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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

December 15, 2023


After years apart, former couple Warrick Adler and Thomas Lane couldn't be any more different. When an unexpected snowstorm strands shy, introverted Thomas and former-playboy Warrick in an empty airport terminal, the two are forced to reconnect after years of silence. With a long delay and even longer history, can two people get a second chance at love?

Five Below is the first of three holiday short stories: a sweet, opposites-attract, enemies-to-lovers, and second-chance romance story that features old wounds being reopened, interfering family members, and an internal fire that hasn't been fully extinguished.

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Can We Keep Him for Christmas

by Leigh Lennon

This has been a challenging year for my husband. I’d do anything to ease Sylas’s pain as the holiday season approaches.

Oh, and did I mention my husband has no hard limits? It was always me that limited him. But when I have this idea to ease his pain with someone we both think is hotter than cocoa at Christmas, I plan a night my husband can’t forget.

But what happens when one night turns into more, inviting the sexy nurse into the bed Sylas and I share together? And each time he stays with us, we want to keep him. Can we keep him for Christmas? And will he stay with us forever?



by Ava Olsen

Brodie: My rock band has reached the pinnacle of success but fame has its price. Sooner or later, people let you down or sell you out. Except Ivan Cross. My manager, my muse, my obsession. There’s nothing in this world that I want more than Van.

And I always get what I want.
Van: Four years ago, I was selected to manage a hot new band called Wayward Lane. I knew I was in for an exciting ride - and a world of trouble - and it’s all because of their lead singer, the provocative Brodie James.
We’ve always butted heads but lately, that tension is higher. When Brodie insists on an impromptu concert in New Orleans at Halloween, I make it happen. The city, the food, the music, it’s intoxicating. So is Brodie, and I’m not sure I can resist his pull any longer.
Even though Brodie could have anyone he wants, all he seems to want is me.


The Curious Mountain Man

by Casey Cox

I'm a nerdy, neurodivergent librarian who lives a quiet life in the mountains. While out birdwatching one day, I stumble upon a giant of a mountain man bathing in the lake.


I manage to run away, hoping he didn't see me.

And then he shows up at my library.

Something about him lures me in. Sure, he's tall, bearded, and insanely gorgeous, but there's a gentle curiosity in his eyes. And when he looks at me, it's like he's trying to understand me…

Orrrr maybe I'm imagining it.

Yeah, that's probably it. I mean, why would a handsome, barrel-chested lumberjack like Branum be interested in a Mr. Plain and Boring like me?


The Last Red Wolf

by Kurt Dolman

Lyle Larson wanted more. He wanted friends, stability, and, above all else, a family. Growing up alone, drifting from one foster placement to another, Lyle had always wondered why no one had wanted him, why he never seemed to be enough. Setting out on a new path, moving to a new city, and beginning his college experience, he knew that whatever happened, at least he was moving in the right direction.

Chess Beck wanted freedom. Being a werewolf, let alone the next in line to become the Alpha of his family's pack, afforded him almost none of the independence that he craved. Between his family influencing his future and The Union of the Wolves' input on everything else, there seemed to be no opportunity for Chess to choose his own path.

Neither Lyle nor Chess imagined what fate had planned for them when Lyle was assigned to tutor with Chess after struggling early in his first semester. The electricity they experienced could not be described by chemistry alone, after their initial meeting they felt an innate pull between them and the two continue to find themselves inexplicably linked by more than just a passing attraction. The connection and mystery deepens when an accident involving Chess causes Lyle to become the first werewolf turned from a bite in centuries.

Navigating the werewolf world turns out to be a lot harder than Lyle could have imagined, especially when it is rumored you could possibly be the last Red Wolf. The need to uncover the truth of why Lyle was able to be turned and to find out who Lyle is drives the two both closer together and further into danger. With difficult decisions ahead, Lyle and Chess have to decide the future for themselves, their friends, family, and wolves forever.


Tattooed Mind

by Elamy Pride

I’ll do whatever it takes to make this big grumpy bear of a man fall in love with me. Some might say I'm crazy, that love at first sight isn't a thing.
Clearly those people have never had the pleasure of meeting Gavin Grumpy Bear Savenger.
My life is a never-ending battle with addiction and the guilt of losing someone I loved. The last thing I need is Pete Cliffer shining his beautiful light and trying to take me out of the darkness I live in.
But like a moth to a flame I go to him. I can only pray his light is bright enough to keep my darkness from swallowing him whole.


