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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

October 6, 2023

My Saintly Demon by R.M. Neill

The only thing better than church lady made food is a good joint and a better orgasm.
And when all three are delivered by a sexy priest?
Talk about a holy trifecta.

I know demons are supposed to be terrifying and evil. Some might even say cruel and heartless.
But the thing is, I don't like it.

The constant scowling and the raining of fire on people, it really isn't good for my mental health. Give me fluffy bunnies and a good cuddle after a long day and I'm a happy guy.

The problem is, I am a demon and I'm really freaking bad at it.

When my dad sent me to earth for a week to learn from humans how easy it is to be horrible, it sounded like a crap trip to me.

But I met a man there and he's not just any man. He's a priest, and he's as bad at his job as I am.

We're gonna help each other out. He'll teach me how to be bad and I'll... ah, dammit.

The only thing he's going to teach me is that I can fall in love with a human.

What could be scarier than that?

My Saintly Demon is an MM romance that features a marshmallow demon and a jaded priest who make an unlikely pair in this thought provoking and steamy novella about a demon who just can't be bad and seeks comfort, and a priest who needs balance between his want for the forbidden and a desire to find acceptance for who he really is.

CW: religious themes and substance abuse

Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors

Spellbound Omega by Aries France

Spellbound Omega

by Aries France

An omega with magical amnesia. An Alpha betrothed to another. Disruption in the Seelie Court.

Lycan is an omega hurt and on the run from . . .well he doesn’t even know that. He knows little to nothing, except that he’s lucky Seath is the one who finds him. Seath is the Pack Legate, the next Alpha of the NorthWest Pack; a rich and powerful pack full of humans, witches, shifters, and even a vampire, among a few other magical creatures. They take the abused omega in, and it starts to feel as if Lycan is exactly where he is supposed to be, even if he still has to put together who he actually is.

Betrothed by fate to another, Seath struggles with the intense attraction he feels pulling him toward the little wolf who needs to heal a lot more than just his broken bones. Of course, there are a million other things to keep him busy and keep the Pack thriving, not the least of which is a Pack Alpha with other duties, leaving Seath in charge of the Pack more often than not—even in the beginning of a mysterious unrest among the Fae.

But Fate wants her say, too, and as the spell-induced bonds on Lycan’s mind start to unravel, Seath and Lycan have to decide if they choose each other.


All's Fair in Love & Dare

by Rikki Leighton

If all's fair in love and dare, someone's heart will have to give, but how can we survive the fallout?

Being a virgin is my well kept secret.

Being straight is the lie I've hid behind for the last twenty-one years. The truth is, I don't know what I am. But when my best friend dares me to sleep with a guy, the floodgates of foreign desire open and threaten to bury me under their current.

Messages sent in secret to a stranger wake up my heart and libido in newfound ways, and while we trade scorchingly dirty texts, the person I pretend is on the other side of the screen has my conscience in a tailspin: my best friend's brother.

Blair Novak has been our protector for years, taking his father’s harsh words and harsher hands in stride as long as it meant me and his brother were safe. He’s always given us his everything and somehow, I never realized it.

I see it now. In the shake of his hands as he pulls me close with a white-knuckled grip. In the ink that he wears on his skin like armor, like patches to the wounds he’s spent his whole life healing.

Blair has given up so much of himself for his brother. I want to be his balm, not the final shard that rips him apart. Our connection has bloomed from words on a screen to a galaxy of emotions I can never rein in, and I'm not sure I want to.

Even at the expense of my best friend's heart.

Never Giving You Up y Aria Brennan

Never Giving You Up

by Aria Brennan

Uprooting my life from my tiny coastal town on the southern edge of Australia to the dazzling endless sunshine of Southern California was meant to be simple. I had a job lined up at Zimmers surfboards and a room to stay with my bestie and his boyfriend. Simple.

Yet finding my feet in a foreign country whilst simultaneously dealing with why I was so, shall we say, stimulated by the nightly acoustics from my loved up roomies was something I wasn’t prepared for.

Which might explain why I can’t seem to take my eyes off the sexy, smooth talking barista who makes my morning coffees just the way I like them and who sets my pulse racing.

Angel is unlike any guy I have ever met and I am quickly addicted to more than just the daily shot of caffeine. But a love like ours never could run as smooth as Angel’s espressos, especially with my chaotic family and a much-loved baby brother who needs me now more than ever.

Soulmates by Kate Munro


by Kate Munro

Maddox St. James and Jake Osterman have it all—a perfect friendship, powerful magic, and the future laid at their feet. The only thing that could make life any better is finally gaining the courage to admit that they are desperately in love with one another.

But this declaration carries the potential to ruin everything, and before they have the chance to explore their feelings, a spell gone drastically wrong nearly destroys them both.

Now, Maddox is fighting for his life, and Jake is fighting for his sanity as an unknown magic challenges everything they thought they knew about their world.

A race across the country, a quirky, reclusive mage, and a new kind of magic may be their only hope of survival and a chance at lasting love.

Soulmates is an urban fantasy friends-to-lovers romance featuring clueless best friends, a magic ritual, a swamp, and a connection that runs soul-deep.


Tequila and Tattoos

by Raquel Riley

There’s an old Latin phrase - omne trium perfectum – meaning everything that comes in threes is perfect.


