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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

January 19, 2024


Hey Camboy Network Fans!

Sebastian here with The Camboy Network's Holiday Gift Guide.

Have you ever wanted to gift a special someone with a fun and unique toy (not the kind for kids!!) but you don’t know which one to get? Have you ever wondered whether that super weird and out-there toy was worth getting? Or maybe you just want to see us try out stuff you never even knew existed.

Well, look no further because we’re are here to satisfy your curiosity! The camboys will personally vet each toy and fully document all tests for your reading pleasure.

~ Sebastian

Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


The Bastard and The Heir

by Eden Finley and Saxon James

Moms are good at one thing: the guilt trip. It’s the only reason I’m at the funeral of a man I’ve never had anything to do with.

I’ll show up, make her happy, and get out.

At least that’s what I think until I learn daddy dearest has left me a crap load of money and the obligation to learn about the family business. All from his eldest son who looks nothing like the rest of us.

Darcy is the only Ritcherson who doesn’t treat me like the bastard son that I am. He helps me learn, pushes me to be better, and as we work together, we grow closer. For a gazillionaire with a media empire at his fingertips, he’s surprisingly humble.

And sweet.

And saying things he shouldn’t be saying.

The thing is, Mom swears she was never a mistress. Swears she was the only one Dad was seeing when she fell pregnant with me. But with Darcy only a few weeks older, there’s no way that can be the case.

Unless …

Unless the things he whispers when he thinks I’m not listening mean something. The guilt in his eyes when he looks at me would make sense.

If Darcy isn’t my father’s biological child, he’s not the Ritcherson heir.

I am.

And everything Darcy holds dear should be mine.


Ruin Me

by A. Nash

After events in Venezuela, Father Francis Scott’s soul is beyond saving.

If he’s damned, then he’s going to drag those who deserve it to Hell with him, starting with the men behind the horrible events of Stanmore Boys home. But as Francis searches for answers, it soon becomes clear some secrets will fight to stay dead. If Francis doesn’t stop stirring up old ghosts, he’ll be among them.

Overwhelmed, hunted, and afraid for his life, there’s only one place he can go, only one man he can turn to. The man of many sins, the man Francis killed for, the man who showed him what it means to be free. Vitari (Angel) Angelini.


Vitari cannot afford to put a single step wrong. He just needs to keep his head down, and do what he’s good at—be L’ Angelo della Morte for his father.

He’s doing just fine until rumors of a contract reach him. The target? A priest. It can’t be Father Francis Scott. Francis is far away in England, safe from the mafia and protected by forces high above Vitari’s pay grade.

But too much from his time with Francis remains unanswered, and when it becomes clear the contract is for Francis’s life, Vitari must act.

He wasn’t supposed to see Francis again. What happened in Venezuela couldn’t follow them home, but now Francis is in Rome, exactly where he shouldn’t be, and the moment Vitari sees him again, he knows he’ll give up everything for Francis. Lose what’s left of his soul for him.

Die for him.

He'll save Father Francis Scott, even if it ruins him.


Rent Paid in Full

by Jess H Reign

“You have something I want. Something I’ll happily buy…or rent.”

As if my life doesn’t suck enough already, my insufferable new roommate, Miller MacAvoy, seems determined to make things weird. He watches me all the time, grinning at me like a beautiful idiot, eyes boring holes into me every time I turn my back on him.

It’s the last thing I need. Things haven’t been going well. College isn’t working out at all like I’d hoped. I’m drowning in debt, waiting tables every shift I can get, and falling behind on my studies.

Something’s got to give.

I can’t go on like this much longer.

Miller, being the out-of-touch rich boy he is, keeps offering to throw cash my way. Obviously, I’d rather die than accept charity from him.

Still, he watches and waits. Insisting again and again that I have something he wants to buy. It’s insane. I have nothing of value to sell. Absolutely nothing. My phone screen is cracked and my truck could easily be mistaken for scrap.



Surely not.

He can’t possibly be thinking that.

Can he?


Love in the Fast Lane

by Sophie E. Mills

What if a Formula 1 World Champion falls for his Rookie teammate?

Luke Anderson is the clean cut, poster boy of Formula One. With one World Championship under his belt, he is chasing the second. Whatever the cost. What he didn’t bank on was his biggest threat coming from inside his own team.

Tyler Finley is an arrogant, hot headed, heir whose signing has come with a lot of press attention. When the teammates meet, the dislike is instant. They are forced to put the team’s image first and play nice in front of the cameras, but with each moment spent together, Luke realises first impressions can be deceiving.

When feelings start to emerge and temptation becomes too great, will Luke get out of his head long enough to find that there may be more to life than racing? Or will he sacrifice everything to win that second title?


Until We Meet Again

by Christina Lee

Bruce “Bones” Lanning and Emil Ettinger had a decent roommate arrangement at Roosevelt College—other than Bones leaving his dirty socks lying around—so they agree to share the same space again. Their relationship has always been ridiculous banter and competitive streaks, and they assume this year will be the same.

So why are they suddenly enjoying nights holed up in their room together?

Bones can’t figure out what’s changed, why he likes being around Emil so much and why he’s suddenly falling asleep in Emil’s bed. And as far as Emil knows, Bones is straight, so why does he seem jealous when Emil arranges a random hookup, then asks all sorts of questions about what it’s like to kiss another guy?