The Deliverance of Marek Sommers

by Ashlyn Drewek

Marek Sommers is everything Misha Chernyshevsky shouldn’t want—young, angry at the world, and, worst of all, a man. The fact Marek is dealing drugs for a competitor is the icing on the cake. None of that deters the Russian mafia boss, though.
From the moment he lays eyes on the surly bartender, Misha is captivated. Learning about Marek’s troubled past and fearing for his future, Misha is certain that Marek needs his help—whether he wants it or not.
Convincing Marek to trust him, however, proves to be a more formidable task than Misha anticipates. But if they have any chance of surviving the brutal world of the Russian mafia, Misha needs Marek to trust him before it’s too late.


Emergency: Kiss of Fire

by Andrew Grey

The last person emergency responder Cade Elmhurst expects to meet at an accident scene is his old high school crush. Cade always regretted keeping his feelings to himself. That Selby remembers Cade is a bigger surprise. He even seems to share Cade’s long-buried feelings and flirts with him on the ride to the hospital, but that may just be the concussion talking.

Selby Winston hasn’t had much luck in life. His conservative farm family turned their backs on him, and he’s been making his way alone ever since. Meeting Cade again is a spot of warmth in his otherwise cold life. He’s as nice as Selby remembers, even offering a ride home from the hospital and help dealing with his wrecked car. On top of that, the heat between them means Cade might return Selby’s long-simmering attraction.

Everything changes in an instant when Selby’s family home burns to the ground, leaving his father hospitalized and his four siblings in need of a place to live. Once again, Selby figures he’ll find himself standing alone, but to his surprise, Cade stands with him. Their budding relationship is going to have to withstand four younger kids in a small apartment, social workers with differing opinions, and his father’s closed-minded stubbornness to make the most of their second chance.


Puck Around & Find Out

by Ki Brightly and MD Gregory

Ex-Figure Skater – Speed Demon Hockey Player
Wystan Finch is killing it as a hockey player after leaving Olympic figure skating due to a breakdown. A scholarship leads him to New Gothenburg University, where he joins the Polar Storms, but his arrival isn’t all fun and games. One of his teammates, Atlas, hates him from the moment he arrives. Wystan doesn’t understand why Atlas dislikes him so much, but he takes joy in irritating Atlas whenever he can. If Wystan feels more toward his rival, that’s only his business.

Captain – Or Else
Everything Atlas Frosteson wants is within his grasp. His one goal in life is to become the captain of the Polar Storms. On the day when his dream should come true, he loses the team vote to a hotshot new player, Wystan. When hate turns into something more, Atlas fights against the emotions that threaten to ruin everything he has worked hard for. His father would never forgive him or be proud of him if he gave in to the temptation of chasing after Wystan.

Hate Twists into a New Feeling

No matter which direction Atlas turns, Wystan is always there, both on and off the ice. Atlas is infuriated when his father starts dating Wystan’s mother, bringing them closer in proximity. Atlas’s obsession with Wystan could destroy his hockey career, yet he can’t get enough.

In the end, will Atlas succeed in getting rid of Wystan and taking his life back? And if he does, will he regret it?


Never Getting Over You

by Aria Brennan

What if you only ever get one shot at love?

I had my chance. A chance at a love so complete, so pure, so all-consuming that when it was gone I was shattered.
It’s been five years since the love of my life walked away from me, his promises to love me forever becoming little more than a pretty lie.

Jade Rosewood was always destined for a life far bigger than mine. The son and heir to the global Rosewood media empire, I was never more than a distraction to be crushed. Besides, he has moved on, lives a glamorous life in New York city. He even went and married a woman.

I have never moved on.

But then a gay cheating scandal has Jade Rosewood’s marriage imploding, splashed about the news like it’s everyone’s business and I am spiralling. Then, a knock at my front door sees my life flipped upside down and a chance at maybe, just maybe, finding that once-in-a-lifetime love again before it slips away forever.


Forgive Me

by A. Nash

Father Francis Scott knows he’s damned, but at twenty-four years old, he has a lifetime to make up for past mistakes. Newly ordained, he’s determined to clean the stain off his soul, one day at a time.

Until an angel walks into his church, asking Francis to take his confession. One look into Vitari (Angel) Angelini’s eyes and it’s clear, the man is made of sin.

Francis can’t afford any more mistakes. Unfortunately, the world Angel is about to pull Francis into leaves no room for good men, and as Francis is swept into the dark underworld of organized crime, his love of the Church, his broken soul, and all the sins he’s been running from, conspire to break him.

Will Vitari Angelini be his savior, or the final bullet in the gun of Francis’s downfall?


Angel has no idea why he’s been sent to England, other than to stakeout a priest for Italy’s most notorious mob boss. He hadn’t expected Father Francis Scott to be so young, or for him to be sinfully hot in his black cassock. He also hadn’t expected the priest’s haunted eyes to be filled with secrets.

