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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

January 12, 2024


Dacen Becker: New guy in town. Wants to finish high school as peacefully as possible. No angst, no drama, play soccer, make some new friends.

As one of the only hipster-clothes-wearing, luxury-vehicle-driving teenagers in a sea of plaid, camouflage, and loud souped up trucks, he unfortunately sticks out like a sore thumb at Knoxton Falls High School.

Lucky for him, he’s a handsome, fun-loving guy with a heart of gold that everyone warms up to quickly. Well, almost everyone… but Dacen’s not one to back down from a challenge.

And when that challenge comes in the form of one hot boy with the body of a god and the lips of a sinner? That drama-free senior year goes up in a pouf of smoke before it even begins.


Ryne Sutton: Grouchy. Aloof. Sexy but kind of a jerk. These are the words most people would use to describe him. And that’s the way he’d like to keep it.

He’s spent nearly half his life keeping his shields up, and has no plans of removing them now. His priority is a kick-ass soccer season and preparing for a future in the sport.

Then the new guy crosses his path at tryouts and repeatedly afterwards. He doesn’t like him, wants nothing to do with him, yet can’t help watching for Becker around every corner.

Even if it’s just to give him a few verbal punches and scorching glares, Ryne’s empty shell of a heart flickers whenever he’s near.

Content warning: This book contains explicit sexual content and is intended for readers 18+.

Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Beyond Time

by Lee McCormick

How many times will we kill each other? How many times can we fall in love?
I always thought my world would begin and end with Jayce Walker. When a sleep study offers us life-changing money, we jump at the opportunity. There’s only one problem: I don’t have insomnia. Bluffing my way in is easy, but getting there and losing everything that’s ever mattered is a nightmare I can’t escape.

Jayce is gone. My only ally is a voice in my head named Clay, who insists the body walking around — the one I’ve known and loved my entire life — belongs to a man named Kade, and he only wants one thing.

To kill me.
Most people don’t get second chances, but I did. Brought back to life by a power-hungry company, I have one thought: I want revenge.

But... the man I’m chasing isn’t Clay. His name is Seth, and all my years of being a heartless, psychopathic killer never prepared me for the way his wide eyes make me feel. I don’t know how to deal with the emotions still knocking around in my chest that used to belong to someone named Jayce.

They make me question things. They make me wonder if my agenda has changed…
I want to make Seth mine.


The Violence of My Attraction

by Sorcha Black

When we pick up a stranger who would make Satan blush, my husband's fantasy goes off the rails.

Now, the man won't leave us alone. I’d call him a stalker, except we invited him into our bed.

He’s a force of absolute chaos and seems determined to ruin our (currently) long-distance marriage…and now, he wants to get me pregnant?

Loïc is charming. Loïc is unpredictable.

He’s impulsive and dangerous.
If only toxic wasn't so tasty.


Defy the Future

by Keira Andrews

To protect their pack, they must risk everything.

Adam and Parker are finally safe.

As safe as they can be in a world where the zombie-like infected still roam the night. With other survivors, they’ve built a community—a pack.

Until that peace is shattered.

How far will Adam and Parker go for family—and each other?

Defy the Future is a steamy gay romance from Keira Andrews featuring werewolves, found family, and of course a happy ending.


Hades and His Witch

by Rys Lawless

I'm dying, and the only one who can save me is him.
Hades, king of the Underworld, god of the dead, ruler of... Honestly? He's got too many names to list.

You know the guy.

Apparently, I need him to survive this disease that's been a death sentence since I was born.

Apparently, I'm also the reincarnation of his queen, Persephone. How's that for a kicker?

Little, hideous me, who uses tattoos to cover his endless flaws and whose only power is seeing death at every corner.

And apparently, we have to do the deed to save me from certain demise.

Yeah. If I wasn't so, I'd think it was a very elaborate scheme to get me into bed.

But even that goes wrong.
So. Terribly. Wrong.

And now everything is effed up.

Figures. Only I could break the god of the freaking dead.


Failing a Bluff Check

by CD Rachels

My best friend’s brother has to pretend to be my boyfriend—how could this possibly backfire?

When I need a date for my cousin Omar’s wedding, I don’t even think of asking my best friend’s brother. Johnny Shiba—my hot as sin, teenage gay awakening—has been gone for years. But now he’s moved back in with his brother and me, and, no, he hasn’t gotten less hot.

Being in close quarters with him, my decade-long crush only burns brighter. We can’t cross that line because I could never betray my bestie—not that Johnny has any interest in me.
When he agrees to be my fake boyfriend for a weekend, it’s just a friend thing, right? And when we meet my career idol and he adores our fake relationship, Johnny helps me cement the charade. Kissing, holding each other, and telling me how attractive he finds me are all parts of the bluff.

Our heated moments and intimate touches could never mean anything. And if we roll in the sheets for fun, surely that’s all part of the lying game. I can hold my real feelings at bay, keep my best friend happy, and prevent career humiliation—I have to.
Strategy and card games have always been easy for me. But this might be one bluff check I won’t be able to pass for long.

