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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

June 7, 2024



You know that saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Well, whoever said that never had the misfortune of meeting Roman Auclair.

Sure, he’s sexy and wears a corset like nobody’s business, but he’s arrogant, entitled and so damn judgemental he should sit on the Supreme Court.

I’d rather sleep with a porcupine than bunk with him.

But I promised my brother I’d help and I'm a man of my word.

It's not like falling in love with my complete opposite is possible anyway.

In fact, I'm pretty certain I'll always be single.


You know that saying about stereotypical frat boys? Young, dumb and full of—yeah, that one. Nobody wears that dated cliché more than Perry Attwater.
Except he’s a good 15 years removed from college.

Sure, he fits every one of my lumberjack fantasies, but the man doesn’t know the difference between lace and linen. He’s crude, messy, and unashamed about his lack of fashion sense.

I’d rather use my best fabric scissors to chop wood than share a space with him.

But I promised my best friend I’d make our shared accommodations work.

It's not like I'll fall in love with a plaid loving mountain man. Love is for losers.

And I always win.

CW: mention of parental death

Kiss My Axe, is book two in the Maple Mountain Lodge Series and can be read as a stand alone.
This story features an ex police diver who can't stop helping people, a former male model turned lingerie designer in need of an attitude adjustment, grapefruit slices as a love sign, and the absolute worst timing to say I love you.

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Goodbye Note

by J.R. Gray

I’m living the dream, playing summer festivals to massive crowds.

My band is on fire, my best friend by my side and we’re on top of the world.

I fell for him in the heat of the summer. I fell for the stars in his eyes.

The way he said my name. I’ll never love anyone the same.

But our story ended when it was just beginning.

Fame gave me more than I could ever imagine, but I’ll forever suffer the cost.

The summer of love and loss would forever be a stain on my heart.

I used to think life didn’t come with second chances, until we’re reunited for a world tour as dual headliners.

Only he thinks I’m happily married, when in reality, my life is crumbling.

My team won’t let me announce my divorce, leaving him to believe I’m off limits.

We gave up on forever and I’d give anything for another shot at love.


Coaching Prince Charming

by Hayden Hall

He’s my first and only crush. He’s my new coach. Oh, and he was once my dad’s teammate and best friend.

I’ve been in love with Nate Partridge since I can remember. Under my mattress, there has always been a stack of magazine covers with his bare torso and a pearly smile. But that’s about the extent of it.

I can never have Nate Partridge. He is a straight guy and twenty years my senior. Neither of which is a dealbreaker for me, but he disagrees.

When a hockey accident forces him to retire, he takes the freshly vacant job of coaching the Arctic Titans. And my life takes an unexpected turn for the better.

Nate is the only person who has ever truly understood me. Where my father’s ambition dictates my every waking moment, Nate’s kindness and compassion make me feel like there’s more to life than hockey. Dad’s disregard for my passions makes Nate’s encouragement only sweeter.

And my crush reaches all new heights. Especially when I discover his deepest secret.

Nate Partridge is not straight.

But do I stand a chance? To him, I am nothing more than his old friend’s kid and a college freshman he’s in charge of training.

If I want Nate Partridge, it will take more than hope to make this real.

It’s time to shake things up in my life before I can make him mine.


The Hookup Mix-Up

by Riley Hart

I moved to San Luco to get to know my brother, and so far, it’s been great. Working as a bartender at Shenanigans, a bar close to Franklin University, there are beautiful men and women everywhere. When a hot guy falls into my arms at a party, I’m down for some naughty fun. Until I realize he’s way too drunk for anything to happen. Thankfully, we agree to meet up the next day.

One near-kiss later, I discover Theo has no idea I’ve been hitting on him. He thinks we’re hanging out as buddies, and to my great regret, says he’s straight. How did I misread this situation when I thought he was giving me all the right signals?

Perry thinks I’m a nine…a nine! Sure, I’m not into dudes, but it’s flattering that someone as attractive as him thinks I’m hot. Despite the confusion, Perry and I click and agree to keep hanging out. The more time I spend with him, the more I realize there’s a part of myself I’ve been ignoring. One that’s super bi and wants Perry as more than a friend.

Trying to study with him makes things hard for me…below the belt. Unfortunately, his abandonment issues have him open to a fling and nothing more, while I’m catching feelings in a big way. Can I be satisfied with a hookup? Or should I find a way to convince him to take a chance on making this something real?



by Leslie McAdam

Picking up your favorite adult film star at a bar in Vegas is a bad idea—especially when you wake up the next morning married to him. Ask me how I know.

Before I met Velvet the Cowboy, the public knew me as an innocuous guy who was running for office.

Now I’ve gone from boring to notorious in twenty-four hours.

The hot stranger’s ring on my finger puts a damper on my political ambitions, since his day job isn’t voter-friendly. An annulment is a no-go, and a quickie divorce would make me look unreliable.

In any case, when I find out Velvet’s dark plans, I know I can’t let him out of my sight. Which means I’m taking a gorgeous, 6’6”, slow-talking cowboy home with me to protect him from himself.

Being with him might light my career on fire. I’m just not expecting it to do the same to my heart.


Dare to be Different

by Nordika Night


Love? It's not that I don't believe in it, it's just that I've never been interested in finding it. Who wants to settle down with one person when variety is the spice of life? My tastes aren't exactly singular, and I haven't met anyone who has captured my attention long enough to stick around for.

Or... have I?


I thought I knew everything about Zahn. He's been my best friend forever. But one wild night reveals a side of him I never knew existed. I mean, he's Zahn Dare, the king of variety, so I shouldn't be surprised, but it stings that he didn't clue me in. And now my head is spinning with ideas…

Are friendships deeper than romance?

Because ours is different.


Malicious Desires

by Caz May

In beautiful Vemore our story begins, where a family feud spanning generations is about to shatter when two young men, forbidden to associate fall in love.


I’m a monster. A killer for hire by my father.

And I kill the enemy. The scum of Vemore, those by the name of Capullo or those who side with said scum.

And despite hating the man my father has forced me to become it’s never been an issue until now.

Because I kissed the enemy. And I’m breaking every rule set out by my name being Montserrat just for another tempting kiss, for his forbidden touch.


I’m an artist.

A lover of history and following the rules.

And I strive to do the right thing. What my father wishes.
But he doesn’t know the real me. The man my father knows is the good boy, he doesn’t know the man I really am so I’m unavoidably staying deep in the closet.

It’s never really been an issue until I was kissed by the enemy.

And I’m sinning over and over with him, begging him for any scrap of attention he wants to give me, giving into his tempting kisses, and longing for his forbidden touch.

Falling for your enemy is the biggest sin one can commit, and I’m a willing victim to that great temptation.

A Romeo & Juliet mm reimagining.

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