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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

June 14, 2024


Love can be defined as “a quality or feeling of strong or constant affection for and dedication to another.”

They say “love wins,” for that to be true, we must embrace all types, especially those that have been otherwise underrepresented.

Ten authors have come together to make a difference by showcasing love in all its forms is limitless.

Limitless Love is an anthology full of different polyamorous stories with proceeds going to charity in order to showcase that if you fight for the life and relationships you believe in, then love truly does win.

Featuring stories from:

Sage Abbott, Aurora Crane, Colette Davison, Abrianna Denae, E.M. Denning, Elouise East, MJ Green, J.L. Gribble, Leigh Kenzie, and Michele Notaro. 

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


It's All You

by Linden Bell

When your secret admirer is hiding in plain sight.

I've been in love with my childhood best friend since forever. But he's straight and married and lives halfway across the country, so all I can do is try to get on with my life. Until he shows up on my doorstep one day, jobless and newly divorced.

My life has fallen apart and there's only one place in the world I want to be: with my best friend. But Gavin's being all weird and cagey and I'm suddenly feeling things I shouldn't be feeling.

I came to him because he's safe and familiar, and now we're standing on the cusp of something new and terrifying. We'll always be best friends, but do we have the courage to be more?


For Real

by Alexis Hall

Laurence Dalziel is worn down and washed up, and for him, the Scene is all played out. Six years from his last meaningful relationship, he's pushing forty and tired of pretending nothing has changed. Then he meets Toby Finch. Young. Fearless, fierce, and vulnerable. Everything Laurie can't remember being.

Toby doesn't know who he wants to be or what he wants to do, but he knows that he wants Laurie. The problem is, while Laurie will surrender his body, he won't surrender his heart. Because Toby is too young, too intense, too easy to hurt. And what they have—no matter how right it feels—can't last. It can't mean anything.

It can't be real.


The Fall of Elijah Gray

by Collette Rivera

Focus on magic (not the hot chef) and everything will be fine.
Elijah Gray didn’t want to end up back in Moonlight Falls, but when he’s sent to the spooky small town as part of his magical research, he has no choice but to return home.

Parker Hayes is Eli’s brother’s best friend. He’s older, a powerful magical practitioner, and a pillar of the Moonlight Falls community. Eli has known Parker for years and isn’t sure why it feels like he’s never seen Parker properly…

Until now.

Eli has always considered himself straight, but he’s flustered around Parker. He’s noticing Parker in ways straight guys don’t usually think about other men.

He wants Parker but will never act on it. Something casual with his brother’s best friend would be a mistake, and anything more would mean accepting life in a town he can’t wait to escape.

All Eli has to do is ignore his new, confusing desires until he leaves Moonlight Falls. But every casual touch from Parker feels like a revelation, and Eli can’t help wondering if letting himself fall would be so bad.


Fool's Spring

by Roe Horvat


Maybe I’ve made a mistake. My cottage, albeit charming, needs nonstop work, the weather’s abysmal, and my last bank account statement simply said, “Bless your heart.” But I don’t regret moving to the Swedish countryside. The job is great, and I’m making friends. Who said Swedes were cold and distant? I only need some cheap firewood to tide me over until the real spring arrives.

Out of nowhere comes rescue—a gorgeous Viking on a tractor. He helps me with firewood and drives me to the hardware store. I shouldn’t be crushing on Björn since he looks as straight as they come. But then the shy hunk of a man turns up on my porch with a bag of cinnamon rolls, blushing…


Life is uneventful for a gay man in a village of three hundred people, but I like it quiet. I have fifteen thousand hectares of forest to manage, so it’s not like I get bored.

Except now an American from the South bought an old cottage on the edge of my property and he’s shoveling April snow in his sneakers. The good people of Gryta are already betting on when he’ll run back to Stockholm.

Eric is in dire need of help, so here I am, dangling on a ladder, pressure-washing the gutters on his cottage. He’s absolutely charming, gorgeous, and all my wet dreams come true. I wish I could at least slow down my falling in love with him—because what if he leaves?


A Stealthy Situation

by Saxon James


My life’s goal? Make plants fun!

I’m gonna be fighting for flora when I’m older and it all starts with auditing stats so I can level up for my masters, and lucky for me, the intriguing guy in my class is a math whizz.

He’s standoffish at first, but after a class where I bet my sitcoms can make him laugh, one bet leads to another and we’re hanging out all the time. Even though I know he’s interested in me, we’re easy friends, until I start to think I might be a little interested in him, too.

The only problem? He seems like a totally different guy in class to when we hang out. I brush it off as him trying to concentrate, but then I spot something I can’t explain away.