But when a rival criminal syndicate get the drop on Angel, almost executing Francis under Angel's watch, kidnapping the priest seems like the next best option. Now they’re on the run, barely one step ahead of assassins who think nothing of crossing countries and continents to track them.

Why are the Russian and Italian mafia so desperate to get their hands on Father Francis Scott? And why does Angel care?

As they race to stay alive, Angel can’t shake the feeling there’s more to all of this than one not-so-innocent priest. And as the truth of their terrible pasts collide, so do their forbidden desires.

Not all angels have wings. Some have horns. And Father Francis Scott deserves forgiveness, even if it costs Angel everything. Including his life.



Weddings, Christmas, and Such

by Amy Lane

Welcome back to the world of Granby, where the yarn is soft, the knitting is fine, and the critters are never far off....

After the happy ever after of Blackbird Knitting in a Bunny's Lair, Jeremy and Aiden continued to be fan favorites, and author Amy Lane visited them from time to time in a series of whimsical shorts that were posted on her blog and Patreon.
Those shorts, together with a brand-new, never before seen Christmas novel featuring the entire Granby family, are gathered here in Weddings, Christmas, and Such, a collection of stories that show the good times in the bad, and the hope even in the darkness. Welcome back to the world of Granby—Jeremy, Aiden, Craw, Ben, Stanley, Johnny, Ariadne, Rory, and baby Persephone are all happy to see you again!


A Mountain Man Walks Into A Coffee Shop

by Mal Trevino

Rugged Josiah Bark has been living alone in his cabin on Harlow Mountain for twenty years, and he likes it that way.

That is...until he trudges into town and sees Lennon Hart struggling with the roaster he's installing in his soon-to-open coffee shop. Josiah could just keep walking--leave those townfolk to fend for themselves, right? Or maybe, in this awkward, handsome stranger, he's just found a reason to come down from the mountain.


Featured Authors


by Abigail Hunter

Thorn's next shoot is his opportunity to break out as an international model, but there's one main problem: Thorn has no idea how to act sexy. Which is fine for catwalks and shampoo ads, but not for a designer brand.

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Ready, Set, Glow

by Rye Cox

I'm no grinch, but I can relate to one being surrounded by all this jubilance. It doesn't help when a new part-timer joins the tree farm and is the very embodiment of joy, starting from his name—Felix Joy

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Drag Me Down

by Abigail Glenn

I’ve never met anyone like him, a dark-haired angel with the sultry voice of the devil. He wore a mask to hide from the world, his past performances becoming something near legendary. Until he vanished from the music industry. I ache to uncover his secrets and piece him back together. But loving Z after tragedy stole him away isn’t easy. When I’m at my best, his darkness threatens to drag me down. It seeks to shatter my heart in a mirror image of his own. And if the world ever discovered who he really is, they would steal those few remaining pieces of him left, taking me along with them.

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Jack Frosting

by Finn Dixon

A drunken encounter. An unexpected reunion. How long can a newly single dad resist a bare-chested hunk of a housemate?

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by Vin George

When it becomes apparent Sorley is not the only victim of an unknown assailant, the entire Council must pull together to stop the attacks. Egos clash as tension rises, and you could even say there’s a lot at stake.

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Scrooge You! 

by Brigham Vaughn

Hayden hates Christmas and he’s tired of the endless holiday cheer.

But as Hayden finds himself spending more and more time at Joel’s bakery, he’s forced to admit that he’s developed a taste for the ginger-molasses cookies and the handsome ginger-haired baker who makes them.

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Cross Checks

by Blair Brady

Chase steps up as the lead forward under Coach Pete Zingara and the shrewd assistant Hoss Ricketts. They're on a roll, aiming for another stunning victory. But their winning streak takes a dramatic turn when a Halloween celebration prank turns into a fiery disaster in the locker room. Enter Hank Davis, a rugged firefighter, who dashes into the flames, saving a shirtless and shocked Chase.

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by Ken Sanchez

"Enchanted" is a captivating gay retelling of a timeless legend of Beauty and The Beast.
This is a standalone and can be read in any order. Unlock the Magic Within, and Let Love Rewrite the Story.

