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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

February 23, 2024


Note to self: just because he's hot and funny doesn't change the fact he's annoying AF.

Hooking up with my irritating as hell neighbour wasn't on my agenda for the week, even if he is ridiculously gorgeous with a smile that lights up my life. His music is too loud, he’s too nosy… but I can’t stop myself from wanting more than a taste.

It was only supposed to be a one time thing, but now Rhys seems determined to charm his way into my world. And when he gets his nose broken at a rock concert, I'm the one who comes to his rescue.

But there's no time in my life for a relationship. Juggling drag, a paramedic career, and helping with my sister's kids has already pushed me close to burnout, and I'm walking a fine line between survival and exhaustion.

I've always been the one helping everyone else and I can't remember the last time I put myself first.

Maybe it's time to cause a scene and go after the thing I really want: a chance with the sparkling man next door who has terrible taste in music.

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


The Punk

by Kelly Fox

Punk Rock Superstar Collapses In Front Of Record Crowd

Hendrix Cavanaugh Rushed To Hospital In Mexico City
Cavanaugh Leaves Hospital AMA

I've loved Hendrix Cavanaugh since his high school mascot days, and seeing him grind himself down like this has been driving me up a wall. Now that he's collapsed on stage, I can't watch from the sidelines for a second longer.

I know I'm not his type—I'm a network security specialist who wears expensive suits and alphabetizes his spice drawer. In contrast, Hendrix wears all black, including his eyeliner and nail polish, and I doubt he's so much as alphabetized his contacts list.

Swooping in to save the day won't make him notice me. I know that. But he has to come off the road, and I have to be the one to take care of him, or I'm going to go out of my mind.

That said, sharing a cabin with him while he recovers might be the dumbest thing I've ever done in my entire life.


Beauty & The Beard

by R.M. Neill

Grief is a complex thing to experience. Since losing my husband, I’ve let it call the shots. It’s been in control so long that I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to have someone hold me tight at night or share a secret smile with.

But a beautiful young model shows up at my lodge. He’s eager to learn about the outdoors and experience life outside the city. The more we laugh and share secrets under the stars, the more he makes me want things that I’ve kept buried for too long.

He’s more than my first impression; he’s intelligent, kind, eager, and fiercely protective. He’s only supposed to be here for a month, but he’s chipping at the walls around my heart.

Now that I’m falling for him, I need to convince him to stay, but we’re from two different worlds.
Could a beauty like him be happy in the mountains with a bearded widower like me?

Being a model assumes you’re all looks and no brains. Well, I’m done playing the part of the pretty boy. The flirt. The easy target. No more cowing to the demands of others. It’s time to figure out who I am and what I want from life.
I’m heading to the mountains for a month to discover the kinder side of life—if there is such a thing. I want to heal my wounds and use the wilderness to search my soul for where I should go next.

When I arrive at the lodge, the sexy lumberjack with the sad eyes immediately captures my attention. He’s incredibly thoughtful, and he emboldens me to be me. With his encouragement, I’m doing things I never thought possible, like learning to fish... and catching feelings instead.

We lead different lives, but even though I didn’t come here looking for love, would he want a beautiful mess like me to stay?

CW: mention of spousal death, off-page past sexual and emotional abuse


Tooth and Nail

by Patricia Logan

The very last thing U.S. Marshal Eoghan Sapphire wants is a new partnership. Worse yet, the transfer from Lexington, Kentucky is a civilian. That means it’ll be Eoghan’s responsibility to break him into the I.S.R. and the unique way their particular U.S. Marshals Service unit operates. He decides being a jerk to him and keeping him at arm’s length just might be the way to handle things…until he meets him.

Aristotle Brown isn’t like anyone Eoghan’s ever known before. He’s polite, willing to learn, and most of all, devastatingly handsome. Eoghan’s actually happy they’re thrown into a dangerous situation with a WITSEC protectee the first day his brand-new partner is on the job. Dealing with this particular man will let Eoghan know what Ari Brown’s made of. Will he break under pressure?

Dealing with humans is standard everyday stuff in the U.S. Marshals Service but other non-human species like shifters, other paranormals, and aliens from distant star systems…well, that’s where things promise to get downright interesting. Their second day on the job is no different. And he’s not prepared for Ari’s cool-headed composure when he comes face to face with an example of everything the I.S.R. deals with every day.

To top it all off, the marshal sent to back the two men up when things get dicey in Griffith Park isn’t as reliable as Eoghan had hoped. The impulses of the guy nearly get them all killed but fortunately, Ari performs like a dream, helping extract everyone when things go from bad to worse. Eoghan is sure of a couple of things…acting as this man’s training officer isn’t going to be such a struggle after all, and keeping his hands off him is going to be the hardest part about this assignment.


His Slender Embrace

by Amanda Meuwissen

Gaze long into the abyss and you might fall in love.