We all have choices to make and consequences to suffer. Two decades ago, I chose Shannon. But Shannon didn’t choose me. He chose my family instead. And when he broke my heart, my consequence was an addiction to food. I spent years overcoming my struggles, all while my anger and hurt multiplied. I swore to myself I would never make the same mistake twice, until I met Aries. I fell hard for my best friend. Unfortunately, so had Shannon.

Were the mistakes of my past doomed to repeat themselves?


I chose to have a family, over the love of one man. Their warmth and acceptance were commodities I yearned for my entire life. But nothing comes without cost, and the price I paid to become a Carrick was too high. I lost my best friend, the only man I’d ever loved, and was convinced I’d never have it again. Until Aries.

I vowed never to hurt Gordy again. How was I going to find the strength to walk away from love a second time?


My bromance with Gordy had quickly bloomed into a full-fledged romance, while my crush on Shannon had ignited from a spark into a raging inferno. I was in love with two men at the same time. Two men who hated each other. Did I mention they were also cousins? Choosing one was impossible. My only option was to make them see how good the three of us could be together.

Are love and hate really two sides of the same coin?

Scoring The Keeper by Hayden Hall

Scoring The Keeper

By Hayden Hall

Sawyer Price is the broodiest, most stubborn guy I ever had the joy of tutoring. He is also the sexiest, most irresistible jock at Northwood U. His hockey scholarship depends on passing the general courses and I’m the cleverest physics cog on campus.

I’m kind of brilliant. Not that I’m bragging. But the line of students in need of my help has got to mean something, right? And because I can’t tutor them all, I’m forced to choose my students another way.

The thing is, no matter how smart I might be, I’m a total dating disaster. So when Sawyer and I find a mutually beneficial arrangement, I have no way out. He’s going to teach me how to score a guy. And I would be mad to refuse. After all, everyone is dying to hang out with Sawyer Price.

The problem with having no dating experience whatsoever is that my tutor quickly becomes my newest obsession. But a guy like that would never want to have me for real, right? I’m just a hopeless nerd trying to trade my V-card and he’s the star goalie for Arctic Titans.

We are polar opposites in every way. Even if we take things a step further, we can never really be together.

It seems like the final dating lesson I must learn is on the subject of heartbreak.

Blurred Lines by Andi Jaxon

Blurred Lines

by Andi Jaxon

I’ve been in love with my best friend for years. 

The problem?

He thinks I’m straight.

And now that I share a dorm with him, his insistent need to cuddle -and lack of clothes- are blurring the careful lines I’ve drawn.

I'm struggling to keep my defenses up.

I love him but I’m afraid. 

Afraid I’m not enough to make him stay.

Afraid he’ll rip my heart out.

Afraid he won’t love me back.

But I see a side of him no one else does.

In the security of our room, he lets his mask fall. 

Let's me hold him. 

Something lurks in the dark recesses of his mind that keeps him from going all in. 

He’s just as hesitant about this as I am, but I don’t understand why.


Can I convince him to let me love him the way he deserves…

or will he take my heart and run away with it?

Curiosity Caught The Demon by Travis Beaudoin

Curiosity Caught The Demon

By Travis Beaudoin

He pulled me into his world by mistake. Now I’m trying like hell to bring him into mine.

It’s hard to surprise Gremory. He’s been around for millennia, after all. But when this Duke of Hell is accidentally summoned by Scotty Campbell, the big-hearted owner of a struggling antique shop, he realizes there are still people in the world who can provoke his curiosity.

As Gremory lets himself get tangled up in human emotions and earthly delights, Scotty's big heart and quiet strength become irresistible. What started out as strictly business will blossom into a connection that will stretch the laws of Heaven, Hell, and the local village council.

From witty banter to steamy encounters to the genuine joy two kindred souls find when they work toward a common goal, their relationship will push them farther than they ever expected to go. Sparks will fly, but will they be able to save Scotty’s shop in time for the town’s annual Halloween Festival?

Featured Authors


Veiled City 2

By Eryn Hawk

Alex struggles to deal with his issues while Teighan tries to pretend his feelings don't exist. Their chemistry is scorching, but there's no way their attraction will ever be more than physical.

Will it?

Teighan by Eryn Hawk
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Mr. Blue Sky

Suits & Sevens Series

By Isla Olsen

If I could snap my fingers and suddenly be attracted to him, I’d do it without question. But I know that’s not a realistic option. I’ve never been attracted to men. Truthfully, I’ve never been attracted to anyone… Not in that way, at least.

Love, on the other hand? That’s something I know a hell of a lot about.


Mr. Blue Sky by Isla Olsen
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There's a Monster in the Woods (Spooky Boys)

By Fae Quin

A lonely man, a lonely monster, what could go wrong?


The spooky boys series invites you to visit a world where things that go bump in the night aren’t just fantasy. These standalone novels feature monsters that are spicy, fun, and sometimes furry.

There's a Monster in the Woods by Fae Quin
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Be My Endgame

Zarah Detand

Sometimes the endgame is only the beginning. In the heated world of the Premier League, Earl Alex Beaufort, a charming Liverpool midfielder, collides on-pitch with Lee Taylor, Manchester United’s top striker. But when England’s World Cup dream brings them to sunny Spain, the real game unfolds: sharing a room. Rivals to teammates to … more?

Be My Endgame by Sarah Detand
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Featured Authors
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