A scar. On his palm.

One I’m positive Benny has never had before.


Since we were little, my twin brother and I have always switched things up–literally. It started as funsies, and now we’re college juniors and still taking each other’s classes. I suck at Math, he sucks at English, and we both have a rule not to make friends in class as the other person. Our system is perfect.

Only Emmett has the audacity to get sick right before stats and I have to actually show up for my own class–where I meet my future husband.

Harrison is smart, weirdly into plants, and we instantly hit it off like old friends.

Only of course the gorgeous mountain of a nerd is straight.

Just when I’m telling myself to let my dreams of matching rings go, our text messages become constant, flirtier, deeper than I’ve had with any other guy before. My butterflies have butterflies every time we catch up.

And then I get a text from Emmett: I’m so sorry. I think I messed up.


Fool Me Twice

by A.M. Rose

“Be a calm wave in the ocean of chaos.”

Hart, perhaps, took that quote a bit too much to heart. In the midst of drama and the constant restlessness of his family, he chose to present himself as unwavering. Poised. Controlled. Even when inside, he’s anything but. There are layers to him underneath the perfection. Layers he’s desperately craving for someone to peel away.

It’s just his luck that the only person who knows how to do that lives his life in shades of gray. Morally gray.

Cane punches first. Period. What question would he even need to ask?

Only, it seems like his tried-and-true method isn’t working so well for him anymore. With an empire to run in the underbelly of Slatehollow, the last thing he needs is a curse placed on his head and drawing attention to the details of his…business ventures.

But when it starts to do more than just that, he knows there is only one person he can call. Hart. And with Hart, inevitably, comes a realization. Cane wants so much more than cursebreaking from him.

Will Hart let him have it? Or will the curse destroy them both first?

Featured Authors

Fighting the Flames Within

by Casey Morales

In Fighting the Flames Within, join Dane and Patrick on a rollercoaster ride of love, laughter, and intrigue.


Can they douse the drama and keep their relationship from going up in smoke? Or will flames of betrayal tear them apart?

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Red Line

by L.A. Witt

The Games We Play is a multi-author minor league hockey romance series! All titles run concurrently through the same hockey season and the books can be read in any order, so jump in anywhere!

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Rough & Dirty

by Nicole Edwards

One night. Rough, dirty, and so hot, it was a wonder the barn didn’t burn down from the heat they generated.

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Featured Authors

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Ravenous (The Pointe of Love Book 2) by Sonia Blue
Rhuyin: Sons of Hecate Vol. II by Mellanie Rourke
Primal Vow (MM Alien Sci-fi Romance) (Warlords of Vasz Book 2) by Leo Rivers
Puppy Love: A Contemporary Small Town Spicy Queer Workplace Romance Novel (Greenrock Valley Series B
Not Strictly Ballroom (Dance Lovers Collection) by Jem Wendel
The Boy from Half Moon by Michael Robert
Sun-Kissed by Nic Starr
Cut & Run by Abigail Roux
Iridescent (Heart in the Clouds & Iridescent Book 2) by Danny Aziz
Denial: Climaxx Series - Book 3 by Michelle Iannarelli
Double Redemption (DoubleVerse Book 3) by Bridget Hale
Labyrinthian by Sunny Moraine
I Blame the Club (Taber Tigers Book 3) by Jade Everhart
Fey Conquest: Gay Dark Romantasy (Fey Lords Book 1) by S. Rodman
Between Two Vampires (Cypress City Book 3) by S.R. Griffith
In the Dragon's Lair: MM Paranormal Romance (Wings Over Albion, Book 2) by Joy Lynn Fielding20
Unexpected Bliss (Unexpected Changes) by Cameron Allie
My Boyfriend Got Bit: A Steamy MM Paranormal Menage Romance Novella (And Vampire Makes Three Book 1)
Say You'll Be Jasmine: An Off Limits MX College Romance (Boyfriend Café Book 6) by F.A. Ray
Only One Cabin: An MM Daddy Romance by Joe Satoria
Daddy Cupid: A Father's Day Novella (Love in the Veil) by Sarah Blue
The Dragon, the Bear, and Their Sugar Glider Omega: M/M Shifter Mpreg Romance (Omegas of Animals: SD
Room One Hundred and Ten: Letdown For What: Club Sin: Seattle Session 1 by Layne Daniels
Daddy's Pride: An LGBTQ romance daddy anthology (Dirty Daddies 2024 Anthology Series Book 1)
Will: An MM Daddy Romance (Almstead Island: Newcomer's Club Book 1) by Kerry Kilpatrick
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