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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

May 31, 2024


Can I really escape hell to find all I’ve ever longed for?


Finding yourself is hard. Finding someone you can truly trust is harder.
I’ve never known what it was like to have a true home or family, let alone real love.
After almost a year of planning, I finally escaped my abusive ex and ran as far away as I could with just the clothes on my back and a handful of cash. When I arrive in the quaint town of Hope’s Ridge, I’m ready to start over and reclaim my life.
When I painfully crash into Atticus’s life, something about him puts me at ease. I’ve never been one to trust, but now I’m in a situation where I have no choice. He might be what I’ve been longing for my whole life.

I love my tight-knit town, my big Greek family, and the life I’ve built. I have a successful garage with my brothers and love my job. I have it good, but every now and then I long for a connection. Someone to chase away the loneliness that’s been creeping in. As my brothers like to point out, I’m set in my ways and not one for flings, bar hopping, or one-night stands.
When a beautiful man stumbles into my life, I’m blown away. He’s skittish and afraid, but all I want to do is take care of him.

When Bodhi’s ex starts making threats, danger gets ever closer and threatens everything I hold dear. Can I keep Bodhi safe and prove to him he’s worthy of love? Or will he run and take my heart with him?

Fractured Hope is a small-town, hurt/comfort, age-gap MM Romance with a broken boy looking for a safe place, a lonely man longing to find his person, and a family full of love, mischief, and colorful characters ready to step in and protect each other no matter the costs.

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Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Whisper Wells

by Ali Woods

Too much of a shifter for the people of Whisper Wells, too human for his great-grandfather's pack, Caelan Rourke has accepted his status as the town’s recluse on his homestead on the border between the town and the Whisper Woods. All he was looking for was someone to chat to over the long, lonely, isolated winter.

But when his new friend, the captivating Tor, blows into town asking for his help to venture into the dangerous and mysterious depths of the Whisper Woods, he has no choice but to help the man he has spent the winter pining over.

Beautiful and spoiled, fae Tor Hivercouer wants for nothing in life. Except to find his wayward younger brother, who has disappeared in the enchanted Whisper Woods. And maybe a hot man to keep his bed warm and his heart full.

Ancient magic lies hidden within the Whisper Woods. Can Caelan and Tor overcome their fears to come together and defeat the danger within?


Devil May Fall

by Chani Lynn Feener

A Devil of Vitality always courts chaos.

Aneski Kendricks wants to know what happened to his brother.

And why he was so brutally tossed aside by the one person who should have stuck by him after Russ’s death. It took three years of hard work climbing the ladder to gain leadership of the Shepard gang, but he's finally in a position to demand answers. Even from the devil himself. Too bad the devil and the man he used to all but worship are one and the same. Aneski's plan has always been to get revenge, and not just for his brother, though that's what he tells his friends. He wants to know what happened to Russ, true, but he also wants to know why he was abandoned. If only revenge was as easy as it sounded. Once he’s got Flix where he wants him, it should be, but Ani’s old emotions keep getting in the way. Will his pent-up desire cost him his last shred of decency? What did it say about him that he could still want the man who possibly murdered his brother?

Flix Fulmini is a Runner by trade.

As the official Runner/Fixer of the Brumal Mafia, he's got sneaking around and secret-keeping down to an art form. Aneski is just a name on a long list of them he’s withholding information from, and out of all those names, he’s the last person Flix feels threatened by. Which is why it's so shocking when he's kidnapped on Vail University campus and wakes up chained to a wall drenched in ice water. Even more surprising is realizing who his captor is. Three years ago, Flix left Aneski behind, but the guy has been holding a grudge ever since. Not to mention the fact he's convinced Flix has something to do with his brother's death, which he isn't entirely wrong about. Flix has been hiding more than a few things, and for good reason, but when Aneski sinks his claws into him and yanks some of those secrets out, Flix has a tough decision to make. Kill Ani before he can tattle to the Brumal? Or force him to his knees?

