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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

December 8, 2023


As an ex-cowboy who travelled the rodeo circuit, I was good at two things: roping and, after a bit of heartbreak, denying that I was looking for a man to warm my bed permanently.

I left that scene and settled in working at the Broken Horn Ranch. I was still good at denying the loneliness that kept creeping in, but the animals on the ranch and my plants kept me company.

And so did my best friend of three years, Zane.

Since I was so good at denying things, there was no way in God’s green acre I was going to tell my straight best friend that I’d fallen for him.

Yep, I’d just live my life out with the violets on my windowsill and carry that torch to my grave.

But sometimes things don’t go as planned.

When you’re close to forty, you should have your life figured out; job, home… and your sexuality.

I’ve never been one to follow the path of what’s expected and it’s hard to settle down when you don’t feel the connection needed for warming up the cold winter nights. Except with Alec.

After months of dealing with a tiny mid-life crisis, grappling with these newfound and unexpected feelings, I know I’m in love with my best friend.

When a piece of his rodeo past shows up at the ranch, it’s the motivation I need to openly claim the man who’s lassoed my heart.

I might not know exactly what I’m doing on this unfamiliar path…
But for Alec, I want to walk it—together.

Alec is the third and final book in The Broken Horn Ranch Series. Prepare for a trouble making raccoon, a peacock that can't be contained, big belt buckles at a cowboy auction and SO MANY CAMEOS. Demisexuality and high intimacy with the most patient man you'll ever meet can be found here. While it's made to stand alone, you may enjoy it more if you read the prior books first. Oh, and an epilogue that just might make you blush.

Get books 1 and 2 here:

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Can We Keep Him for Christmas

by Leigh Lennon

This has been a challenging year for my husband. I’d do anything to ease Sylas’s pain as the holiday season approaches.

Oh, and did I mention my husband has no hard limits? It was always me that limited him. But when I have this idea to ease his pain with someone we both think is hotter than cocoa at Christmas, I plan a night my husband can’t forget.

But what happens when one night turns into more, inviting the sexy nurse into the bed Sylas and I share together? And each time he stays with us, we want to keep him. Can we keep him for Christmas? And will he stay with us forever?


Unnatural Fate

By J.R. Gray

My soul mate is my natural enemy.

Or close enough.

He’s a vampire and I’m a wolf.

Our kinds are at war. A centuries old blood war.

I can’t stay away from him. I hate him, but I want him.

Our love is a standoff. For every inch I take, he pushes a mile.

The world is against us. But I’m so tired of fighting the ties between us.

For every wolf that dies at the hands of a vampire, I feel more guilty.

Yet I go to him over and over and we use each other just enough until next time.

I can’t stop.

We both swear it’ll be the last time, but here we are again.
The cycle never ends.

But this time it has to.

I must either choose him and betray my people or walk away for good.


Nauti or Nice

by Ava Olsen

Charlie: Being a first officer on board the superyacht Now, Voyager is a dream come true. And my personal life? I’m in and out and on to the next port, so to speak. I don’t have the inclination for a boyfriend. So when my boss asks me to work over the Christmas holiday, I’m happy to say yes.

And then Kiernan Doyle arrives.
The Irish bodyguard is a brawny grump with sad eyes and a shy smile. And I’m a sucker for a tough guy with a big…heart. Only, I’m pretty sure Kiernan told me he’s straight and I’ve been down that road before, falling for a man who can’t return my feelings. But I won’t deny that something is building between us.

And once we get under that mistletoe, I know. Christmas, and my life, will never be the same.
Kiernan: I’m a former MMA fighter turned bodyguard and while the fight money was great, my body knew it was time to leave. And being a bodyguard has its perks. Guarding billionaire Rowan Carter, and his husband Andrew is hardly work at all. His entourage of friends and family have become my friends too.

Including Charlie Cates, the First Officer on Rowan’s yacht.

