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Weekly Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight

January 5, 2024


Broken got a facelift! No new words have been added, but a few names have been changed (except for the audio, as that cannot be changed). 

After years of drowning myself in parties, hook ups, and pain, all it takes is one viral sex tape to be given a choice: Hide out on an island or lose my trust fund.

Having to share a room with the one man I let hurt me is my worst nightmare.

I’m the broken shell of the boy he walked away from on the worst day of my life.

I hate him almost as much as I hate myself.

This island was supposed to be a place I could rest but instead I’m running.

From Asher Vaughn.

From myself.

From the scars on my heart that never healed.

It hurts to look at him and see all the things we never got to have.

But how can I keep him at arm's length when he watches me the way he used too?

When he touches me?

When he calls me his?

We can’t be together, not off this island.

The straight football star and the gay femme son of famous parents.

The media would rip us apart and ruin his career.

I barely survived the last time he left me, can I survive being deserted again?

Broken is a brother’s best friend, mm romance with some praise kink, and a broken boy in desperate need of love. This story has triggers which you can find on Andi's website.

Highlighted Authors

Highlighted Authors


Eight Seconds to Ride

by Ashley James

A steamy one night stand in the bathroom of a bar in Las Vegas after a world championship win? Yes, please.
Meeting him again months later, only to learn he’s my newest competition? Not so much.
The weight of the legacy I carry is a constant tug in my mind, with the ghosts of the generations before me always whispering for me to push harder, train longer, be better.
In the eight seconds I have to ride, everything else falls away and my sole focus is on doing what I do best.
I am Shooter Graham, consecutive three time world champion bronc rider.No one has ever come close to taking the title since I’ve had it… until him.
Sterling Addams. The new cowboy in town with dark hair, eyes like honey, and a taste for me he likes to pretend he doesn’t have.
He’s green… but he’s good. Too good.
Suddenly, the already heavy pressure I’m under multiplies tenfold. The need to beat him, the uncontrollable urge to put him in his place, becomes almost an obsession.
The question is, how far will I go to prove I’m number one?


Something Wicked

by Lily Morton

After powerful psychic Blue Billings fell in love with Levi Black, he believed their biggest challenges would arise from Blue’s ability to see and speak to the dead. So it’s rather alarming when he and Levi are confronted with a spate of new—and frightening—problems that have to do with the realm of the living.

A sadistic serial killer is stalking their beloved York, and Blue himself is in the killer’s crosshairs. Blue and Levi must race against time to catch the murderer as the deaths increase in ferocity. But when they’re forced from their home, and close acquaintances seemingly disappear like mist over the Minster’s spires, Blue finds that he is completely and terrifyingly on his own, and for the first time in his life, he’s without his powers.
This is the third book in the bestselling Black and Blue series. The books are meant to be read in order.

Please see the disclaimer at the beginning of the book for content some readers may find triggering.


Fighting the Fear

by Courtney W. Dixon

One was afraid to fall in love again. The other was afraid to be himself. Together they fight their fears.

A motorcycle accident several years ago nearly took my leg. Then, it took my UFC career and, eventually, my marriage. My current life revolves around working a dead-end job and barely living. The only thing keeping me moving forward and giving me purpose are those kids I teach MMA at Knockout Gym. That is, until him. When Nolan calls for help from a dark alley, I don’t want to get involved, but what man am I to ignore a plea for help? Now, I spend several evenings a week teaching the young man how to defend himself. But who is going to defend me against him? He’s breaking down my walls, block by block, and I’m falling for him.


I don’t belong here. A rich boy in a bad neighborhood equals trouble. There’s no way to fight four men off who mug me. But he comes out of nowhere like some knight of old, fighting his way through the thugs, saving my life. The incident left me shaken. I can’t go through that again. Jace can teach me to protect myself, so I hire him for private lessons. But he’s become more than my trainer and savior. Would he want a young, rich boy? We are worlds apart. Can we get past our differences to find common ground? Because I want him.
Fighting the Fear is a standalone MM romance novella in the multi-author collaboration Fighting for Love. All the stories take place in the shared gym Knockout MMA Training Facility. At Knockout Gym, happily ever afters are hard-won.

This is a demisexual, bi-awakening, age-gap, friends-to-lovers romance where even coming from different worlds, you can still share similarities and fears.

CW: Mugging, depression, homophobia, violence, explicit language and sex.


Lyrics of Love Unheard

by Michelle Dare

The Drummer
Dash loves being behind his drums. Playing with his brother and best friends is a dream come true. He thinks he has it all, then two men enter his life and change everything.

The Dancer
As one of the top dancers at Untouchable, Romeo knows how to grind his hips to have the members handing over big tips. He keeps his personal life separate, preferring no one looks too deep to see who he really is.

The Hopeless Romantic
Tristan’s track record is terrible when it comes to relationships. With his mind set on not falling in love so fast again, what does he do? He catches feelings for a gorgeous rock star and a sinful dancer, of course.

Their relationship doesn’t come without risks. There are buried secrets, past trauma, and the aftermath of dealing with it all. Dash, Romeo, and Tristan have to prove their love can withstand anything.

Lyrics of Love Unheard is an MMM steamy contemporary romance and book two in the Ruined & Relinquished series. It features a drummer who loves life, a dancer with a difficult past, and a man finally finding the ones who treat him how he deserves. There is found family, an age gap, hurt/comfort, a golden retriever rock star, and a HEA. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone but is better enjoyed when read in order.

Please look inside for the content warnings.