“Failing a Bluff Check” is a male/male adult romantic-comedy featuring beach life, drum kits, slow dances, drinking on boats, and yes, fake dating between rounds of board games. Roll the dice with book 1 of the Single Gamer’s Society. These queer nerds are looking for love, and bluff or fold, they play to win.


Meet Me In The Dark

by Jo Brenner

Obsession tied them together. She won’t let anything tear them apart.

For Micah, Luke, and Conor, there are no limits to what they’ll do to win Kara’s heart. Lie, cheat, steal…and kill. But just when it seems like they’ve succeeded, an old enemy strikes. The ex-Navy SEALs will do anything to keep Kara safe—including surrendering to the predator intent on destroying them.

But Kara refuses to lose them. After years of them protecting her, it’s time to return the favor. And if it involves payback against their enemy, well, she’s not the woman she used to be. Running was easy when she had nothing to lose. But now? Forged into someone stronger, she's no longer afraid of her own power. Kara’s determined to fight—for her men, for their family, and for herself.

Even if it means the fight of her life.

Featured Authors

Pucking Royal

by Zack Wish

Edward and Travis may play for rival teams, but after a bruising playoff game they find that they have too much in common – and way too much chemistry – to ignore. It might be a forbidden love, but both Edward and Travis know they must take a chance for love.

However, when the Ice Bears mafia owners discovers that Edward is fraternising with a rival team’s player, they insist that Edward must end the relationship immediately or there will be serious and irreversible consequences.

Edward walked away from his royal life to be his true self. But with Travis’ life in suddenly danger, will Edward have to walk away once more?

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Fighting for Breath

by Abrianna Denae

Childhood best friends to lovers, Lucas and Brooks Novak, have the life they've always wanted. Until Brooks's newest client walks into their gym and turns the couple's world upside down.

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Lucky Bounce

by Cait Nary

Ezekiel Boehm is no stranger to teaching kids with famous parents. But when the pro hockey player he’s been thirsting after walks into the Rittenhouse Friends School gym hand in hand with a tiny kindergartener, he figures he must be hallucinating. Spencer McLeod is a lot of things—Zeke’s favorite winger on the Philadelphia Liberty; a menace on the ice; a mumbling, reluctant but somehow captivating-as-hell postgame interview—but he’s not a dad. Except he is. Apparently.

Zeke can be chill about this. He can.

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Fighting My Bully

by Amanda Meuwissen

Freddy Bard walking back into my life, when I finally had everything together, felt like a prank by the universe. My first male crush, but instead of being brave enough to admit that back in high school, I was the stereotypical repressed bully. No excuses but believe me when I say I’ve paid for those mistakes.

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Featured Authors

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That Bitter Sting by Melissa Polk
Gunner (The Smoke Vale Alliance Book 2) by Gianni Holmes
Bound (Trophy Doms Social Club Book 4) by Kate Hawthorne
The Dragon's Defiant Knight: MMM Fantasy Erotica (The Dragon's Mates Book 2) by Ciara Bane
To Tame A Dragon (The Pyromage Series Book 1) by S.N. McKibben
A Beginner's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Demons: A Demonic Disasters and Afterlife Adventures N
Just Another Day At The Morgue (Spirit Boys Series) by BL Maxwell
Death Shall Bow by Gemma Ashborne
Amid Our Lines (A Witty MM Small-Town Romance) by Zarah Detand
Chai Love You A Latte: A childhood friends to lovers MM Romance (Boyfriend Café Book 3) by FA Ray
Frosted Nightmares (Monstrous Love) by KD Fraser
The Blood Demon's Collar (Demon Daddy) by KD Ellis
When Fallen Angels Fly: Book Five in the Arizona Series by Romeo Preminger
Better Girlfriend Material (Red Trilogy Book 1) by Em Jae Black
Every Missing Moment: Rebel Kings MC: The Outtakes - Volume One by Garrett Leigh
Studs Up by Evie Knight
Kiss Me: The Complete Collection by Charlie Novak
The Kiss Me Short Collection by Charlie Novak
Let Sleeping Foxes Lie by Sam Burns
Dedicated to You by Andrew Grey
His Helper - Part 1: A Man, A Mountain, A Meeting by Bink Cummings
City of Fountains: A Box Set by Hayden West
Tempeh for Two: Real Werewolves Don't Eat Meat 5 by Karenna Colfroft
Control: Through Neon Eyes by Michael Barnette
Knox: Destined Paranormals Book Six by Taylor Rylan
The Wedding That Almost Wasn't by Sienna Waters
Hot Shots: A Dragon Tale (Book 1) by Tara Bennett
Dario - Wicked Legacies by Victoria Sue
The Fall Before the Heat (The New Hemlock Wolf Pack Saga Book 13) by Maggie Hemlock
Switch: A Straight to Gay Anthology by David Young
The New Boy: A MM Erotic Romance Story by Tyler Greyson
Karma: My Autobiography by Boy George
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