To put an end to his roommate’s endless queries, Emil kisses Bones, convinced he’s just goofing around. But one encounter leads to another, until Emil begins seeing Bones in a different light. Underneath the clueless, carefree facade lies a deeper emotional underpinning that allows Emil to become more vulnerable too—and maybe even admit that spending time with his roommate is the best part of his day.

Still, Emil isn’t about to become another jock’s experiment, so he makes it clear that their hookups are totally casual. Until they’re not.

*TW: References to the death of a sibling


Heart Magic

by Kait Disney-Leugers

Love and lust are not one and the same.

Wesley St. James is tired of loving someone who can never love him back. After spending years waiting for the incubus Apollo to finally settle down with him, Wes can’t take the heartache anymore.

After their breakup, Wes meets a gentle kitchen witch named Cameron. With a little magic—and a lot of food—Wes begins to feel he is worthy of a healthy relationship. But Apollo is not ready to let go of Wes so easily. Incubi love the thrill of the chase and of claiming what they see as theirs.


In the end, can love conquer even the strongest lust?

Featured Authors

Fighting the Lure

by Katherine McIntyre

Amelia is the last person Sam should fall for—her brand new client at the gym, a decade younger than her, and her sister’s best friend…

Amelia’s starting over. After finding her girlfriend getting hot and heavy with her MMA trainer, she moves into the city to lick her wounds in peace. However, when she steps into what she hopes will be her new gym, her trainer is none other than Sam. Her first crush, her lesbian awakening, and someone she hasn’t seen in ten years—when Sam just up and vanished.

After Sam came out, her family’s rejection broke her. She swore to leave that past behind, but it finds her anyway when her little sister’s best friend shows up at the gym where she works. Ames grew up hot as sin, and her scorching glances only mean trouble. However, Sam’s a professional. She can keep her desires under control. She has to keep them under control. Because if she lets the past back in, it’ll destroy the life she’s built for herself here.

Ames isn’t just hot—she’s pure sunshine that Sam can’t help but crave until they’re both in a chokehold that neither of them wants to escape. However, moments are all they can claim because when Sam’s sister finds out, Ames will need to choose…and the odds are never in Sam’s favor.

Fighting the Lure is a standalone FF romance novella in the multi-author series Fighting for Love. 

Read More

Protect You

by Ashley Rayne

What happens when you fall in love with your roommate?

The emotions that I tried to hide behind the constant bickering are finally out there.

Our never-ending fighting stops. The dinners I make for us have become a routine.

The next thing I know, my roommate is my boyfriend, and everything is falling into place.

Until everything falls apart.

All Asher wants to do is shield me from the hardened world around us, but the one thing he can’t protect me from is myself.

Will Asher and Noah’s love be strong enough to survive life’s twists, or will the imperfections overwhelm the happiness it can bring?

Read More

Fresh Ink

by E.M. Lindsey

Visit old friends and a few side characters with over a hundred-thousand words of short stories from the original Irons and Works series.

From weddings to vacations, from bad days to the best ones, from weeks later to years in the future, Fresh Ink tells what happens to the tattoo artists at Irons and Works as they lived past their happily ever afters.

Read More

Sporting Secrets: A Box Set Books 1-3

by Jax Calder

Sporting Secrets books 1-3: Playing Offside, Playing at Home, and Playing for Keeps, plus bonus stories for each of the Sporting Secrets couples.

This box set features three books about hot rugby players, fun banter, sweet moments, steamy times, a little bit of angst, and, of course, a happy ever after for each couple! You don't need to know anything about rugby to enjoy these stories.

Read More
Featured Authors

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Hooking the Captain by Kimberly Knight and Rachel Lyn Adams
The Way We Hate by Myka Loren
Masked and Mine by Tilly Ridge
Warfire by Sam Burns
Everyone's Mechanic by Ann Marie James
Head Over Heelflip by Sander Santiago
Alphahole by Ann Grech
Sweet and Kinky by MC Roth
Vicious Waltz by JS Harker
Dead Man's Chest by Pandora Pine
A Vexing Valentine by TB Weise
Curse of Souls by Nirajan K
The Witch and the Rose by Trae Dorn
Winter's Spell by Ursula Klein
The Storm Gathers by Maelan Holladay
Helen's House by Maggie Sims
Awakening Love by Connor Whiteley
Sold for Protection by FA Lantern and JC Bugg
Heart Strings by DF Vanian
Fire Ridge Pride Box Set
Pretty Hate Machine by Erik Scott de Bie
Knight of Staria by Iris Foxglove
Gilded Lies by Julie Mannino
Stormweaver by Ken Sanchez
His Ducking Alpha Dragon by Lorelei M. Hart
Ender's Curiosity by M.A. Innes
How to Bang a Vampire by Salem Jack
Footballers Follies by Merry Farmer
Crave by Charlotte Brice
No Escape by Bianca Sommerland
Empire of Blood by AJ Nickey
Unfinished Business at Crofton Hall by Rebecca Cohen
Throuple Honey by Brent Archer
Love and Redemption by Kelsey Hodge
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