Protect My Heart

by Christie Gordon

When a nerdy drummer meets an attractive bodyguard, secrets threaten to unravel not only their families, but their futures.

Gabe Johnson

In the world of pop-punk and nerdom, I’m the drummer that defies stereotypes.

I strive to be the perfect son my wealthy father demands and being gay doesn’t equate.

When a striking, muscled bodyguard is thrown into my life to protect me from mobsters, can I keep my secret or fall victim to my heart?

Jeremy Sweet

I’m racing up the ladder in Gabe’s father’s law firm and he’s entrusted me to safeguard his son.

As I dive deep into Gabe’s world and even share his bedroom, the lines between obligation and desire blur. With my own questioning swirling inside me, how can I find out if Gabe’s queer?

As the gangster’s motives unravel, it becomes clear that the future peace of Gabe’s family and my career are at stake. Can we fix this mess together?

Protect My Heart is the fifth book in the Rock U series and is part of the Mesa Boys universe. This novel features a nerdy law student falling for his jock of a bodyguard amongst a bisexual awakening, forced proximity and a backdrop of a shady scheme. It guarantees an HEA and has no cliffhangers. It features a rich boy with daddy issues, and a man who’s questioning himself. Each book features a different couple and can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

Trigger warning: This book contains themes of prejudice by a parent and a deceased parent. It also contains mention of a previous suicide attempt.


Zephyr and The Western Wolf

by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

The prince is dead, and dragons are the stuff of storybooks.

That is, until a great shadow passes over the edge of the Tangled Forest. Rumor sent an intrepid adventurer to a tower in the middle of the woods, and the story he carried back changed everything: Prince Zephyr is alive, and he’s being held prisoner by a giant beast of a dragon.

The prince disappeared more than a decade ago, and the kingdom mourned his loss and set his crown on the wheat-blond curls of the young princess. But now, the race is on as every knight in the kingdom and the lands surrounding it have come to slay the beast and bring the prince home.

Macarius has travelled from the Western Wastes with nothing but his horse and trusty sword, but he isn’t interested in saving a scrawny prince—he wants to meet a dragon. If he happens to save the prince and take him home, then that will just be a happy accident. Or maybe an annoying one, since Prince Zephyr isn’t nearly as happy to see his savior as he should be.

Zephyr and the Western Wolf is an MM fantasy romance featuring one oversized drake, a young mage at the end of his rope (or vines, as it were), and a warrior determined to bring a miracle home for his people... or at least, one miraculous man. It was originally published on Burns & Fawkes's Patreon page as the 2023 Fantasy Romance.

Featured Authors

Small Town Moons

by Anondra Williams

In a quiet, southern town, the resilient Savannah Brown finds herself at a crossroads after a traumatic attack leaves her shattered.


Haunted by the shadows of the past, Savannah grapples with the aftermath of a vicious assault that threatens to eclipse the vibrant spirit within her. As she navigates the complexities of recovery, while on the run, Savannah discovers the small southern town occupied by werewolves where life and death is decided daily.

Read More


by Jackie Keswick

Grant Keeping lives for action. He hates close protection jobs filled with grumpy clients and long, boring days. Then trauma surgeon Spencer Corel - a man who relies on order, control, and cake to manage his busy life - hires White Knight Security to find the man stalking him, and suddenly Grant has a client who pushes all his buttons and no time to be bored.

Despite escalating attacks, Grant is confident that he can find the stalker and protect Spencer, but can he protect his own heart?

Read More

Not So Straight Up

J.E. Joyce

Welcome to Rapids Bay Minnesota, where the Viking blood runs strong, secrets don’t last long, and the best place to kick back is The Spirit of Hops Brewstillery. Half brewery, half distillery, all hometown watering hole goodness fit for the Gods.

Not So Straight Up is a full-length MM workplace, single dad, bi-awakening romance. It is book 2 in the Spirit of Hops Brewstillery series but can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.

Read More

Forget & Forgive

by L.A. Witt

It’s been a year to the day since Matteo Segreto’s biggest mistake ruined the best thing he ever had, and nothing’s been the same. All he can do is try to move on, but his world is empty without the love of his life. Alone and consumed by regret, Matteo would do anything to undo the past.

Then his ex shows up, panicked and begging for his help… with no memory of their breakup.

Forget & Forgive is a 50,000-word standalone amnesia romance with fantasy/paranormal elements.

Content warning: infidelity (off-screen and past, but major part of the story)

Read More
Featured Authors

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Let Me Be The One: MM Best Friends to Lovers by Z.S. Storm
Rise of the Ruthless (Lucifer's Landing Book 2) by Davidson King
The Devil's Son: A Forbidden Love MM Fantasy Romance by Loki Renard
Promises We Keep: Book 4 in the Arizona Series by Romeo Preminger
The Raven's Call: PNR/Why Choose Novel (Return of the Banshee Queen Trilogy Book 1) by Ravin DeMarco
Ogres and Other Dating Dilemmas: MM Monster Romance (Mytho Investigations Book 8) by TJ Nichols
Destined by Jen Carter
Taking the Body (Watkins Glen Gladiators #4) by V.L. Locey
Stories from Queens Parade Vol 1 (Queens Crescent)
Summer Rain: Orgasmic Texas Dawn #5 by AJ Llewellyn and DJ Manly
Wrecked by the Wild Hunt: MM Monster Erotica (On the Prowl (For Cryptids) Book 2) by Ciara Bane
Love Triangle by Sylvia Morrow
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