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Featured Authors

Add More To Your TBR

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The Rockstar: The Portland Protectors-EHM Security Series Book 1
Just the Right Chord by BL Maxwell
Boy of Shadows: A YA queer fantasy with romance (Stories of Gereon Book 2) by Camilla Vavruch
The Matchmaker and the Prankster: An MM Enemies-to-Lovers Romance by Samuel Snowberry
The Siren's Song (Havenwood Book 1) by Crista Crown
Take a Chance: A Holiday Romance Novella (Sawyer's Cover: The Rebook Book 4) by Libby Waterford
Lucky Shot (For Puck's Sake Book 3) by Crea Reitan
"Inferno: A Medieval-Style Paranormal Demon Romance (The Gate of Chalandros Book 3) By Laura Taylor"
Fraternal Figures: Gay for Gamma by Chase St. Clare
True North: Yule Lads by TA Moore
Playing With Matches by Georgia Beers
Hunky Johnson: MM Gay Erotic Romance by Avery Mist
Persephone Lost & Found (The Goddessverse Fantasy Series Book 2) by Coralie Moss
Starts with a Match by Quinn Coleman
Kiss of Frost by Amy Pennza
Tell No Tales: M/M Pirate Fantasy Romance (Romancing the High Seas Book 2) by Edie Montreux
Forever Family Trilogy: The Collected Works by Kiki Clark
Tomb of Heart and Shadow by Cara N. Delaney
A City of Abundant Opportunity (Seattle City Limits Book 2) by Howard Leonard
Leg Day (Hotblooded Holidays Book 7) by Alex Winters
The Death Upon Her Eyes: An Urban Fantasy Thriller (A Harker & Blackthorn Novella) by J.A. Ironside
Green Hollow by G.S. Howie
The Forgotten and The Feared: The Dragon Queen, Book 1 by EC Garrett
Delicious Alpha: M/M Shifter Mpreg Romance (Omegas Inn Love Book 3) by Lorelie M. Hart
Slither (The Shadow & Ink Series Book 2) by Nikki Rae
Up Jumped the Devil: A Crescent City New Orleans Mystery Book 2 by Martha Reed
Just Like a Fairy Tale by Cameron James
Before the Storm (Steel & Thunder) by Dominic N. Ashen
No Angels Wept: Angelo Perrotta Mysteries Book Two by Frank Spinelli
Tell Me A Lie by Brianna Flores
Solstice of the Werewolf by Electra Scribe
Fairest by K.S. Trenton
Jonas' Alpha: An Urban Fantasy M/M Wolf Shifter Mpreg Romance by JT Fader
Lucas' Omega: An Urban Fantasy M/M Wolf Shifter Mpreg Romance by JT Fader
Promise Me Forever: An In Plain Sight Prequell Novella by Elice Nange
Fire in the Sky (A Red Sky Ranch Romance Book 1) by Radclyffe and Julie Cannon
Second Star to the Right by Natalya Newman
Broken: Alien Clutch 2 by D. Dove
Daddy's Lost Rebel: An M/M Novella (Deep Desires Book 2) by K.L. Mann
12 Gays of Christmas: A Holigay Romance by D.K. Sutton
Don't Claus a Scene (SEAsons of Love Book 3) by RJ Peterson
His Christmas Valentine: (A dark MM Cinderella reimagining) by Lady Jaguar
Diamonds & Tentacles by Kate McDarris
Twelve Days of Squidmas: A Winter Holiday MM Tentacle Romance by K.L. Heirs
Wrapped in Wishes by J.H. Knight
Nochebuena: a holiday novella by Stephanie Shea
Hanukkah Party on Christmas by Ash Sakura
Christmas Wishes Book 2 (Dare Me Christmas Duo) by Lee Blair
Christmas Time is Queer: A Collection of Sexy LGBTQ+ Holiday Stories by Savannah Inez
Christmas Angel: An M/X Single Parent Christmas Romance (Merry Exmas Book 2) by Alex Silver
Daddy Christmas by Cara Dee
Wrap Me Up (Santa's Naughty Workshop Book 2) by Morgan Lysand
Mistletoe Moments: An MM Holiday Duology by Rhys Everly
Cheeky Elf (Omega Christmas Elves Book 4) by MM Farmer
Christmas with Candy (12 Dates of Christmas) by Georgia Rayne
His Winter Fox (Fox Haven Book 4) by Fel Fern and Kara Kitt
If I Met You First…: MM Enemies to Lovers Romance (The Right One: Gay Romance Series Book 1) by A.B.
Naughty or Nice: A Pride Publishing Box Set by Alexa Milne, Elizabeth Hollows, Aver Ringsly, and Reb
His Alpha Unlocked: An Omegaverse Shifter Mpreg Romance by Anna Sparrows
His Santa Alpha by Jax Stuart
A Little Christmas: Orion's Secret: An MM Age Play Christmas Romance by TL Travis
A Little Christmas! Matty's Secret: MM Daddy/Little Romance by JP Sayle
A Little Christmas! Levi's Secret: An MM Age Play Christmas Romance by Lynn Michaels
A Daddy for Christmas: Ryu by Layla Dorine
A Little Christmas! Cole's Secret: An MM Age Play Christmas Romance by Sue Brown
A Daddy for Christmas: Brighton by TL Travis
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