Charlie’s not intimidated by my size or my grumpy demeanor. He’s the first person in years that I feel any kind of connection to. And I don’t know if it’s me or the mistletoe, but suddenly, I’m having naughty thoughts about the cute yachtie with killer dimples. Thoughts I’ve never had about a man before.

It turns out, all I want for Christmas, all I want always, is…Charlie.

Nauti or Nice is a friends to lovers, bisexual awakening, MM romance filled with first times, found family, and a HEA that will warm your Christmas spirit.


Love Lights

by Emily Antoinette

A man spending the holidays alone…

After my grandpa’s death, I’m back in my hometown for one last Christmas in the house I grew up in. But when mom cancels her flight to join me in saying goodbye, I’m left lonelier than ever—until a mothman saves me from a deadly decorating disaster.

As if learning monsters are real isn’t enough, he also claims I’m his mate. In his arms, I find the warmth and care I’ve always craved. But with only a few weeks in Moonvale before I have to go home, how can I avoid ending up even more heartbroken and alone when the holiday ends?

A mothman trusting his instincts…
Like a moth to a flame, a house covered in bright holiday lights pulls me away from my usual path on my late-night walk home. After saving the distressed human who lives there from falling to his death, I realize something stronger drew me there. Something magical. A mate bond.

My heart and soul cry out for me to claim my precious, perfect mate as my own. But how can I ask him for anything more than a holiday fling when he doesn’t feel the same instinctual bond? Will I find a way to convince him to stay past December?



by Ace Fawn

Sold. Collared. Owned.

Michael Kreed is a wealthy man with the world in the palm of his hand, and he’s looking for a new pet. What he craves comes in the form of Hunter, a young man with a gorgeous, lean body, an attitude, and a determination not to yield. Michael wants to keep Hunter unbroken, but is it worth pursuing a relationship with his new obsession?

Hunter’s life changes forever when he is sold at an auction to a sophisticated, handsome billionaire named Michael. Collared and made into his pet, Hunter resists his owner and craves to have his freedom and old life back. But is the new life that Michael is offering him better than the only one he’s ever known?


Magic For You

by Anyta Sunday

Will this Christmas gift, with its hint of “magic”, win the love of his crush?

In the middle of the festive season, gardener Jase finds himself renting in a new neighbourhood, tending yet another garden that won’t belong to him. But when a boisterous golden retriever brings Robin into the yard, something magical in Jase wakes up.

Jase wants to gift his new neighbour the Christmas tree of his dreams—a real live fir, grown in Robin’s own back garden—and win his heart in the process. From young sapling to fully-fledged Douglas fir in less than a year? That would be magic.

He has a plan to make it happen, and it all seems to be coming along well . . . until ‘awesome, amazing’ Lyle shows up. Lyle is also crushing on Robin, and he has the most annoying advantages: He’s smart. He’s witty. He’s ridiculously good-looking.

And he got there first.

The race to Robin’s heart is looking tough; Jase must outdo Lyle at every romantic opportunity. So that, this Christmas, he’ll share the tree with the one he loves.


The Royal Curse

by Eliot Grayson

Dawn mage. Twilight mage. Cursed, useless, damaged, dangerous…

His birth magic leaves Prince Nikola with nothing but bad choices: live as another man’s possession, subject to his whims and his desires, or remain dependent on a potion that stunts his powers and prevents him from knowing love.

Andreas vows to protect the prince with his life—whether Nikola wants him to or not. After all, the queen pays his soldier’s wage. Nikola’s nothing but a job to do.

But when they find themselves stranded, with Nikola’s potion running out, Andreas has to…improvise. Because what Prince Nikola needs to survive is the opposite of a lowly guard’s respectful protection.

It should’ve been only one night. Just until the potion’s refilled. But now that Nikola’s had Andreas’s touch, he craves Andreas again and again. He shouldn’t. But he—and his magic—can’t live without it…

The Royal Curse is a high-heat MM fantasy romance with a stubborn prince, an even more stubborn soldier, and cursed magic that can’t be denied. There is an attempted on-page assault that is not between the main characters. HEA guaranteed.