Eldritch, Tall Man, slender and strange – Cael is all these things, with a presence humans fear, and among monsters allowed visas to the human world, he still feels like an outsider. The first time someone hears his voice, they’re knocked unconscious, and if they look at him for too long, they risk losing their minds or worse. Handy for a monster who means to menace, but not for one seeking love and hoping to one day feed from the energies of passion instead of terror.

He thought the Monster Match app might finally find him a compatible partner, but no one responds to him as a match. Perhaps the only way he’ll know passion is to switch what he’s looking for from romance to the carnal side of human curiosity.

Coming off a bad breakup with a gaslighting ex, Miles Wainwright isn’t looking for love, though he still longs for it and misses the presence of someone else in his home. Even in his work as a graphic designer, he can’t stand up for himself and always ends up doing what is asked of him. He wishes he could give himself over to a partner and trust that they’ll take care of him. For now, he’ll settle for fulfilling a fantasy and hope it helps him heal.

He doesn’t expect to want more from Cael, the strangely alluring monster with a shark-toothed smile and tendrils who matches his request, but even if it means madness to stare long into the abyss, does Miles dare steal a peek?

An MM standalone novel in the shared world of the multi-author Monster Match series. Expect a shy human seeking confidence through fantasy fulfillment with a magnetic monster, tentacles, hurt/comfort, mutual pining, and a guaranteed happily ever after.


It Starts with Summer

by Ezra Dao

Working at Camp Eagle Ridge was amazing until my asshole ex showed up.


Camp Eagle Ridge is my safe space. It’s where I first came out as gay, where I met my best friend, where I found home when there was no longer a home to return to. But this year, everything has changed. My best friend has a better job offer, the staff is full of people I don’t even recognize. I’m getting too old for summer camp. And the worst part of all? My ex—the closeted athlete who refused to make our relationship official—is in our cabin and won’t explain why. Dare I dream that he’s here to chase me, to win me back?
But when Ravi, my nerdy new co-counselor confronts me about my troublesome crush on Sutton, it’s him I can’t stop thinking about. His gorgeous body, his dimples, and the way he studies everything in the most intense, detailed way—including me.
Coming to this camp was the biggest mistake of my life. Everyone is so effortlessly cool, so comfortable in the great outdoors. It’s the sort of place where I’ll never fit in. No one has a proper appreciation for the value of checklists and spreadsheets. And to make matters worse, Parker, my co-counselor is a cheerful golden retriever of a man who is the exact opposite of everything I look for in a friend. He’s perpetually disorganized, ridiculously impulsive, and never, ever on time.
But I can’t stop staring at him. And when I let Parker do something very sexy with his pretty mouth, my orderly world spirals out of control. Now I’m driven by lust, bad decisions, and the dawning realization that I might not be quite as straight as I always thought I was.


The Truth In My Lies

by L.A. Witt

It’s been months since Seth Byrne’s boyfriend ghosted him. Seth is still angry, but he’s worried too, because when Andrew Keller disappeared, he completely disappeared. Disconnected phone. Empty apartment. Abrupt departure from his job. Gone.

Until tonight.

Just as Seth is beginning to move on, Andrew shows up at his door with a story so wild it has to be fake… except he’s armed with a stack of evidence proving he’s telling the truth. And the truth is that everything Seth knew about Andrew is a lie.

Detective Brandon Gaines was supposed to be Andrew Keller for the rest of his life. After being marked for death by the white supremacist cops he tried to bring down, he was put into witness protection. When a chain of events returns him to his old identity, Brandon doesn’t know who he is anymore. Now he’s caught between two identities that don’t fit, and nothing in his world makes sense… except the way he feels about the man he left behind.

Is it even possible to rekindle their relationship when Seth knows nothing about Brandon? He understands why Brandon had to lie, but that doesn’t change the fact that the man in front of him is a stranger. Where do they even start?

But as they struggle to bridge the gap between them, they may have much bigger problems.

Because there are people who do know who Brandon is.

And they haven’t forgotten why they drove him into witness protection in the first place.

The Truth in My Lies is a standalone gay romantic suspense novel.

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Every rockstar has their day - is it crazy that I want Dawson to be mine?

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Nocturnal Valentines

by KD Fraser

Crain, Raz, and I always share everything, but this is one thing I want to keep to myself for as long as I can. I just have to hope that when they find out-and they will eventually find out-that they can forgive me for lying to them.

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Full Throttle

by Valerie Wolf

Together on the Edge

Now, we're in a race where the prize is bigger than any trophy—it's our hearts. With every high-speed turn, every intense moment, we're risking it all. We're two men used to winning, but this game of love and tech? It's uncharted territory.

Hold on tight—it's going to be one hell of a ride.

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The Science of Attraction

by Jay Hogan

With so many things against us, maybe we don't have a chance.
Maybe we'll crash and burn.

Or maybe we’ll find a way to have it all.

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