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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

January 26, 2024


Sleeping with the Demigod of Desire could cost Deacon his life, but falling for him could cost him everything.

Deacon St. James' search for his missing brother has led him straight into the arms of one of the Deadly Sins that rule the world. Lust is charming, captivating and powerful and Deacon all too willingly falls to his knees at his command. The connection and heat between them could consume him whole, if he lets it.

The forbidden fruit has never tasted so good.

As one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Lust has the world at his fingertips, never wanting for anything. From the moment Deacon walks into his life, Lust is enamored by the spirited man who can shake off the very magic that he uses to control the world. Once he has him in his bed, Lust has no intention of letting him go.

Nothing is as it seems and survival is a fickle beast.

The harder Lust falls, the more everything falls apart around him. Enemies plot from the shadows, and secrets that both Lust and Deacon hold have the potential to destroy them from the inside. If they’re going to survive, they have to learn what it means to trust… and to love.

When the first strike lands, will they risk it all for a glimpse of a future together?

Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


On The Mountain

by Riley Hart

One feels he’s not worthy of love. The other fears he doesn’t know how. But the sizzling chemistry between them has both tempted to explore the unknown.

I was intrigued by Crow at first glance. Who wouldn’t be? He’s a mountain of a man, who was raised in a cult and now lives secluded in the wilderness. But the draw I feel to him goes beyond mild interest. When his intense gaze falls my way, it feels like he can see into my soul, to my deepest yearnings and desires.

I took a bold chance venturing to his mountain uninvited. But I can’t help myself. Despite Crow’s dangerous facade, I feel at home when I’m near him. I’ve never felt wanted or needed…until the mountain man took me in his arms.

The mountain is my home, the only place that truly suits me. I reveled in my solitude…until Cyrus showed up looking as lonely as I felt. The warmth in his gaze made me welcome someone into my home and my heart when I never have before.

The way he smells. The way he feels. I come apart with his every touch. The past haunts us both. Yet when we’re together, the weight of it is manageable. Cyrus is mine, and I don’t ever want to let him go. Still, I fear that eventually he’ll want to leave the mountain, and for the first time in my life, I don’t want to be alone.


Repair and Prepare

by Hinsel Meyer


One of the hardest lessons I've learned is that the only thing I need is hockey - because hockey has never let me down, never abandoned me. What I lack in my personal life, I make up for with my professional achievements.
I’m damn proud of the career I’ve had in the NHL and have no plans of stopping or jeopardizing it by coming out.

That is until I meet Sterling.
He does the unthinkable, he gives me hope, makes me wish for more… and then dashes those hopes and wishes to dust.

In the aftermath, I become someone I don’t particularly like, but that someone doesn’t really care either.

Then, it’s hockey—once more—that saves me.

So yeah, hockey is all I have and all I need.


I know I f***ed up.

That I had an excellent reason not to contact Jules after I promised I would—after all my life was a tornado at the time—doesn’t mean I didn’t f*ck up.

I know it and I’m prepared to fix this mess now that I moved to Vegas permanently.

But the man I met more than two years ago is nowhere to be found. The one who opens the door when I come knocking isn’t the sweet boy who desperately wanted someone to take care of him.

No, this man is cynical and detached. Worst of all, he’s hell-bent on never giving me anything real again.

No matter how brief our time was, I know he’s the only person—and I’ve met a lot of people—who’s ever made me want more.

So yes, I’ll fight to repair what I broke and then hopefully we’ll prepare for the rest of our lives together.

The only question is, will it all be in vain?


Icebound Rivals

by Hayden Hall

Grayson Reed is into me.

We are each other’s fiercest opponents in the rink. But now, Grayson’s eyes are stripping me down whenever we cross each other’s paths.
I don’t mind being the object of another guy’s desire, but I also refuse to jump into a stranger’s bed so quickly. It’s just that I’m not really dating material.

And of all the guys on Earth, Grayson Reed is the last person I would give a chance. But if there is one thing everyone knows about Gray, it’s that he is not a quitter.

The more I push him away, the more he tries to get closer. And as he struggles to win me over, I stumble into the very thing I swore I would avoid.




by Shadiya Lyons

Callum Francis

I wish I knew about relationships the way I do music...

Maybe then I'd know how to convince him.
I'm not a perfect person, and I've never claimed to be.
But I'll never forgive myself for how I treated Echo.
For the first time in years he's almost mine again, and it's my fault it isn't more than that.
I'm trying to prove to him that I'm not the same man I was before.
Getting Echo to listen is difficult, and I don't blame him for being wary.
But I'm determined to try, I'll do anything to win his trust.

Echo Vasilyev

I won't let Callum Francis hurt me again, no matter how many pretty words he says.
Three years ago I made a vow.
I would never let someone into my heart again.
Not after the biggest betrayal.
I'm torn between love and hate...