Matrimonial Merriment

by Nicky James

Quaid Andrew Valor and Aslan Ronan Doyle cordially invite you to be an honorary guest as they join their lives in matrimony. The ceremony is set to take place at Strongwind Castle on December 23rd. Save the date!

Time is short. Quaid has less than three months to plan the wedding of his dreams. A wedding that happens to land two days before Christmas. Don’t be fooled. It is not a Christmas wedding—at least not if Quaid has anything to say about it.

The wedding binder is fat and the list of things that need to be done is long, so when the department decides to implement a mandatory team-building Secret Santa event that will take up every one of Quaid’s available Saturdays, he is livid. There is no time for nonsense on his tight schedule.

When Aslan sees what the stress is doing to his fiancé, he calls in the cavalry to help plan the wedding. What could possibly go wrong with Ruiz and Torin on their side?

Relationships grow deeper. Friends and family come together to celebrate. And Quaid and Aslan finally tie the knot.


Pretty Dogs

by Riley Nash

We finally escaped the trailer park, but maybe we weren’t ready for freedom. My best friend Beck doesn’t know how to leave the gang he’s always known, even if it will get him killed. And I can’t fathom finding love as a trans man when I don’t even like myself.

In our world, it’s not safe for us to want each other. But when I almost lose him, it only takes five words for us to fall: I heard about a game.

I run. He hunts me. And if he catches me… there are no limits in the dark.

A best friends to lovers romance featuring a trans MC, opposites attract, possessiveness, and primal games.


The Christmas Summons

by Kelly Fox

I’ve loved Gael Hernandez from the moment I laid eyes on him. We had a moment back in the summer, but he needed time to recover from the traumatic events that reshaped his family.

It’s now Christmas, and I think my talented shoemaker is finally ready to let me love him for the rest of his life.

The only problem? I’ve been summoned to join my family in England, and it’s an invitation I cannot refuse. Finding it impossible to leave Gael now that we’ve finally admitted feelings for each other, I bring him with me.

I should have known better.

Unlike the Hernandez family’s warm Christmas traditions, this visit has nothing to do with the holidays and everything to do with my father’s designs on my life going forward. Designs that don’t include the beautiful man with stained fingertips and a heart as big as the sky.

The Christmas Summons is a spicy, round-the-world Christmas novella that features a British aristocrat in Hawaiian shirts, a Mexican shoemaker with clever hands, and an estate straight out of Pride and Prejudice.


Fated Mates and How to Woo Them

by AJ Sherwood

Chase is crazy busy behind the scenes at the fraternity get together, so when an alumni comes in, he just notes a hot man in his vicinity and goes right back to work.

When Ronan gets hurt, and Chase feeds him, Chase’s reaction opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Ones that Ronan wants to explore.

Is Chase compatible with vampires? Or could he possibly be something more?


Always Mine

by T. Ashleigh

I had it all. An amazing boyfriend, a full-ride scholarship, and so close to achieving my NFL dream. The future was headed my way, like a perfect spiral, straight down the field.

Until I fumbled the ball.

Everything I cared about was ripped away, and now my life has turned into something I no longer recognize. When I’m forced to move back home, I find myself face-to-face with the reminder of my own self-destruction.

Wyatt Clayton.

He wants nothing to do with me and I don’t blame him. I irrevocably broke us, and he made it clear there's nothing I can do to change the past. But I've lost too much to add him to the pile, and I’ll do anything it takes to get him back.

I need him. He’s my rock, my true dream, my everything.

My Wyatt.

I thought I was done feeling pain like this.

When Paxton left--turning his back on me and everything we'd shared--I shattered. It took years to put the jagged edges of myself back together, but I managed to create something whole, if not imperfect.

Then he came back, and the shaky foundation I was standing on crumbled.

Now I’m adrift, drowning in the memories, while choking on his presence. He says he wants me back in his life--but my heart won't survive another break.

I have to resist him, and my long-buried emotions, but it's starting to feel impossible. How can I stay strong when he’s the same boy I fell in love with.

My Paxton.