Flix originally left for Aneski's own good, but now that he's come calling, it's getting harder and harder for him to turn away. Pretty soon, he starts wondering why he should even bother. In the past, Ani was this close to becoming his. Perhaps claiming him would be the best way to teach him a lesson.

He let Aneski escape him once, but no one messed with a Devil and left with their freedom intact.



by Adrienne Lothy

Niko has only ever wanted to protect people.

Once a bounty hunter renowned for bringing in the most dangerous criminals the galaxy had to offer, Niko's life was forever altered after a job gone wrong left him with a devastating injury. Resigned to a languishing existence, he now believes his bounty hunting days are officially over. But when an elusive assassin known only as the Kestrel sets his aim on galactic leaders and celebrities, Niko is called back into the fight.

Caught in a deadly hunting game of cat and mouse, Niko soon discovers that nothing he's been told about the Kestrel is what it seems, exposing a web of lies as vast and entangled as the galaxy itself.

Niko is forced to make a choice: work alongside the only family he has left to stop the Kestrel from ever killing again, or save the life of the very assassin he's been sent to take down…

And Niko might just be falling in love with him.


A Fae Coin Transported Me

Into Another World and

Now I'm the Gay Holy Maiden

by AJ Sherwood

What happens when you fall and hit the webtoons trope tree? You get killed by Truck-kun, get transported to a fantasy world by a sentient Fae coin, and become the first gay holy maiden.

Jake Alexander is Not Happy to be sure. Fortunately in Jake’s case, part of the trope tree includes the gorgeous Duke of the North, Theon. And starting a business from scratch, which he’s always wanted to do. And revitalizing his new country which is on the verge of collapse.

He could do without the killer miasma and corrupted kings and the singing magic and a sentient coin that doesn’t shut up, however.

Jake’s not sure if he should thank or melt the Fae coin into *ahem* something more useful.


Skeletons in the Closet

by Nicky James

The last thing Diem Krause wanted to do was ask for Tallus’s help.

The too-hot-for-his-own-good records clerk was so far outside Diem’s league that he became tongue-tied in his presence. Six months ago, after an embarrassingly unimpressive exchange in the bedroom that accentuated Diem’s flaws, he swore never to go near the sultry man again.

When a new case lands on Diem’s desk, one involving a dead, allegedly unfaithful husband, Diem exhausts every means of investigation until he has no choice but to seek out the man he swore never to see again.

Tallus has skills Diem doesn’t. In addition to being confident and sociable, Tallus can act and help him get answers.

But inviting Tallus into his case means relinquishing control, and Diem hates not being in control. Not only is the Toronto Police Department’s records clerk fanatical about investigative work, but he also has a thing for making Diem uncomfortable and pushing his boundaries.

When the case takes a dark and dangerous turn, the two spend far too many long nights trying to puzzle things out. Tallus’s flirty, suggestive behavior is going to get them in trouble, and the last thing Diem wants is to end up in bed with him again. It was a disaster the first time, and Diem doesn’t want to revisit the shame.

Will Diem be able to resist Tallus’s charm?

Can the two work together to solve the unusual case without crossing lines?

Diem isn’t so sure. He doesn’t want a partner. He doesn’t need a lover.

But with Tallus Domingo, he somehow ends up with both.



by Ava Olsen

Faisel: I’ve always felt the pressure to succeed, but instead of the conventional path, one that my family wanted, I chose music. As the drummer for Wayward Lane, I’ve experienced all the highs and lows of rockstar life including addiction. Now there’s another battle I’m facing - my intense feelings for my best friend and bandmate, Ronin Stadler. We grew up together, inseparable to this day but our lifelong bond is shifting. Do I keep my feelings a secret or risk our friendship for something more?

Ronin: Growing up in a home that was anything but stable, music was my escape and Faisel Reed, my rock. My friendship with him has grounded me, weathering the craziness of rockstar life. But lately, he’s been pulling away and for the first time in a long time, I’m scared. The thought of losing him makes me look at our relationship in a whole new light.

One that looks a lot like… forever.

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