what it is that’s making him so scared about being close.


Last Chance Love

by Romeo Alexander

I was sent to Isaiah Ranch for a second chance at life—not love.

For two years, I’ve ignored the presence of the beautiful man whose heart I broke. Despite working on the same ranch, searching for the same redemption, I’ve managed to avoid Reed.

Years ago, I walked away because Reed deserved better than a pathetic loser like me. He was destined for greater things, and I would only drag him down. I left him to save him, breaking both our hearts.

But my luck has run out. Circumstances force Reed and me together, and it turns out our flame was never extinguished. If anything, it burns hotter and brighter now we’re older.

It’s the second chance I never thought I’d get.

When history repeats itself, and a false allegation threatens not just Reed’s freedom but the love we’ve rekindled, I’ll do whatever it takes to find the real culprit and clear Reed’s name.

Because this time, I’m not walking away.


Wreaking Havoc

by Grae Bryan

Sascha has always felt powerless, the weak baby of a cruel family. But that’s fine. He has his looks, his ample allowance, and a smattering of one-night stands to keep him busy. But when Sascha’s oldest brother offends the wrong people, Sascha finds himself in hiding with a target on his back. And when poking around in his temporary home leads to accidentally summoning the hottest demon Sascha could ever imagine, he has to ask himself: does he want to feel powerless anymore?

Kai has been waiting centuries for a summons. When he’s at long last brought to the human realm for his final contract, he expects to find another warrior hungry for battle and bloodshed. Instead, he finds himself bound to a saucy, scared mobster princeling who can’t stop looking at Kai like he’s dinner. It isn’t long before Kai decides that—for once—he wouldn’t mind staying exactly where he is, with a certain human for his mate.

But Sascha isn’t used to anyone sticking around, let alone caring for him in any real way. It’s up to Kai to convince Sascha he can give him so much more than protection. He just has to deal with those pesky enemies—and Sascha’s own meddling family—first.

Featured Authors


by Ken Sanchez

Immerse yourself in a world of magic, danger, and unwavering loyalty as Rowan and Luca fight to protect their love and the realms they hold dear.

This is a Gay Sleeping Beauty Retelling

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The Sorcerer's Thief

by Lee Colgin

The Thief.

The Sorcerer.

Unstoppable ancient magic.

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Skulls of Friday

by Samuel Snowberry

No matter how high I rise, I still feel pushed down. Repressed by them. Time for me to fight back!

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