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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

February 9, 2024


Their bond is in place; everything else is falling apart.

Maddox and Jake are bonded and ready to begin their lives together. But unraveling the horrors hidden within their world drives them back to where it all began.

How do they solve a mystery no one believes and find people no one remembers?

How can Maddox learn to control magic that doesn’t even belong to him?

When the truth is revealed, how can they defeat an enemy who holds immeasurable power? And how many more people will die if they don’t?

‘A Consumption of Souls’ is book two in the MM urban fantasy series, ‘Soulmates.’ It is not a standalone and should be read after Soulmates.


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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Want You Still

by CE Ricci and Marley Valentine

The heart always wants what it can't have...
Duty, honor, and sacrifice.
Dedicating my life to these elements, for family and country, leaves little for myself in return.
It’s why I indulge in a no-strings hookup with a handsome stranger mere days before heading half-a-world away.
Except one night turns into a week-long fling, creating a connection at the most inopportune time.
And neither of us want it to end.
Staying in touch is easy at first, but dwindles to radio silence and distant memories as time passes.
I didn’t expect him to reemerge in my life months later, now belonging to someone else.
It should be enough for us both to walk away.
To push down this relentless, aching want.
But we don’t…
We can't.
Because the heart always wants what it can’t have.


Totally Ducked

by Becca Jackson

Not being able to keep my D in my pants has landed me in hot water with my boss—having your bare butt plastered across multiple sports publications will do that.

To teach me a lesson, he’s transferring me from writing about hockey gods to Banana Ball, and not only do I have to pretend to like the not-so-professional sport, I have to go on tour with them. If I can just keep it in my pants and focus on the writing, I’ll earn a return to the sport I love.

Problem is, the gossip writer who got me into this mess is on tour too.

Ian’s determined to prove he’s meant for sports and not gossip columns, so when he suggests we create a public rivalry that’ll boost our reader engagement and get us both what we want, I reluctantly agree.

But the more time I spend with him, the more confusing my feelings for him become, and suddenly I’m looking at labels I never thought would apply to me.

After an explosive kiss it becomes so much harder to focus on the writing and faking our rivalry, but taking a chance on him means risking more than just my game plan to get back to the ice, for the first time in my life, I’ll also be risking my heart.


Scandalous Park Avenue Prince

by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Preston Abernathy
“The Perfect Guy”

When people look at me, I know what they see.
-a model student
-senator’s son with a shining future in politics
-Serena Carrington’s boyfriend
-the studious, polite, dependable Park Avenue Prince

But sometimes looks can be deceiving. Because I’m hiding a secret. A big one. One that could shake the very foundation of the Upper East Side elite.

My secret has dark blond hair and a smile that could charm the pants off anyone—including mine. Charismatic. Powerful. Unbelievably gorgeous, with a body I fantasize about—not that they will ever know. This secret is one I’ll take to the grave.

Because, you see, I am in love with a Carrington, just not the one I’m dating.
And what’s a bigger scandal than falling for your girlfriend’s dad?

Scandalous Park Avenue Prince is the third standalone novel in the Park Avenue Princes world.


Touched by Destiny

by Jessamyn Kingley

Gabriel Wolfebrier believes his honor is forever tarnished. For the first fifteen years of his resurrected life, he did whatever his necromancer told him. They were friends. Family. So, Gabriel asked no questions as he helped bury dead sorcerers he was told were enemies. Too late, Gabriel learns he’s been duped. But somehow, he is offered a second chance.

Born with the mark of a skull on his hand, Eric Marwood has special talents. Unlike other necromancers, he can speak to the dead and help them find their way home. He is dedicated to two things—nurturing his skills and dreaming of a life with Gabriel. But not everyone reveres his gifts, and destiny-touched men and women like him are hunted.

The Marwoods consider Gabriel one of their own, but his past is a heavy burden he cannot forget. Which is why it annoys him each time he notices how beautiful Eric is or how much fun they have together aiding ghosts.

Sex is the only way to find a soulmate in their world, and Eric is determined to seduce Gabriel. As for Gabriel, he is desperate to ignore his own urges. Life has a funny way of changing in an instant, and neither man truly knows what the future holds.


Impromptu Match

by Lily Mayne

I, Taylor Hough, am a painfully average guy.

I have the soul-destroying corporate job, I iron my underpants, and I was unceremoniously dumped for an influencer hippie a few years ago. Every day feels the same, and I don’t know how much longer I can cope before I do something unhinged like rip off my shirt in the middle of my co-worker’s office birthday party and smear lemon cake all over my chest.

But then a case of mistaken identity suddenly lands me in the middle of a covert professional wrestling league, which is apparently being run in the basement of my office building. Weird. Even weirder are the wrestlers. They seem… otherworldly. So does the rest of the staff. And the audience. Pretty much everyone except boring old me.

And then there's the owner, Holt Hector, with whom I have an extremely embarrassing first encounter. He’s ridiculously attractive, even in the inhuman cosplay get-up he's wearing that only makes him hotter, if I'm being totally honest.

Then I discover it’s not a costume. And that the show put on by Goliaths of Wrestling every night is more monstrous reality than mindblowing special effects.

My previously boring life is suddenly no longer quite so average, and hot-as-hell Holt is inexplicably as interested in me, and my ironed underpants, as I am in him and his strange new world.


For I Have Sinned

by Crea Reitan

Losing something so pure far too early in life has a way of tearing you down.

Left in ruin, I’ve thrown myself into my work with the church, my only focus on fulfilling a last request.

There’s only one problem - I don’t believe in God. How can I when He says ‘my kind’ are sinful?

An abomination. Unrighteous.

But with a loss of this magnitude hanging over me, I don’t need to believe in what I preach. My existence is a shadow of what it once was, and the most I’m able to manage is surviving another day—uncaring if it’s my last.

Unexpectedly, I meet someone new—someone who believes in me—and my life dramatically shifts once again. But I’m still barely existing, and not sure I can survive another fall from grace.

Featured Authors


by Eve Riley

A bully redeemed. A truth revealed. A new sizzling connection.

Will they be able to overcome their history and give in to the intense emotional connection they now have?

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Pucking Deep

by Zack Wish

When Tyson and Luka take a midweek trip to scout the opposition, they discover a secret that could put the entire Ice Bears franchise in mortal danger. Will they be able to work with Antonio Doni and the Ice Bears mafia owners to solve the problem? Or will both Tyson and Luka find that their hockey careers are cut fatally short?

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Ex Match

by MM Farmer

Sparks fly when the Perfect Match Agency matches two exes who had a bad, bad break-up. But the real fire starts after an emergency heat leads to a surprise pregnancy…

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The Nerd and The Ex-Con

by Sage Abbott

I catfished my best friend’s Dad in prison.


But he'll never know, right?

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Featured Authors

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Intimate Night: MM Human/Vampire Romance (Dark Attraction Book 2) by Drake LaMarque
Suffer No Fools: M/M Pirate Fantasy Romance (Romancing the High Seas Book 3) by Edie Montreux
The Qualm Before the Storm: MM Shifter Mpreg Romance by Lilo Quie
Sparkles and Scowls (Blue Ridge Magic Book 3) by M.A. InnespjL9AMfyQ6
Witch of My Heart: M/M Mpreg Romance (The New Hemlock Wolf Pack Saga Book 14) by Maggie Hemlock
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