I can't stay away.
Even though my heart beats no, in fear of falling apart again.


Stupid Dirty

by Erin Russell


I always thought of Silas Rush as my biggest rival on the track and a stuck-up loner off it. But he and his fancy pro career left our crappy hometown in the dust before high school even finished, and then I didn’t think of him much at all.

I was too busy trying to keep my little sisters from turning into addicts like our mom, and myself from turning into a rage-junkie like our dad. All while keeping food on the table.

Now he’s back, reminding me of all the things I don’t have, just like he always did.
Except now we’re both adults. And when I… y’know… talk to the guy for once, it looks like my teenage self might have been too distracted to see all the things that Silas didn’t have as well.

After catching him at his lowest possible moment, my heart goes out to the guy I used to hate. All my anger turns to guilt, and instead of a rival, I somehow end up with a socially-awkward new best friend that’s just as screwed-up as I am.

Which I can handle. I can admit when I’m wrong. As long as things between us don’t get any more complicated or confusing, I can handle it.

I have a very camera-ready smile. Dad always told me if I wanted to make my pro motocross career stick, I needed to get over all the awkwardness and anxiety that ruined high school for me and learn to act like a real boy for the public.

Never mind that I didn’t want to be a pro rider, or smile for the camera, or live life with Dad on the road and never know what it’s like to have a real friend or - gasp - relationship. Years and years of motocross training, publicity training, and all-the-rest-of-it training; I still don’t have a life and one stupid mistake has left my precious career in the toilet.

The last person I expect to pull me out of this hole is Cade Waters. I’m pretty sure everyone hated me in high school, but Cade was front and center. Which sucked, because with everyone else, he was sunshine personified. I was always the only person who sparked that anger in him, and I never even knew how I did it.

So, when Cade not only swoops in to help me in my darkest moment, but decides to abandon our childhood rivalry and adopt me as his newest bestie/pity project, I’m not sure how to take it.

What I do know is that after a lifetime of having nothing I really wanted, all it takes is one glimpse of Cade’s life to get me hooked. He’s a mess, sure, just like I am. But all that sunshine… I want to grab onto it with both hands and never let go. No matter how confusing that feeling may be.


Someday Away

by Sara Elisabeth

“You’re everything I never knew I always wanted.”

It’s an appropriate quote considering the source is an underrated cheesy nineties movie—my favorite kind of flick. It describes the three of us perfectly. Not at first, though. Because after I met Lincoln Evans and Trey Walker on my first night at Whitmore U, we were a mess. Between Lincoln’s unveiled hatred and Trey’s slick, playboy ways, these were the guys everyone told me to avoid.

Except I can’t because they’re everywhere. And the more we fight whatever this is, the more we learn that we’re connected in unexpected and heartbreaking ways. I don’t know whether they’ll be the ones to shatter my already fractured psyche or put me back together.

Then there’s Matt Johnson—the cheating ex I never wanted to see again—who reappears in my life like a ghost from my past, stirring up tension with his presence alone. His intentions—whether good or bad—are only complicating my life further.

If my past and present collide, it could have devastating consequences for everyone involved.

Lucky me, it seems I’m powerless to stop it.

Featured Authors

Fighting Against Fate

by Raquel Riley

Love is like a roundhouse kick, you never see it coming the second time.

Lesson learned.


Don’t shit where you eat. Don’t sleep with your coworkers. And above all, don’t ever fall in love with your rival opponent…again.

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The Invention of Wings

by Robin Knight

When I find out that Mitch is returning to Mulligan’s Mill, the news triggers a wave of excitement and regret.

Was what we had real, or just a foolish young fling? Would the flame re-ignite once more if we saw each other on the street, or would he turn around and walk away like we never met? Would I finally find the courage to talk to him again, or would fear get the better of me just like it did on the night I broke both our hearts?

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Protecting Benoit

by T.S. Ankney

Spicy food. Spicier attraction. Dangerous sparks ensue in 3…2…1…

When lethal forces threaten these two, will they learn to trust each other or lose everything?

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Fire Wings

by Jena Wade

Rule number 1 of internet dating: Never send pictures first.

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Featured Authors

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Unshackled: The Erotic Adventures of Dicky Johnson (A Phoenix Club Character Intro) (The Porn Chroni
Omega Under the Moon: six months later by N.J. Lysk
Unexpected Heroes by Naomi Valkyrie
A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing by Amy Allen
Alpha Claimed (Ridgeview Alphas Duet Book 2) by Victoria Johnson
Beauty and the Glam Rocker: A steamy polyamory new adult romance )Rockstar Romance Book 3) by Sophia
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