Featured Authors

Clausing a Scene

by Casey Cox

The head of the company producing the film is Hig Langdon, my best friend's dad, a.k.a. my lifelong crush. The most kindhearted and devastatingly handsome guy I’ve ever laid my eyes on. A sexy businessman and mountain lumberjack rolled into one. He can jingle my bells any time.

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His Alpha Prince

by Kota Quinn

Astra never expects to meet an Alpha, let alone a demon Alpha who lights his soul on fire.

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His Holiday Fate

by RS McKenzie

I’ve met surly alphas before, but Andrew takes the cake. When he falls for my ridiculous challenge and agrees to help with my booth, I know I only have a few days to loosen him up to at least tolerate the holidays. Because I love everything about this season—the elaborate decorations, the gift giving and especially the annual Fair Falls holiday parade. And I find I want to share my festive spirit with my Scrooge. A new development might ensure I get my wish.

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Holiday Pup-capade

by Jaime Samms

It seemed like the perfect plan. Get out of town. Fast, and wait for the shrapnel of my blown-up life to settle.

Except there’s this dog. No one seems to know where he belongs, and he thinks he belongs with me, so he follows me everywhere.

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No Elfing Way

by Hayden Hall

We come from different worlds: I have a life waiting for me in New York and Ezra lives and breathes small town charms. We are destined to fall apart, but that's not stopping me from dreaming up ways to keep Ezra with me for another minute. Or hour. Or night.

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His Patient Alpha

by Morgan Lysand

Once Adam’s heat is over, the pair separate, only to be thrown back together to help decorate the dance studio’s winter parade float. Can the two reconcile? Or will Adam stay oblivious to Peyton’s true feelings?

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All I Want for Christmas is Stu

by Lisa Henry

When Charlie was growing up, Stu was always way out of his league. Well, not anymore! The guy is wearing an elf costume—he’s clearly failing harder at life than Charlie is right now. It’s a perfect match, right?

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Christmas in Heaven

by AE Jensen and EL Ough

You never know when you’re going to meet Mr. Right. It could be on your worst day, thirty-five thousand feet in the air.

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Featured Authors

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Uriel: Yule Lads Book Two by Macy Blake
A Barista for Christmas by J. Hali Steele
Under the Christmas Tree by Jacqueline Ramsden
A Winter Awakening: An MM Fantasy Novella (A Nymph Solstice Romance Book) by Gigi Rivers
Christmas in Vienna - A Love in Terengia Short Story by Koko Klein
Warm Hearts by Kristian Parker
Sassy Elf (Omega Christmas Elves Book 3) by MM Farmer
This is on You: A Fan Service Series Novella (Book 3.5) by Hinsel Meyer
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Lockdown Frustration: What are friends for, right? (Unexpected Love Book 1) by Jacklyn Fox
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Second Chances in New Port Stephen: A Novel by TJ Alexander
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An Unexpected Love - A Love in Terengia Novel by Koko Klein
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For the Rest of Us: Third Story (Carriage House Chronicles Book 3) by Kelly Kay
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Forbidden Sessions (Academic Affairs Book 2) by Ryan Reed
The Director (The Manhandled Series Book 3) by August Jones
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Two Chances (Elite Escorts MM Book 2) by Lynn Burke
Boy Jayck (The Galaxy of Lavaria) by Lily Laverick
Last Dance: Orgasmic Texas Dawn #4 by AJ Llewellyn and DJ Manly
A Death at the Dionysus Club (Lynes & Mathey Book 2) by Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold
Unexpected Heat by Eola Eden
Stefan: Destined Paranormals Book Four by Taylor Rylan
A Daddy for Christmas:  Daniel by Brina Brady
You Were Always Magic by Erica Molinaro
Heart First (Hudson Valley Murder Mysteries Book 1) by SB Barnes
Where the Heart Is by Lily Seabrooke
Fearless (Hockey Heroes Book 4) by Declan Rhodes
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A Chat Omegas Christmas by Jay Black
A Little Christmas: Oscar's Secret by Jena Wade
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